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nice… also are canned messages?


Sorry i didn’t get for “also are canned messages?”


Canned messages are predetermined messages Rather than typing a .long message or the same messages repeatedly or pasting from some other resource, the person can insert a canned messages triggered by keystrokes or from a drop-down menu. Some programs have built-in functions which allow canned messages, and other software is available which can insert canned messages into any other application.

Yes it is there . If you have not type anything for message default message will be send.

Thanks ,

Good app does not save the message you want to put the sender, please could fix it? a greeting

Hi can you please PM me at codeagent0@gmail.com

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still… app does not save the message

Hi can you please PM me at codeagent0@gmail.com

I will mail you files.

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I would like to buy but a question earlier.

I would like that when they click on button arrives the help message to an email.

I would like to disable add recipients and only put as recipient the email that i want.

And that he also sends the location of where is happening.

We want the requests for assistance made available to the email of the police.



I can do that for you. Can you please PM me ? Will discuss there in details.


How? Do not understand you.

Hello! Can it be translated? Best regards.

Yes it can be translated. BTW in which language you want ?

Okay. I can do this for you

Do you copy this script from someone’s github or googlecode? :)

No I have developed that code.

I wanna buy its, but can you add new future like sender current location (Latitude and Longitude) to database (mysql-php) and created simple php monitoring location. So, somebody can monitoring the location from googlemap in a simple website.

Regards Evan

Hi I can add with extra chargies. Contact me at codeagent0@gmail.com

I got this error message when click on the “Send Message” button, “Unfortunately, Panic_Button has stopped.”

Hi I have emailed you.


can you please remove the ads if i purchased this.

and is it possible to send sender current location (Latitude and Longitude) in offline mode

Yes possible with GPS. Please check a pk file

in your apk we are getting no location or any coordinates

does the app need have SMS charge to send Alert? because I try use it in my zero billing phone then nothings send to contact, or I have wrong configuration so the app doesnt send message through WIFI,

please help me

Yes. SMS will charge u

Are the source files included with the apk? Because I’m more concerned with the admob ads than anything. Can I change them to my ads? And are there instructions to do so?

No response. I don’t think I’ll be buying this. Lol

Yes well formed document is there. U can easily change or AdMob ids

Is this android studio?

no it is in eclipse.

how do i get my money back?

i sent you mail please check

Using Eclipse, right ? Does it use additional library ? Can you turn into Android Studio (pls let me know if there’s additional charge).

yes please download android studio version. It is not or both the version available. Thanks;

App Doesn’t save messages, help me to solve this issue

Please e mail me I will send you new source code. Thanks

Hello!? will you ever reply? i would like the source in spanish!

Yes we can add default number. Thanks.please email me at codeagent0@gmail.com

Awesome i just sent you an email!


Please I have questions. Is it possible to translate to portuguese (Brasil)? Is it possible to add gps user tracking?

Yes possible. Thanks

Are you supporting this item yet?


Great! Thanks!

Hi guys, I’m having issues both saving the message and sending SMS. Both do not work on my android Moto Z Play, sdk 24. How can you guys help me?

No, i unzip the package, opened in Android Studio, connect my device em run…

Please pm mail me. Thanks.

Ok, i will send you asap. Thank you so much.

Hello i want to purchase this app but please tell me 1. Is it GPS enabled or not if no then i want to add gps then how much cost u? 2. is it possible to add emergency auto calling means when i click on button auto recorded call will ringing on his/her emergency contact please tell me . my email id rajurajesh651@gmail.com

No GPS is not enable. I can make GPS enable. I will email you back. Thanks.

I sent you email. Thanks,