PassVault - Secure Password Manager

PassVault - Secure Password Manager

PassVault is a secure password manager that lets you save your account details securely! Save your accounts, encrypted notes, and upload encrypted files. You can also monitor your accounts for breached passwords. PassVault is a self-hosted, secure password manager. Similar to 1Password and LastPass, you can save your accounts, securely encrypt notes, and upload and encrypt files.

PassVault - Secure Password Manager
PassVault - Secure Password Manager
PassVault - Secure Password Manager
PassVault - Secure Password Manager
PassVault - Secure Password Manager


  • NEW: Chrome Extension: Install the Chrome extension to view your vault accounts, search, and auto-fill the username and password into login forms. The Chrome extension also allows you to generate passwords.
  • Strong Encryption: PassVault uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption with HMAC authentication to keep your accounts secure.
  • WatchTower Service: Be alerted when your passwords are breached in a hack, check for weak passwords, and check for reused passwords. The WatchTower service has your back, and helps to keep your accounts secure.
  • Generate Passwords: Use the password generator to generate super-secure, random passwords.
  • Encrypted Notes: Need to save security-sensitive or private notes? Save them in PassVault, and they’ll be encrypted.
  • Encrypted File Uploads: Upload files you want to keep secure, and PassVault encrypts them.
  • Activity Logs: All activity is logged, so you can monitor your account.
  • Export your accounts: You can export all of your accounts as a downloadable CSV file.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Add 2FA to protect your account. Setting up is easy, scan the QR code with an Authenticator!
  • Share Notes: Want a friend or family member to have access to a note? Share it, and set when it expires.
  • Share Files: Share your encrypted files, available for download by anyone with the link.
  • Account Logos: When you enter the login URL of the account, we automatically pull in the logo. (you can also upload your own).

System Requirements:

  • PHP 7.0+
  • NGINX or Apache
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • iconv php extension

Demo Information:

Admin Username:
Admin Password: admin123@

Demo Username:
Demo Password: demo123@

live demo



  • Fixed bug with captcha not rendering.
  • Fixed bug with qr code not rendering.


  • Misc bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added fix that prevents the QR code generator from running if the iconv PHP extension isn’t loaded
  • Added self-installer script to simplify installation process.
  • Improved the documentation
  • NOTE: When updating, please follow the update procedure in the documentation. You must disable the installer if you have an existing installation


  • Fixed bug with adding a user from admin area not correctly hashing the password.


  • Fixed bug with backup codes breaking 2FA verification.
  • Encrypted file upload, sharing and downloading.
  • Added WatchTower service which generates reports on reused passwords, weak passwords and compromised passwords.
  • Added Chrome extension (and API routes for the integration).
  • Added file searching.
  • Clearing cache also clears temp download folder.
  • Can upload a custom vault logo.
  • Restyled the Admin sidebar.code


  • Initial release.