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Hi. Very nice and clean application. Is it possible to run it on a local machine with a virtual server like xammp?

Hi skp, yes, I’ve tested it earlier last year with XAMPP and it works normally. In the case it does not you are free to submit a refund request.

I tryed installation and after adding email setup i getting getting thi error: Internal Server Error stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL: Connection reset by peer. Any help?

Hi veiga, thanks for purchasing. That error may indicate the web host does not have SSL root certificates installed for the email provider you’re attempting to connect to. Please contact your web host to resolve this issue. If there’s anything else let me know.

Something to try in the mean time is adding ssl:// to the beginning of your SMTP server address.

I am getting error while Implement the script in the local machines… Internal Server Error

PDOStatement: Incorrect database name ’’

I am at the installation stage. When I put the admin user email and password getting that kind of error. Can you please guide me how to resolve this one.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi ankitgajjer, thanks for the message. Please send a message with the account you purchased PassHub with so I can verify the purchase. Thank you.

can i used for 5 website online ?

Hi mediakreon, the license allows one installation, so 5 websites would need 5 licenses. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

Is there a registration form available to let users register for an account to the system?

Hi scriptsgroup, thanks for your interest in PassHub. Right now it’s focused on internal teams only. Others have requested this feature so it’s on the list to consider for the future, but no specific plans at this point.

Hi! i have a problem, on the documentation say “Start the web-based installer by browsing to the folder you installed PassHub in, and put ”/install” on the end. For example, if your domain is mydomain.com and you installed PassHub in a “logins” subfolder, you would go to mydomain.com/logins/install” i dont put on subfolder so.. i type mydomain.com/install and i have 404 not found, on app/config/config.ini the variable ENABLEINSTALLER is true… so how i can resolved it?