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Is this support iOS9?

If Supported it when i must buy.

Yes support. We now upload new update to CC.

This is nice script.

Is this include the latest admob SDK?

//Setting Google ADmob Mediation #define kSampleAdUnitID @”ca-app-pub-*/*

It is correct settings, right?

Good day! Please contact own support https://studio76.pro/support

Registering new app in SoundCloud now have Client ID and Client Secret. Copy pasting either ID or Secret on soundCloudClientApi line leads to uncaught exception when any of the music is touched.

Hopefully this issue can be solved. Thanks for the help.

Good day! Please contact support. Thanks

When will you have new update ? i can buy it if you provide continuosly new updates.

The update is ready, but we do not publish it on codecanyon

why ? when will you release ? i want to buy it with its latest update

just do not have time to do everything

Will you release the update soon?

This app is awesome and works well.

It would be great if simple local favourite feature can be added for users to add their favourite tracks. This app would be perfect if tracks can be favourited. Thanks.

Thanks, I’ll wait for the update even if it takes time. Kindly have me notified when it is available.

If I have time on the weekends I try to experiment. Promise I will not work fast, but still … Thanks

I forgot the most important thing. write your mail and send it to us.

Soundcloud now has 15000 request per day limit per app. How are you tackling this limit? can we set multiple soundcloud IDs? or we are limited to 15000 requests per day ?

Who told you that?

lol, its on their website mate. This is since July. Link for you: https://developers.soundcloud.com/docs/api/rate-limits

I will tell you how to tackle this if you are willing to change it.

The now playing button is not showing when a song starts playing

Followed your setup documentation exactly, the application only allows me to search for music – which it does successfully and populates the table view correctly, however radio/explore/trending do not load anything. Trending does not bring up content regardless of the selected genre. Any thoughts?

From itunes connect 1.0 Binary Rejected Nov 7, 2016 Performance – 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on the iPhone running iOS 10.1.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6

Sound cloud apis is not working please update it.