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Is there is a way to monetize this with ADMob? Please add a video preview. thanks.

No video preview?

The music they listen to is the one inside my smartphone or streaming?

How can I make my own partial effects?

Hi NicMacTech,

Adding new particle effect in ParticleMusicPlayer app:

1. Open the ParticleMusicPlayer project in Xcode 2. Open group /ViewController/Player 3. File -> New -> File 4. Select “SpriteKit Particle File” and press “Next” 5. Select template (eg. “Fireflies”) and press “Next” 6. Set file name (eg. “FirefliesEffect”) and press “Create” 7. New .sks file is now created and you can edit it in Xcode to adjust particle effect you desire (You can define a texture for your new effect, however, don’t forget to import texture image in group /ViewController/Player/patterns) 8. Select PMPSettingsViewController.m and add your new effect name in options array (edit line 33) 9. Select PMPPlayerScene.h and add new enum PMPEffectFireflies = 6 (insert after line 19) 10. Select PMPPlayerViewController.h and add new “else if” statement (insert after line 49) 11. Select PMPPlayerViewController.m and add new “else if” statement (insert after line 68) 12. Select Main.storyboard and add new cell in Settings View Controller and set it’s label (e.g. “Fireflies”)

Hi, before we purchase, i’d like to know if this is compatible with the upcoming ios8? thanks.

Hi; Does it support iPad. Thank you


Is there a way to make this app to play it’s own contents? Meaning: only my songs instead of grabbing the songs from the iphone library?

HI, I need a custom app. Do you have email address to discuss? Thanks digrafix

Hi I need a custom music player for IOS If you are interested,please contact me on management@playmee.org Payment will be done before you give me the code.

How does this work? Is there an admin panel where I can add songs by direct mp3 link?

Hi a little question. if the user already have music on his iPhone music app downloaded on his iPhone. This app will play that music? How the user add music? with iTunes? Thanks

hi, any update to iOS9

any plans to upgrade to IOS10???