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Hi. I purchased the iPhone version. If I purchse the iPad version too is it possible that you can create me an universal app???? Or what should I do that you will do it? It would be amazing.

This will set the flag to YES and ads won’t be shown. But what about Apple review part? Not sure whether they will approve or reject.

Suggest you to send me a message from my profile page. Will help you to resolve it.

i still geting errors after drag and drop admob and the ipad version into the iphone. please can you check you mails. i worte you via your profile page

I have responded to your email.

Hi, do you have Skype available? I have an error regarding Admob not found. Thanks.

follow these steps:

  • Click on your project target
  • Click on Build Settings
  • Search “Library Search Paths”
  • Under “Library Search Paths” section, delete the paths Clean you build
  • Select the Admob folder from navigation hierarchy and delete it
  • Click “Remove Reference” in the confirmation dialogue
  • Add the Admob folder back to the project

    all the above steps are important in order to get the error go away as the system needs Library Search Paths for Admob library but this path entry will only be generated when the library is loaded for the first time.

    If you still need to talk to me, contact me from profile page. Will guide you.

  • Thanks you very much, working well. thanks

    Can you tell other by providing a feedback? :)

    after fixen admob bug i got this error: clang: error:

    clang: error: no such file or directory: ’/Users/admin/Desktop/Password Manager for iPad/Password Manager/Password Manager-Prefix.pch’ clang: error: no input files

    i have given solution in my email. if you still can’t address it, add me via skype or give me your teamviewer ID

    2 things – No video of touch pass and will anybody feel secure enough to store all their passwords behind a 4 figure number pass code? Not me!

    The video was recorded using simulator and touch id doesn’t work in simulator. probably i shall record a video using a real device to convince you. :):)

    Thanks for highlighting. But its true that the video shall show touch id is working. its time to go and record a video in real device.

    Hello Kalaichelvan,

    i have pirchased iPhone and iPad version, is it possible you make with both one project for me?

    Hi, have you follow the steps in documentation? It is pretty easy to merge.

    Hope you managed to merge. If not, drop me a message from my profile page.

    Hi can you upload it for me and setup the in-app purchases for me? If so i will buy it right now!

    Can you contact me through my profile page with details of what you need me to do?

    Hi. i bought an ipad mini 3 and the touch id button dosnt work on ipad!!!!! how can we fix it asap ??

    ok after connect the button again it works

    Yes. You need to configure Touch ID in settings app first

    Hi, i have purchased the iPhone app before and now i just got the iPad version and i followed the steps into merging them and everything went fine but everytime i run the app for iPad it crashes. the launch image shows just fine but when its about to load to the login screen it just crashes. here is the crash error:

    Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.32.06 AM

    such a stupid mistake i made :crying: when importing the iPad files i did not select create group

    Hi. I got both, the iPad and the iPhone code.

    I like the app, but I don’t like the Ad’s. How can I get rid of the entire ad’s thing in the app?

    Thanks for your support.

    P.S.: I would definitely recommend you add precise documentation to your app which describe how to do that. Better even, include the code for both – with and without ads. I think it’s unreasonable to assume that each of your customers would want ad’s. Clarifying this causes you and your customers hassle which can be avoided easily.

    Thanks for purchasing. At the moment, you need to manually remove all the ad related code.

    Noted your valuable comment. Will look into it in the future.

    Thanks, but is it asked too much if I ask you to send me the code with all the ad’s removed (ap.thst[att}gmail[dott]com)? If I start messing the changes are that we have have follow up issues coz of possible mistakes which can be so easily avoided if you just take it out (and, as a recommendation, then just add that in your product package, so that future customer don’t have the same question). Takes you a few minutes, or am I wrong?

    P.S.: also with current app I get compile error ‘Module GoogleMobileAds not found”

    THANKS !

    The iPhone version works well. Was wondering does this iPad version works well and compatible with the updated iPhone version (there isn’t any update for this but only the iPhone version)? Thanks.

    I’ll buy it first, hopefully it works well.

    It seems like there are some admob issues for iPad version.

    Anyway, I tested with the iPhone only version and changed the setting to universal, it works well as well (I guess it is fine for iPhone version to work well in both devices?). I’ll use the iPhone version for universal and hopefully it’s fine, thanks.

    Yes. You can still use it as universal.

    By the way, can you point out exactly what issue you face with admob in ipad version? thanks in advance.

    This code has not bee updated for almost TWO YEARS !?

    Will you update this to the latest iOS and xCode SOON?

    iOS10 and Xcode 8 supported version is uploaded for review. Shall be available in a day or two.



    Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

    Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

    Is it having Inapppurchase now?

    If you provide Ads Free Version for Regular License i will buy it now. Do you give?

    It is having in-app purchase now. Ad free version can be done at additional cost. please contact me via my profile page.