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Hi, great and simple but ….

-> Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Xcode is set to iPhone only

Also are you updating your Apps for Xcode 5 / iOS7 when Apple start accepting new App submissions ?

Hi thestringer,

Thank you for purchasing Panoramic Slider :)

This does work with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I assure you that is true. The Xcode project provided is an example of Panoramic Slider.

If you read the super simple included PDF Developer Guide, you will be able to use Panoramic Slider on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Yes I will be updating ALL my apps for iOS 7 :)

Thanks for your time :)

Great to know all will be iOS7 !! And i’ve had a play and fully working on iPad

Your welcome. Enjoy :)

It says this supports ios 5 and ios6? I thought this was a new feature for ios 7

Hi sch5811,

Panoramic Slider supports iOS 5, 6 as well as iOS 7.

Yes iOS 7 has a very similar feature on the home screen. But developers can use it for their apps.

Panoramic Slider on the other hand looks great, livens up your app and looks similar to the Android Panoramic Wallpaper effect.

It was developed by me and hence it works on any very of iOS 5, 6 or 7 and can be used in your iOS Applications.

Thanks for your time :)

Any video example or use of it in an app on the App Store?

dang. I should have viewed the video. I thought this was a background animation app.

Like the background moves when logging in. Can you help me convert it to that?

Hi sch5811,

Urmmm….. I don’t know what the problem is here. This app certainly is a background animation app. It animates the background to move creating a panoramic wallpaper effect.

Could you please explain exactly what it is you want in as much detail as possible?

Thanks for your time :)

it slides the background when the user slides the context…

I thought it was more like the vine background sign in page where the background moves automatically, however, the user sign in fields stay.

Well for the time being yes. But I am working on updates to add other animations too :)

The Vine background can be achieved very easily. You could use a video, make a custom GL animation or even use a GIF image.

Where is the .xib listed? I can only find the .storyboard…

Hi sebasdeweert,

The demo Xcode project only comes with Storyboard. However if you follow the super simple steps in the provided PDF Developer Guide, you will learn how to implement Panoramic Slider into any Storyboard or XIB app.

Thanks for your time :)


This is a very interesting App, do you have a way to monetize this? Admob, iAds, RevMob or any ad network you can add?

Hi staticpages,

Well Panoramic Slider is just something that you generally add to one of your own apps to enhance the user experience. It is not really a stand alone app and therefor I did not add an adverts to it. It comes with a demo app (and PDF Dev guide) which shows you how to add it to an existing application.

If you want to add iAds though it is very easy. There are plenty of tutorials online and adding iAds is as easy as a few lines of code.

Thanks for your time :)

Just bought the app, but i thought it was a standalone app. may be its better to put it in the description for the people who are les known with apps. I now lost my 10 dollars. :(

Hi Nordippp,

Im afraid not. Did you watch the demo video and read the description? As I have described in the description, this app is just a special effect you can add to your own iOS app which looks nice. It gives your app an android like wallpaper experience.

In my defence, if you read the description and watch the demo video you will see that this not a full on application, but rather a plugin that can be implemented into any iOS application.

Sorry man :(

Do the pictures have to be panoramic taken photos or can the person use any pictures they have stored on their phone?

Hi VerhelMedia,

The pictures have to be the the exact width of the distance you want the panorama to last.


So lets say you want to do a panorama background on an iPhone 5 device and you want the panorama to be 6 pages long. Then the background picture width needs to be 320 x number of pages (or swipes).

The image shown in the panorama is set by yourself in the Xcode project.

Thanks for your time :)

Hi there,

Does this work with the ios8?


Hi naidekhel,

No not yet. I will update it in a future update. I just don’t have time right now.

Thanks for your time.