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Hello – I have purchased this by mistake i after the wp version

Send refund request for this


Hello, I have purchased your plug-in and I have not been able to get it to display properly on my site. I tried to add the parallax affect to the background image but it appears as if the text is barely moving. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I would like for it to appear as if the background picture is moving and the text is rolling over it. The code I was using on my site is as follows:

I would like the effect similar to that in the live demo under the "this is simple mode".  Can you provide the code I would us to achieve this?

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<button class=”call-btn”>Get Started</button> Thanks!

Can you show me a link ? Because as you can see the html text does not display unless wrapped in pre tags ( here in the forum )


Hi … i would like to know if it’s possible to insert parralax effect on my shopify ?? i’m not a programmer …is it easy ??? think’s franck


This plugin is for html5 not shopify

You could insert it but need html5 skills



Just purchased your parallax plugin and try to implement lazysizes IS.bgset.js with it.


To make use of the possibility of responsive background image sizes.

Can you please have a look? When you load the page it takes a long time before the image shows and it is even responsive.

The problem is that it only works with an extra line of html like this: <section class=”dzsparallaxer auto-init height-is-based-on-content use-loading mode-scroll” data-options=”{direction: ‘reverse’, settings_mode_oneelement_max_offset: ‘150’}”>

Would it be possible to implement lazysizes in the HTML you provide?

Regards & Thanks, David

Hi Radu, example: http://plus-1.yourweblab.nl/ondernemer.php

Thanks for your reply!

This is the code that works only problem is very slow loading of the images! It takes like 10 sec for the image to appear. Can you please delete the other post? Something went wrong!

<!--Start Parallax -->
  <div class="container-fluid">
<section class="dzsparallaxer auto-init height-is-based-on-content use-loading mode-scroll" data-options="{direction: 'reverse', settings_mode_oneelement_max_offset: '150'}">
  <div class="divimage dzsparallaxer--target w-100 lazyload" data-bgset="images/bg-klein.jpg 800w, images/bg-groot.jpg 1920w" data-sizes="auto" style="height: 200%; transform: translate3d(0px, -289px, 0px);" />
<div class="black-transp">
  <div class="container text-center g-py-50--md g-py-20">
    <h2 class="h2 text-uppercase g-font-weight-300">IN DE EUREGIO</h2>
    <p class="lead-parallax">In de Euregio, dus Limburg, Zuid Limburg, België en Duitsland zijn wij met Jarodak actief en zijn wij zijn internationaal van de partij</p>
    <a class="btn btn-md btn-secondary rounded-0" href="#">Contact</a>
  <!--End Parallax-->

Regards & Thanks,


OK I found the solution! When you are interested in implementing LasySizes to make the background images really responsive on size? This is how to do it! Maybe an idea for a future update? Regards, David

Hey David

Thanks for the idea

We’ll implement it for sure


I just purchased this plugin, and have tried to install it three times. I keep getting the message that no plugin file exists and it will not install.

Thank you, purchasing that now and have submitted refund request for this version.

Does this plugin work with creating layers?



There are examples included

Hi, Implementing the parallax on my website is causing a page jump at the bottom of the page. When I remove the script it’s gone. Can you please mail me and I give you the URL of the test site. Regards & Thanks David

Solved it

Hi! I purchased this plugin and I love it. It makes my banners look amazing. I do have a question. If I wanted to have the same effect with a video is that possible? do you have any live examples where this effect is used with video? Thanks!


Yes, you have example in source/index-video.html


Hello, Thats great to know that this plugin works with video. However I do not see the source file index-video.html in the folder you specified. Maybe I missed something. Is there any other way to get the example? would you be able to paste the snippet of code here? Let me know, thanks!


ZoomIt Author


Try now to redownload the package

Just updated the package