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Hi, the icons not support @3x, not look good on iphone 6, 6+, please can u update the code? Thanks

Thanks for the update…the icons on the real device and simulator are to small, in the last versione the icons are 40×40 and now 21×21 pixels, if i try to make it bigger the ions view blurred…Any solution to make it bigger? Thanks

Yes. The maximum icon size available is 64 pixels. In order to support i have reduced the icon sizes to 21, 42 and 63 pixels to create 1x, 2x and 3x respectively. I have also reduced the size of the imageview in the code itself and storyboard to meet this new icon size to make it look correctly on retina devices.

I don’t see an option to increase the imageview size with the current available size at least for now. meantime, i will still look at possible ways.

Updated with revised set of icons that has higher quality. 1x icons are now 40x pixels. Admob updated to latest version.

These are unique string for your app. Replace with your own value identical to the app. Anything will do. No registration is needed. Those strings will be used to store and retrieve information from Keychain.

Hello sir,

Any news about the new update?


1-2 weeks

Hello ,

report for crash, when you search for item and you found it and try to delete it , will crash

and also any near update for the app


thanks for reporting the bug. Will fix the error in the coming update which will be available in a week or two.


Do you sell the apps where password manager for iPhone and iPad version are combined into one single project?

No. You can contact me if you need assistance.

Hi Author, Does app can support and update for iOS 9.X and Xcode 7.0??

hi! seems great code. one question is it iOS 9.3.2 ready? and can you please provide me the documentation file? gonna buy then.. thank u

Will this app retain all password data/information if it’s updated to a newer version? I’ve heard elsewhere that you will lose stored data upon update. Can you (or possibly a buyer) confirm or dispute this with an explanation?

Still No Answer? Still No Purchase.

An answer would be appreciated.

yes. It will retain the data created.

Hi, i have try a live version its has a in app browser But this version don’t have it.

Can you update the code ?


This code has not bee, updated for one and a half YEARS !?

Will you update this to the latest iOS and xCode SOON?

not really. there was an update few weeks back. Anyway iOS10 and Xcode 8 supported version is uploaded for review. Shall be available in a day or two.

Hmmmm, here on Codecanyon it says “Last update 7 May 2015”, see your product page.

Anyways, if you say the next update comes in few days, GREAT, THANKS

HI , Can you reskin this app for me?

Yes, at a small additional cost. Interested, contact me from my profile page. Thanks.