Discussion on Parallax module joomla 3.x - 2.x

Discussion on Parallax module joomla 3.x - 2.x

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Hello! I read on “cadillacs” comments that you were going to resolve conflicts with Joomla component Widgetkit from Yootheme and that you will include it as an update. But the conflict is still there. Could you please tell me how to fix it? Thanks in advance,

Thank you very much for the update. I have selected “Load jquery library” NO, and conflict solved, but now the fullwidth becomes only 50 px height and content doesn’t show. How should I fix that?

May i see demo for your template the define what is the error ??

Yes, I have sent a private message through support form

Hi! Will this module override bootstrap span12 css and become full width or I have to change my template? Content over image is provided automatically by choosing an article or I have to manually type it in module? Is there any way to use it for page background?

Thanks in advance


Hi Vasilis, - This module has the option for override the width. - You can add the content manually by custom editor and you can . - To use it as page background you need to have good experience to do it because it need to custom work.

Regards, Amr

Thank you very much. Right now, I’m trying to add parallax directly to my template. If I fail, I will definitely try your extension ;)

Best regards

It is my pleasure to listen from you again .. I hope you like my work


Can`t see demo page. thanks

Sorry for this .. It was because of the host but it is resolved now.

Hello, just visited the demo page. Is it just me? I can’t see a difference in the “rotation” behavior? All four examples have the same movement, IMHO. Can you explain the parameter… what is it meant to do?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for this notification .. it is working cross all browser but not with Google Chrome

May you test it at any other browser

i will resolve it now then i will make an update


Ah, I see. Now I understand your screenshots ;-) It is the different angle/diagonal orientation.

Definitely a webkit issue. Tried different versions of Safari/Chrome. No rotation at all. BTW, older Safari <6 seem to have a problem with rotated objects… the edges/borders are very jaggy, not aliassed. Very ugly.

Hi , great module !

But after purchase and install I am having 2 problems:

1) The configuration does not allow to decide whether or not to charge the Jquery [ already solved by me ] .

2) Duty to avoid conflicts with other components or plugin using Jquery !

The first point , I solved it , but not the second ! I ‘m doing testing locally and conflicts with the some Joomla component/plugin: the Widgetkit from Yootheme and the Unite Revolution Slider from Unite CMS.

I think need to be implemented in the script used the no-conflict mode.

When I install it , Widgetkit gallery stops working and the in the Firebug console the following error is displayed :

TypeError : a.slideset is not a function js .... " . ) done ( function () { a.slideset ( f ) css . ( " visibility " , " visible "); a.find ( " img [ data ...

If I disable the Widgetkit gallery and activate the Revolution Slider and the Parallax Module, in the Firebug console shows the following errors:

TypeError : $ is not a function $ ("# content_parallax " ) resize ( updateSize ) . ;

TypeError : $ is not a function $ window = $ (window );

NOTE: If I disable the Parallax module, but the I activate both modules (Widgetkit and Slider Revolution), the page not shows any errors, and both modules are loaded without problem and also Firebux no shows any errors.

Could you verify and solve this problem?

Tks a lot, regards!

Note: to add de Jquery selector, I implement:

  • In the “mod_parallax.php” file, I add after the fullwidth field, the next code:
        label="Override to fullwidth" 
        description="Override to full width if your template have max-midth limited">
            value="para_fullwidth">Override to fullwidth</option>
            value="">limited width</option>

  • In the “helper.php” file, I add after the fullwidth relate code, the next new code: $ParaOptionsParams['isjquery'] = $params->get( 'isjquery' );
  • Finally, in the “default.php” file, I changed this code: JHtml::script(Juri::base() . 'modules/mod_parallax/assets/jquery.js');

    For this one:

    if ($ParaOptionsParams['isjquery'] === 'jquery_si') :
        JHtml::script(Juri::base() . 'modules/mod_parallax/assets/jquery.js');

    • That’s all!

Hi Thanks for your purchase Can you send me your email i will send you custom version will resolve all this then i will make it as an update Regards, Amr MeRo

is also a “parallax slider” in the Joomla-version included like in the WP-version?

KR, Michael

The same option options and style in Joomla version like the WP version .. Regards

:D Thanks.. :)

very useful and great style ! Good job :)

Thanks :)


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