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Why does it show all the screenshots for the cache item of yours?

Thanks for letting me know about this. I have just sent a request to CC to update the preview screenshots.

Check out the info. site for other details on the Background Work Scheduler.


See tab API Usage.


The correct preview images have now been uploaded. Thanks


Please, some questions:

1) Can I use it in a sharing hosting system?

2) Is possible to execute asp classic scripts?

3) I understand that “Background Task Scheduler” wotks like a linux cron, so is possible to enter URLs to execute passing some parameters in query string?

4) Do you have some link to see the configuration page or control panel (maybe will be screenshots).

Thank id advanced Jorge

Hi meridiano,

Parallel.NET is a .NET component that needs to be incorporated within a .NET application. It can be used in any .NET application no matter where it is hosted.

To execute classic ASP scripts you would need to create an IBackgroundWork which executes a script and then have the ParallelScheduler run that task.

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Do you have some answer to me, or I have to undertand that not is possible?

See response above. Please forward all support requests to support.avantprime.com.


Hi can you post a sample on how to get notification when task is done or ready, for e.g. when manager approves all documents, I wanted them parallely processed for user notification.

Also are you planning any updates, its been 2 yrs since the code has been updated for 4.6

Good ! GLWS!