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I try to open your demo in chrome but it cannot be displayed properly.


what is wrong? Please show me a screenshot.

I’ve been searched where you put the images in examples but i dont find. I need put my own images using your code. How i can do this?

Hello. Thanks for purchasing my script.
Just add customUrl
  customUrl: 'folder/your_image.jpg'

Man… this help me a lot.

Thank you so much!

Hi! You know some way to allow zoom with the mouse scrool?


You know some way to allow zoom with the mouse scrool?

Just add option scrollwheel: true,

Works like a charm. =)

Do you include documentation for step by step how make it work?

Hi, nice plugin. Need to know, as I read above, we can use our own image .So, how we can generate the image to use with this plugin? one long fisheyes photo or use any pano program to make chuck image? please advice.

Hello, yeah just the whole image. See demo and image

Hello, Good job !!! this product seems really good. I want to buy it but I’ve just a question : Is it easy to import our own view? Is there a documentation which explains the best way to make compositions like this : http://i.imgur.com/b0Jjbqm.jpg ?

Sorry for my english ;) Thank for your answer.

Hello, unfortunately the documentation on creating a panorama photo is not included in the plugin but you can easily find like this

How difficult would it be to integrate hotspots into this plugin ?

Sorry but there is no.

nice plugin, but how can I access fullscreen mode via custom button?

Hello. Thanks for purchasing my script. Send me geivvl@gmail.com I will send you example

i want buy your plugin BUT your script HAS B?G BUGS.

Look at screenshot, everywhere at shpere verext line


if you fix it and SMOOTH zoom + SMOOTH touch use

Hello. This is not a bug plugin, this property is a browser that shows the “Google Street View”

hi there. Sorry if I didn´t understand in earlier comments.

So I want to make an panorama photo, but I´ll not put on google. So it´s possible to navigate anyway? Or need to be in google ?

Hi, navigation is only available through google or can use local panoramic photos without navigation.

How would I go about setting a custom camera heading for each panoid when switching between panoid’s using a menu? Thanks!

Use exampe:
<select id="change-pano">
  <option value="1">Pano 1</option>
  <option value="2">Pano 2</option>
  <option value="3">Pano 3</option>

<div id="panorama" />

var panoArr = [
  {id:'3NBdEhaZ75d8YxkPzZP12Q', heading:10},
  {id:'OGl5fCEk66ZJmG_wcLRUNg', heading:35},
  {id:'ictN2p2_wJMAAAGu2Z5jtQ', heading:0},

  width: '100%',
      var p = panoArr[$(this).val()]

Crollie Purchased

Is it possible to include my one images that are on Google Street View https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/117076814629262347139/ I am a Google Certified photographer and want to show my one 360 images, but it seems that I can only include images from Google themself. Is that correct? Thank you!


G_4 Author

Google provides a pano_id of those panoramas that are accessible and visible on the main map


Crollie Purchased

I understand. But when I pasted the url of https://goo.gl/maps/AVsjGXW9SWN2, it shows another image on the pano id extractor. That is wierd. ;)


G_4 Author

Google shows the nearest public panorama in this location

i want to get this but my site is inside ssl (https) will this work with https?

i want to get this but my site is inside ssl (https) will this work with https and iframe embed?

I want to embed your pano system on a html page like this: http://www.biei.us/temp/iframe/index.html


G_4 Author

Yes you just can do it

Hi why I cant use my mouse drag ? http://www.biei.us/iframe/barebone.php


Crollie Purchased

Is it possible to use Custom panorama URL’s with the Panoramas buttons (01, 02, 03 etc.) in the example parallax.html instead of id’s? What code do I need? Thanks in advance!


Crollie Purchased

It looks like customURL does not work with SSL (https://). Can you take a look at: https://www.panorama-fotografie.nl/panoramic/examples/parallax.html (not working with https) and http://www.funda-presentatiepakket.nl/panoramic/examples/parallax.html (does work with http). Kind regards, Carola


G_4 Author

Please replese code in parallax.html, line 215


Crollie Purchased

You’re right! It is working now. Thank you very much!