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Nice idea , might buy it soon!

Ah terrific , can’t wait to buy it then :)

The new version of the script is up for review. We will reply here when it is approved. The features you requested have been implemented. Also, the script at the demo has been updated with the new version.

Kind regards,

Cedasoft Team

A new version of the script was launched. However, we are working on a new version of the script which should be ready in the next couple of days.

Thank you! :)

I purchased this uploaded to my server and run the script. Would not install and error as follows: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function apache_get_modules() in /home2/dnpresea/public_html/pass/application/controllers/Install.php on line 47”

Your docs say theres a congig.php file in the root – but I have no config file in the downloads from codecanyon. please respond asap I want to get this installed on my server.

If everything goes as planned, v1.1 will be out in about 12 hours from now. It will include the changes that were made for your installation. We did not have to install the script again, only modify certain parts of the code.

The issues had to do with certain code lines in the script, which we have missed in our initial testing. Also, they are the reason why we are accelerating the development process of the new release.

Once again, thank you for your feedback :)

Cedasoft Team

ok thanks for your explanation. I cant wait for the upgrade version. I have logged in to my passwords install, added some password notes. BUT – when I go to add a new USER – I get this error: “Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home2/dnpresea/public_html/pass/application/controllers/Users.php on line 36”. If its not something easy you can post to fix a line which I can do. I will wait for the new version….

Thank you for waiting for the new version. We will let you know about it as soon as the zip package is ready.

Amazing support from this Author,,, highly recommended.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Also, thank you for the bug report. Given the feedback we have received so far, we estimate that later today we will release version 1.1.

Hey just a quick question…is this platform going to slow right down if it had thousands of text snippets in it??? how many notes have you had it in before you noticed its speed degrading?

The script is designed for personal usage, therefore we haven’t reached the number of thousands of passwords.

As you can see, the script shows in one page all the passwords stored for a user. This, together with the fact that the decryption process might use up some of the resources of your server, might lead to a lower usage speed.

However, we will keep an eye on the speed with our next tests. Thank you!

I have bought so many password items in this market place. THIS IS THE BEST password / memo / notes / any thing you want platform I have seen. The interface is awesome, it works great on mobiles… Can’t wait for the new upgrade coming out tomorrow.. Good work cedasoft, I will be looking for all your work now. :-)

Can you help me with this one please… Once a user is logged in I would like to have this – Welcome – Troy displayed on the MENU BAR. I know it can be called from session as the user is logged in session memory. And the code needs to be in /application/views/menu.tpl.php. – Think. Somethinglike this: <?php echo $_SESSION[‘username’]; ?> hope you can help me..


menu.tpl.php is the right file. We have added the following line in there:

<li><a href=”#”>Welcome – <?php echo session(‘user’); ?>!</a></li>

Please make sure you remember all these changes you have done to the script, in case you will want the updated version, in the future.

Kind regards,

The Cedasoft Team

Thanks guys, its all working awesome now.. Yes I am storing all the changes we have made.. I have an account on my password platform for code snippets. Its great.. thanks again…

ATTENTION – Anyone who is looking at this platform to store notes and passwords or any kind of text info… It’s the BEST i have seen on this marketplace. I have bought every item like this and the guys at CedaSoft have knocked this out of the ball park… Its so easy to store and move data around… Its that good I just had to post this…

Thank you again for your nice words and good thoughts. And thank your for the patience with which you showed us how to improve the script.

Kind regards,

The Cedasoft Team


This title is infringing the trademark for ‘password keeper’ and ‘keeper’, which is owned by Keeper Security – U.S. Patent Nos. 8,656,504 and 8,738,934.

Can you kindly change the name to “password manager” or whatever you choose other than ‘password keeper’?

Thank you.


Thank you for your comment. However, we find it hard to believe that the patents owned by Keeper Security, namely U.S. Patent Nos. 8,656,504 and 8,738,934, strictly restrict the usage of the word ‘keeper’ or the combination of the common words ‘password’ and ‘keeper’ in the titles of other software applications.

Therefore, we ask you that you contact us through the form on our profile page. Then we will reply with an email address where you can provide the documentation that confirms the existence of the patents aforementioned together with the restrictions you have mentioned.

To be clear, we do not reject your request, but we would like to know its legal basis before making any decision.

We are looking forward to your messages,

The Cedasoft Team

Well I guess it’s cheaper to leave a comment on a forum, than to hire an attorney to notify another party of a possible, “patent infringement”. ;)

And shouldn’t “envato” be the party notified? curious.

