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Pre sale question: will you incorporate push notification in this.


Currently, we have no plans for integrating push notifications into this app.

Is it difficult to import the project in the android studio? How? There is no folder “Template”. Android studio recognises as project only folder slidelibrary.

The current version is designed for Eclipse (import both the slide-library as the template itself). We have provided Eclipse targeted documentation for setting up your template.

In addition to that you be able to re-use the code in Android Studio.

” Unfortunately App name has stopped” I tryed to compile it at Windows and linux, it happens both on emulator (API 22) and on my galaxy note 3 with lollilop 5.0 . I can’t understand, what I’m doing wrong. Demo works well. I tried to compile folder called “Wallpapers”.

Warnings can be ignored, are you able to compile? If yes, what is your error log (logcat)?

Yes, it compiles. logcat:


It seems like you haven’t properly configured your server. (An api call results in a string/html instead of a json response). What is your API url?

Adds are not working correctly and u didn’t specify that there are no Interstitials in the app. The adds won’t work just with the publisher ID you actually need to add the separate IDS for banner and interstitial. I am going to refund this thank you.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. Currently, Interstitial ads are not a feature of this template, therefore you only need to enter a Banner Unit ID as ad unit ID.

Feel free to let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Is it possible to add some more custom fields in description like author of image, caption etc? If you can guide how to add , will purchase.

Yes, but we do not provide support for customization, you’d have to add this functionality yourself.

Hello, is there a way to import this project into Android studio? I am not able to do that, no matter what I try. Thank you.

I have a gradle version available, just send me an email at crew@sherdle.com providing your codecanyon username. Please send from a non-gmail email address.

Is it just me, or is the “Downloads” counter not working? Also, the resolution of wallpaper, that is being shown in the app, is incorrect.

I just checked and the download counter is still working for me (demo). Keep in mind the the counter only updates after restarting the activity (no live updates).

You can verify if the resolution is correct by downloading the image from inside the app and comparing the resolution with the displayed resolution. For me this always appears to be the same.

I need to add author name & attribution link. I read your earlier reply that you don’t provide support for customization. I have a plan to write author’s name and attribution link in description field. Any link in description field will be clickable or just displayed as text? Thanks

The demo is available here: http://sherdle.com/apphosting/wallpaperdemo/app/index.html

Links in the description are clickable (if starting with http://).

I’m just about to place an order. Thanks for support. One more question please. Is it easy to change text that appears in app for description? I mean can we change ’’Description’’ to ’’Attribution’’ or something like that by changing it from strings?I just want to put attribution link in description field & to rename description field in app. I hope I clearly asked and sorry if I just missed something.

Yes, this is possible. If it is not in the translatable strings file, you should be able to easily change it from the layout file.

Do you have iOS version ?

We have no IOS version available at this point.

Hi bro, do you have plan to release iOS version ?

We have no plans to release an IOS version at the moment.

Pre sales question. hello sir. In this description have max word ? Can insert active link?

We have not defined a word limit, however, if you where planning on adding over a 1000 words, I wouldn’t recommend this performance wise. Links (full links including protocol, not html) are supported.

I have a question.. in the template, if i want the user to be able to like or dislike a wallpaper and then wallpapers then get sorted based on highest no of likes rather than downloads, what changes will i have make. In index.php, i can see the query for products table. Should i create another column called “likes”. Even if i do create such a column, how can i make the app update the like on server. Please any suggestions

This would certainly be possible, you should look at how it’s done for ‘downloads’ and create a similar implementation for likes and dislikes, this would require a modification in the API, database and client app.

can you give me a hint on how to look at the panel dashboard code. I am not familiar with php so i dont know where to begin modifying. Does view.php in the “manage” folder of panel code seem like the place to start

You should look at how it’s done in add_download.php

Pre sale question: Any plans for interstitial ads in next update. If yes when..?

I’d be happy to answer your question; we currently have no plans in integrating interstitial ads in PaperPro.

I don’t want to subscribe to the site Zyma what is the solution?. Why no video explaining the illustration. Panel not explained clearly. I’m frustrated.

Thanks for the reply.. I’m a beginner, I hope there’s a video that demonstrates the steps (Panel) because it is the hardest step.

http://postimg.org/image/xakv6svox/ This step did not understand.. Is there a video that explains this step?

I don’t have any video tutorials on this at the moment. Could you explain what about this step you find hard to do? Are you perhaps having any errors?

Hi, developer. Please create app for text on pic… Like Quotes Creator App or Instaquote app Best regards.

At the moment I don’t have any plans for this. We currently are leaving the editor with the image styling and cropping functionalities.

Hi, some question pre sale:

the project are abbandoned? (last update jan 2015)...

android studio code?

how i see admob result?

Admob is only banner or also interstitial?


We have not updated this template recently, however, the template still functions as shown in the demo. This is an Eclipse template, but it can also be run in Android Studio if you would prefer.

Admob ads are banner only and are shown usually at the bottom of each layout.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

Thanks for aswer,

please make some update like better crop image, android studio code, interstitial banner, zoom and search.


Thank you for your suggestions.

I downloaded and installed the demo app but it crashes on start. I am on Android 6.0.1. Can you please update this app. Would love to buy it soon after.

Thank you for reporting this! I’ll be looking into this soon.

Hi, Just purchased the app. I believe the documentation is outdated … anyways … When I import the project into Eclipse … it goes into an infinite loop while “Building Workspace” ... keep giving this error in an endless loop …

[2016-08-15 11:51:34 – google-play-services_lib] R.java was modified manually! Reverting to generated version! [2016-08-15 11:51:35 – slidelibrary] R.java was modified manually! Reverting to generated version! [2016-08-15 11:51:37 – Wallpapers] R.java was modified manually! Reverting to generated version! [2016-08-15 11:51:37 – Wallpapers] R.java was modified manually! Reverting to generated version! [2016-08-15 11:51:37 – Wallpapers] R.java was modified manually! Reverting to generated version!

Can you please help me with this. Appreciate it.

I’ve send you the Gradle version which should resolve this. If the issue persists, or if you would like to keep using Eclipse feel free to let me know.

hello sir, when support interestial? and improve ui ? any plan? :)

At the moment, we have no plans for interstitial advertisements as well as UI improvements scheduled.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

apk demo sir and php demo please, eclipse support

Demo is available here: http://sherdle.com/apphosting/wallpaperdemo/

We do support Eclipse.

Hello, Is there any iOS version. ?

Hi! We don’t offer an IOS version at this time.

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.