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This is a good script, but it needs to be able to parse text inside CDATA sections.

Hello. Thanks your buying and thanks for the comment.
I will consider your suggestion.

Thank you.


Can you post some live examples? This seems to be the right code for my need but I would prefer to see live before purchasing.


It’s hard to make a Live Preview covering and showing the entire features, so Screenshots are better. Please watch them. Thank you

Hello. Please contact me in my profile page. Thank you.

Nice script ! but is there a way of adding custom markups ? I tried by adding one in the arrays at the begining of the script, but it doesn’t work. any help ?

thanks in advance :)

Supporting CDATA would be really useful as many sources use CDATA within their feeds. Let me know once this script supports it, so I can grab a copy.


Sorry for the very long wait.
Thank you for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind. Please stay tuned for updates.

Thank you

Sent you a message via your profile but still awaiting answer.

I have installed the script but instead of parsing the feed it simply displays the xml un-parsed.

Please help.

Answer sent. Thank you and sorry for the long wait, I have been busy.


Is it likely to be 2 months till I get a reply like above? If so how do I get a refund?


According to your e-mail, my Script is doing it’s work properly, so there is not reason to give you a refund.

Thank you

if i just want images from a rss feed—is this script right for me?

i want to feed a rss feed of a photo gallery into a slideshow script using this?

If you want to get images from a RSS Feed, this script will work for that.
If you read the Item’s Description, you’ll see that the tag “image” is included in the parsing

Thank you

Hello, How i can encode rss in utf-8 I try And return iso-8859-1

But rss source is utf-8

Hello. Please read the top of the documentation and send me an email.

Hi is it a XML feed? we need an good customizable xml feed for your products if your plugin is xml feed well buy it :) thanks

Hi :)
No, this isn’t a XML Feed. This is a RSS Parser (gets a RSS feed content and it returns an array with the parsed information).

can i have demo this website provide demo

before i buy i want to see, how it works

This script doesn’t have any demo. Although you can take a look at the screenshots to see how it works :)


No, unfortunately this class won’t work with that data.

Does this still work?

Sure, why wouldn’t it?

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