Just another day in the trenches I guess.

Good luck to all.

As parties who are involved in this possible patent infringement, we will not further comment on this matter. We are open to any kind of communication, but we need legal basis – which needs to be more than hearsay, which is what we have right now.

Thank you for your good wishes, we appreciate your support on the matter.

Kind regards, The Cedasoft Team


I forgot to leave my original question. LOL

I would like to see a SaaS version of, “PASSWORD KEEPER”.

There were some others on here that looked nice, only to find out they are no longer viable programs anymore.

Something to look into anyway at the least.


You may want to investigate the ones that are on cc now. They actually looked very nice, and if supported, I would have purchased one or another.

I didn’t really want to start up a business based on the program, but rather give access to it to my current customer base, as an added bonus to their current services.

But in any case, security and performance are paramount, and of course ongoing support and updates would help. LOL


If you could start a business based on the program, we would be happy to hear about it. The script incorporates a basic user management system where you can add simple users or administrators, who mainly have the ability to change the user list and the settings for the script.

We have mentioned the target / purpose / initial plan for the script, considering the risk of losing you as a buyer, in order to make sure that our direction for it is clear. If further features are added, they must be build with consideration for the initial purpose, to ensure flexibility and a clear usage flow.

Also, we prefer our clients be completely satisfied with their purchase, than a greater number of sales by misleading them into thinking that some sort already implemented mechanism does what they inquired about.

With the above in mind, as a compromise to the SaaS model, would an account request feature be something that covers your needs?

Kind regards,

The Cedasoft Team

That would work for me.

Hi, Can this work in folder, Sub? :)

Hi Kittie75,

We are sorry you feel this way. However, in order to offer you support, do you have a more specific problem with our application?

And a few short answers to your questions:

We will work on a new version of the script to improve whatever we have so far. We use this script on a daily basis and we believe other people may find it useful. Also, there have been feature requests – taking into consideration our existing course of action for the script’s development, we will try to include as many as possible.

It is not the most profitable script we have build – that’s true. But it is our first one here and even if it is vital, profit shouldn’t be the first motivation when creating anything.

Regarding the modifications needed – we strive to test the script in as many environments as possible. However, each server has its own particularities and problems might be encountered. Those are bugs and that is why the bug fixing activity exists in every company, even if it is a smaller one or world wide important.

Having said the above, please let us know if we can help you in any other way.

Kind regards,

The Cedasoft Team

The Script is working fine, And would like to say, It’s Perfect in every way, Than you Guy’s :)

Thank you, Kittie75! We highly appreciate your good thoughts.

Kind regards,

The Cedasoft Team

I purchased but through the entire dashboard and admin area, I can’t see anywhere to add categories and passwords, only notes…

Further research and notice on the demo, on the Categories link I see the categories and a button CREATE. On my install, I don’t get a CREATE button on the categories page.


We have tested the problem and we confirm its existence: the categories page redirects to the main page, as if it does not exist. This shows a problem with the friendly links on the server.

We have noticed from the headers attached to the site that you are using nginx. Our script has automatic configuration for Apache, through .htaccess files. However, nginx requires manual modification of the configuration file to support friendly URLs.

After a normal install, the .htaccess file contains:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /<your path>/

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

RewriteRule ^(.)$ index.php?=$1 [QSA,L]

ErrorDocument 404 ” “


Converted online, the nginx configuration should contain:

location /<your path>/ {

if (!-e $request_filename){

rewrite ^/<your path>/(.)$ /<your path>/index.php?=$1 break;



Please let us know if this was helpful.

Also, we are available to provide help with the install and configuration, but we will need access to the editing the configuration files.

Kind regards,



nginx does not normally interpret .htaccess files. Configuration is usually done via server configuration files. But this was not the problem here.

In your case we have found a bug in our script, which will be remedied with the next version. We are testing it now and it will be uploaded here in a couple of days max.

The categories problem in your install has been fixed.

Please let us know if you need further support.

Kind regards,


Very good. Thank you.

I reinstalled the lastest version – I can add new notes and everthing is good EXCEPT – When I edit a note and save it again it doesnt update? Can you give me your thoughts please.


We have tested the issue reported on our demo version and it hasn’t occurred.

We will further investigate it, but it would be helpful if you contacted us via PM.

Thank you,


Multi-language support?