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Really like the script and how it works. However, like many others have already requested/asked I feel adding a public registration feature would be really helpful and push more people (especially me) to buy a copy. A simple registration form with email verification should be good enough.

Also good luck with your sales.


Thanks for the feedback SheetHorizon, I’ll keep that in mind.


i have send you a mail i hope you can help me

grezz from austria

Thanks for the email, XxsoundmasterxX, I replied to it.

Can’t seem to get past the “Please enter your database credentials” screen. Any way to bypass this by hardcoding?

Thanks Loewen, since I have you, any tips on how to adjust the login template? If for instance I wanted a URL with every new login rather than clicking plus and labeling it each time, where can we adjust the defaults? I found this, but I’m stuck past that: < =tmpl(‘fieldTemplate’, { fields: login.fields }) >

You can set the default field values in assets/js/main.js line 560. Let me know if there’s anything else.


A few features that would be nice to see implemented…

User Rolls: Admin (as is), Editor (read/write, how User currently is), User (read only, can not modify or add). Also the ability to assign categories to rolls, so that a user or editor can only access/edit certain categories, not all available logins.

Language files: All text is available in lang files to be easily translated, program can then be assigned default lang, as well as user lang.

I think that these would be useful features if script gets an update (last one being a year ago)

Thank you for the reply. Any planed timeline for the next release?

I plan to release 1.1 this year. There’s no specific date, yet.

Hi islander, PassHub now supports custom user roles. You can download the latest copy as a free update. :)

I like your app. I have several questions.

1. Do you have a plan for Chrome extension? I especially need it.

2. Do you have a plan for paid plan with payment? For example, small team, large team and so on. I want to use this for service like 1password.

Thanks for the questions, Heeya!

1. There’s no specific timeline for a Chrome extension, but it’s on my list of features to look in to.

2. Are you wanting to host a paid password service, or do you want to pay a subscription to use PassHub for your team?

2. We want to host a paid password service. Is it possible? If it can, I’ll more pay about that.

Thanks for the follow up. PassHub is designed for teams to share logins, so it wouldn’t be suited to that use without extensive modification.


weboox Purchased

Hello, do I need to know how to upgrade my system to 1.1.0?

Hi weboox, thanks for purchasing PassHub! If you have an existing installation to upgrade, instructions are include with your download (available on your Downloads page) in the documentation. Let me know if you have any questions!


baitona Purchased

hello I have tried installing it and I am getting this error during the install

Fatal error: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/opt/alt/php55/usr/lib64/php/modules/ffmpeg.so’ – libswscale.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

any advice what is going on wrong please?


Hi baitona, thanks for purchasing PassHub!

That message is likely due to a PHP issue on the web hosting. I’d recommend contacting them to fix the issue. See: https://bobcares.com/blog/how-to-fix-php-ffmpeg-error-unable-to-load-dynamic-library/

Let me know if you have any questions.


baitona Purchased

thanks, I have fixed this issue, by contacting my host


baitona Purchased

Should it work fine with Litespeed webserver?

Sorry for the delay. I haven’t tested with LiteSpeed, but it should work considering it’s a drop-in replacement for Apache. No guarantees, though.


baitona Purchased

it doesn’t work… I checked.. can you check on litespeed in the next update please

Thanks for the suggestion. If there is enough demand I’ll consider adding support.


ts2012 Purchased

A logon session does not timeout even after closing the web browser. What is the fix for this?

Also note that you can log out using the account menu, if needed.


ts2012 Purchased

Firefox, I think the process was still running after closing the browser.

Ok, yes the login will stay active if the browser is still running the background. You’d need to close it completely to end the session.

Hi Loewen, can you please add the option to select multiple categories when creating a user+pass item? Usually webapps allow that with Shift+Click.

Hi daniavorszky, thanks for the feature request! I will consider adding this in a future release.

Is there a way to modify the default fields for adding a new pass? i would like to add the field URL to be visible by default.

Yes, you can modify the default field values in assets/js/main.js line 309 (underneath the comment for “Prepare blank fields”).

Is it difficult to modify the login system? I am looking to integrate this with windows active directory, with security group limitations, enabling us to have single sign on. I have the php code to do it.

Hi leateds, thanks for the inquiry. If you’re familiar with OOP and the MVC pattern it should be simple to modify. It uses the Fat-Free Framework. Let me know if you have any other questions.


baitona Purchased

How can I introduce a second, authentication box? i.e in addition to user name and password, a third box for the “weekly password” or “shared weekly password with the team”

this could be a way of avoiding to have the password/users being compromised

Hi baitona, thanks for purchasing. Customizations to the code are outside the scope of support, you might try contacting a freelancer on Envato Studio for this work.

Litespeed compatibility required, can’t use your script otherwise

Thanks for the feedback. I may look at Litespeed support in the future.

Could that be the case that PassHub installer is not letting you to proceed because of the server (it is LiteSpeed, not Apache), but in fact PassHub would work on LiteSpeed just fine? Did you or anyone actually test it on LiteSpeed? Really like your solution and would like to use it.

That is possible, but isn’t supported at this time. I don’t have access to a LiteSpeed server right now.


weboox Purchased

Hello, I need to change the description of the MENU to Brazilian Portuguese but I’m not getting it, how do I? I need (Logins> Hits) (Categories> Categories) (Users> Users) (Group> Groups) where do I change?


weboox Purchased

; Acessos GET @logins: / = PassHub\Acessos->view POST @loginsget: /logins/get = PassHub\Acessos->get POST @loginsgetid: /logins/@id = PassHub\Acessos->get POST @loginssave: /logins/save = PassHub\Acessos->post POST @loginsdeleteid: /logins/delete/@id = PassHub\Acessos->deleteLogin POST @loginsdeletefields: /fields/delete = PassHub\Acessos->deleteFields

I did that and gave an error …


weboox Purchased

I need to change the language of the Portuguese Menu links

Logins: Acessos Categories: Categorias Users: Usuários Groups: Grupos

Tools: Dick Locker?


weboox Purchased

Yes Logins: Na linha 53 And the rest? And the others? Users Goups Tools Which file and which lines?


trgyln Purchased

my web hosting providers server haven’t apache, what i am do ?

HI trgyln, what server software does your hosting provider use? If it’s LiteSpeed, I may support that in the future, but for now you will need a web host that uses Apache.


weboox Purchased

I need to migrate from one server to another, where is the file that has the information of the database, user, password etc … I have not found in the folders.

The configuration details are found in app/config/config.ini. The most important setting to preserve is the CRYPTKEY, which is a key used for encrypting all field data.

Congratulations is a great job and with a very careful usability, if you put subcategories or folders to classify the categories you make it perfect. Good job.

Thank you Egica! I’ll consider the feature request.


You got so many requests wich would make this software so much better.

Will there be an update?

Hi Niehaus, thanks for the message!

Yes, new features are planned, however time is very limited so updates will be at least a few months out.

Hi! I think it’s a nice web app and just want to know if there is a feature like any user can sign-up so that they can also manage their passwords online?

Thanks and regards, Angelo

Hi Angelo,

Thanks for your interest in PassHub. Right now that feature is not included, since the system is designed to be used in a small team setting where there is an administrator that creates accounts.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, Derek