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I appreciate it, thanks.

Very nice! glws

Thank you for your comment.

Looks like a nice player. Can it be configured so the playlist or cover picture appears below the player control strip instead of above it? Also, with a large playlist does the playlist scroll or does the list expand to the number of items in the list? Depending on the details the player will fit my needs and I’ll be happy to purchase it. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your interest, yes I can help you configure the order of the cover or playlist below the player. The playlist expands with all the audio elements to avoid a scrollbar or any other focus complications. Hope this helps.

Excellent player and this author is fantastic! Provided first class support for his product. It doesn’t get any better than that! I wish everybody could provide support this great. Thanks again for a great player!

Thank you Bill, I really appreciate the extra feedback.


Hi, i need a player that support icecast streaming. We need a player that can play a static mp3 file in first time (intro file) before a live icecast streaming, of course, all in the some playlist.

This player support it?

Thanks in advanced

Hi, sorry I haven’t tested the player with icecast streaming – basically the player supports all native HTML5 features only.

Thanks for your reply

Hi Liviu.,

I purchased Panzer yesterday. It works fine and the design is great. I would like to know if there ’s a way to make a button for hide/show the playlist.

Thanks, Frank

Hi Frank, there is no such feature available for the current version of the player, sorry – will consider this for future updates.

Hello liviu_cerchez,

I would like to use your Panzer player for my project but first I have some questions to ask. 1. From your product description you said one must provide both .mp3 and .ogg files for the Panzer player. Is it necessary to provide .ogg files if the webpage it is embeded will only be viewed using Android mobile devices? 2. If I install it in my server A, will it play the mp3 files in my second server B when supplied with the link?


Hi, thank you for your interest – I think it is better off if you provide both .mp3 and .off files, because some devices (and their browsers) can parse the mp3 file, but others don’t. You should consult http://html5test.com/ and http://caniuse.com/#search=audio on your Android device for more details. The HTML5 <audio> tag can play files hosted on an external server, no problem. Hope this helps.