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The installer is not completing, giving an database connection error after the admin user setup step

During the installation process, the PassHub installer temporarily stores the database credentials in PHP session variables. On some servers, this session information is dumped before completing the installation.

Please try these steps:
  1. Drop all existing tables in the database (you can do this in your web hosting control panel with the PHPMyAdmin tool, or delete and re-add the database entirely).
  2. Re-start the installation. If the installer says it can not run, edit app/config/config.ini, setting the ENABLEINSTALLER value to true
  3. Complete the installation within 5 minutes

If that doesn’t solve it, please contact me using my profile page contact form and I’ll investigate the issue.

The installer is not completing, giving an error mentioning a missing database table

Possible cause: an outdated MySQL version is installed on the server that does not support the utf8mb encoding type.

  1. Make sure your web host’s version of MySQL is 5.5.3 or later.
  2. Drop all tables in the PassHub MySQL database
  3. Edit the /assets/sql/setup.sql file, search for “utf8mb”, and replace it with “utf8”
  4. Edit the /app/inc/acl.php file, search for “ACL”, and replace it with “acl”. This is necessary if your MySQL configuration uses only lowercase table names.
  5. Run the installation process again.

The installer completes, but shows an SQL error after clicking the login link.

This fix applies If you see a error message with “Access denied for user…” when trying to access the login page.

Problem: There is a bug in version 1.0.1 that causes some special characters to be saved incorrectly.

Solution: Edit the /app/config/config.ini file, replacing any incorrect credentials with the correct ones. For example, you might see ampersands in your password have “amp;” added, causing the password to fail. After correcting the credentials, reload PassHub and the issue should be resolved. If not, contact me using my profile page contact form.

The installer is not completing, giving an “PDOStatement: Field ‘resetKey’ doesn’t have a default value” error

Certain MySQL configurations show this error. To fix it, please contact me via my profile page contact form and I’ll send you the replacement file.

Email setup fails to connect with the SMTP Settings I provided

If you’ve entered the correct email credentials and the installer fails to connect, try connecting with SSL instead of TLS. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Add ssl:// at the beginning of your SMTP Server Address
  2. Change the Port to 465, or whichever port your SMTP server uses for SSL
  3. Turn off the TLS switch

Now attempt to connect again. If your SMTP server accepts SSL connections, this should work. If not, feel free to contact me for support.

How do I change the default fields for new logins?

Changing the default field setup for new logins can be accomplished by editing the values in assets/js/main.js line 309 (underneath the comment for “Prepare blank fields”).

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