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Super easy to install and works instantly. Good job! Thank you !

Many thanks Bruglia. Kind regards, Jennifer

nice tool, but here two things for upgrade 1. in the footer the copyright-link has four “w” 2. the length of the password is max. 32 letters… sometimes some user takes more letters ;-)

Thanks for your feedback. The maximum number of letters can be changed in the config file included with the script. Kind regards, Jennifer

Hey there. I’m considering purchasing this item, but have a few questions and suggestions.

Firstly, when do you think I could use this? Second, are the passwords stored anywhere? Third, can this be integrated with WordPress?

Thanks a lot, Sam :)

Just sent message – thanks!

What’s new in the second version of this, and would you be able to include a version which has no styling at all and is just plain text so I can add my own from the beginning. Thanks.

If you don’t want any styling, you can’t just remove the css file that comes with the script. Kind regards.

There are currently 2 password generators on this market (this, and another by FoxSash), for the same price. Do you think this one is better, if yes, what makes this one better than the other?

Sincerely, Mike

Hi Mike, our password generator includes: a fully responsive design, a language file, multiple password settings and a quick and fast support. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need further information, I’ll be happy to help. Kind regards, Jen’

Purchased :)

Now, I’ve set the config to be able to generate more than 30 at a time, but if it is more than 30, it says: You must check at least one “include” option to create your password I’ve selected all includes except special symbols. If I generate 30 or less, it just works fine. Any idea why it does this?

Also, like Sam’s idea, I would like to add a prefix too, however, I don’t want it to be set by users, but just CC in front of every password. How do I do that?

Sincerely, Mike

Hi Mike, thanks for your purchase. Please send me a message a message in the sidebar here and I will send you the guidelines by email. Kind regards, Jennifer

I love the script, but could you help me add google ads to this? Like I want to have two ads on each side of the script. How would I do this?

Hi there, you would need to edit the file index.php and add your ads on each side of the page container. I hope this helps.

Nice script! I juggled the code to put the button and the resulting password at top instead of underneath the options. Easier on the eyes that way.

Hi, thank you for your nice feedback :)

Hello I want to add adsense? You can update it. So I can place my ads also responsive

Hi there, you can add your adsense snippet manually. Also, this script is already responsive.

Hi, I like to buy this tool, before purchase i have some questions

- Can i use this as tool for my reader to use and create passwords ? - How can I integrate this on my WordPress page, Will you guide me to easy setup this as tool on my blog page running on WordPress

Hi there, yes you can use this for your visitors so that they can create passwords. However, this is not a wordpress plugin, you will need to edit and insert the code manually in your wordpress theme. Kind regards.

can the password be added automatically to a database?

I want to when a user pays to show the user password and add this password automatically to the database so that user can use that password in user account

If I buy this script can you tell me how I do it?

Hi there, you would need to add your own custom code in the file that generates the password in order to do so. Kind regards, Jennifer

Can I add this into my current site?

I’m looking at this for the purpose of generating unique keys for myself. Is there anyway to make sure that once a code is generated it will never be duplicated? Also is there a way to increase the output level to 1,000+?



Hi Chris, thank you for your message. You would to need to insert a database code snippet in order to check if the generated password is unique or not.

Also, yes it is possible to create 1000 passwords at once. The number of passwords you can create when clicking on the submit button can be changed in the config file of the item.

Kind regards


Hi! Is it easy to seet up with a wordpress site? Can it be translated? thanks!

Thanks Jennifer. So form what I read it can’t be used on a wordpress based site? If it can be used how would you suggest to use it? thanks!

for example set up the generator on home page and have the blog in the other pages

You will need to follow up the steps provided in the documentation to install the item in your standalone page.

Hi! Just read this: 3. We are about to release a wordpress plugin version of Password Generator

Any news?


Hi there, at the present time the development of the wordpress version of the item is on hold. Kind regards, Jennifer


Is it possible to insert this app into Wordpress page?

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I do see some scripts in index.php that calls to wp-blog-header.php what it’s supposed to do?

Sorry it was something different

ad space?

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Top Elite Author ! Is Envato serious about that when like TopStudio there are hundreds of script which are things of the past and the preview pages are not available or simply the scripts are outdated, while other developers simply don’t even care to reply.

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oh! you’ve replied. Great … at least you are still existing :)

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LMAO! Glad you approve. I even took a screenshot of the live (non-working) preview:

Keep up the excellent work. Already reported it with Codecanyon. Goodbye.

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