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Hi, can you think about my earlier question : is there a way that the system use the email off the hotel instead off the the general email( used in the settings) thanks Marco ps if a have to translate some files again with dutch lanquage no problem

sorry it works i forget the hotel user settings Regards Marco

is`t possible to remove the tourist tax to the hotel , there are more owners with different tourist tax regrds marco

It will be possible in the next update (2 next weeks) with the multi vendor feature and possibility to book multiple rooms in 1 booking.

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Hi, I want to set up a small marketplace for a small touristic region where multiple vendors (hotel managers, activities manager, restaurants managers,...) can create and manage their own products. Your cms seems to be good for my purpose but I’ve been through your features and i would like to know if :

1) vendors can manage and update only products they created 2) when they register, users can choose to be a vendor rather than a client (with admin approval) 3)customers can buy multiple products from multiple vendors in one single order 4) customers can send e-mails to a vendor that only the vendor or the admin can see and answer 5) customers can make a booking without payment 6)products can be configure to be bookable on a day or on a hour basis. 7) admin can withdraw a commission from the payment

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1/ Yes

2/ Not for the moment but it’s planned in the next update

3/ No, they will be able to book multiple products of 1 vendor once. But it can be an extra feature if you need.

4/ It’s not planned, but same as point 3/ it can be added as an extra feature.

5/ Yes, it’s a booking request, or can can also enable the payment on arrival.

6/ The rooms are bookable per night, and the activities have a duration which can be minutes, hours, days, weeks, but there is only 1 start date.

7/ Not for the moment

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You can contact me directly here in french for further information:

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Hello Team, Im trying to install the the product and one when i upload all the files on my server .. I got The Information form but when i finish it and trying to install .. Always im got this error (This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500) ...

The Steps which do it as below

Unzip the archive Upload the files on your server Create an empty database Go to the URL of your website Fill in the fields with your information and click on Install (Here i got the above error ) .. Please advice,

I’m waiting for your reply Please,

Thank you so much and have a nice day,

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First, make sure you’re running on PHP4/5 or later, your MySQL database is accessible, your server supports PHP sessions and file .htaccess.

When, you get this error, you’re on the page /admin/setup.php, right?

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