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Hello I just bought but I contact the time to load and very slow. - Tell me how to change the title of the website? - How does the logos and favicon go through the codes. If there is no need to see the next set of days we change by the administrator. it is also necessary to add the partit partner or sponsor Since I install the site does not make me turn it does not load how to remove what turns? And at each link I click, I’m sent to page 404 Thank you


Change the title in several places:
admin > settings > general > Site title
admin > settings > contact
admin > pages > home > edit > Titles

How does the logos and favicon go through the codes

Sorry I don’t understand. Replace the images in /templates/default/images/

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This very beautiful but very slow I would like to remove this this since yesterday evening after installation the site function very well that I change the language by default it does not connect. the site turns round. we must see this problem My Skype Id: Bresdel.Network


You can remove the preloader code from /templates/default/header.php or footer.php (it depends on your version):

<div id="loader-wrapper"><div id="loader" /></div>

What is the language please?

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I would also like to have a document like using this script. - Did you have the mobile app? - You could add a partit for the partners? - How to make this error do not come on the reservation?


No, sorry it’s not planned.

“No availability” means that your research doesn’t match the room prices settings. Check the settings (capacity, num people > 0 or price of extra guest > 0…)

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you can create an application for this web site, that would be the best and i can pay the customization** How Much for an app add at DB


Sorry, it’s not planned, and I don’t master application development.

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By Clicking Destinations to book the hotels in that destinations its very fine.

But By clicking hotel Names in Homepage it goes to hotel details page.

1. How We change it like destination means

Once i click an hotel thumbnail in home it will goes to the booking page of that particular hotel instead of details page.

2. How add a book now button in hotel detail page. once we will click in that book now button, we will goes to the booking page of that hotel.


1/ It can’t be done without editing the script manually (/templates/default/models/home.php) Let me know if you need an estimate

2/ Same as point 1

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1. Without Report Option This is not useful. When will you add report modules ?

2. When will you add an option to Sign Up hotels in Front End ?

3. Once a client Booked a hotel and they receive an email regards details. But there is no booking id or any thing in that mail.Then how that client comes to the hotel and how find the hotel manager the client is booked or not ? Now its very . tough.

4. By just clicking the hotel it must be gone to that hotel booking page other wise its not helpful or its goes to hotel details page and in hotel details page there is a book now button. Both are missing here.

5. Admin and user login in same session its not required actually. admin login seperate session and front end user login separate session its fine ?


1/ I have no precise delay for the moment.

2/ I try to do my best but I have some setbacks.

3/ You’re right. I will think about that in the next update.

4/ Answer in comment above

5/ Because some user types can also access to the back office (hotels, editors, managers)

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Once we will search a hotel and search listing page shows listing.

How close that ajax

Default its open for first result while clicking book now its open

i need default its closed how change it ?


You can edit the file /templates/default/models/booking.php. It’s closed by default in the latest version.

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Hi, Thank you for sell wonderful CMS.

I’m Japanese, but I don’t well English. I’ll ask a question.

I want to implement online chat system between users to this CMS.

Ex. User A ← [online chat] → User B.

I am experimenting with various things, but I am not going well.

So, I want to know “How To Create Multi Users Online Chat System” or want Online Chat System Plugin for This CMS.

Could you Help Me?

I’m sorry, my English is not good.

Please Help Me.


The best way is to use online chat provider like Hotjar or Drift. Simply create an account and paste the code between <head> and </head>

Best regards

HI, Thank you for reply.

I tried Hotjar and Drift. But it was different from what I wanted. What I’m seeking is a system that allows users to send direct messages on services. Is there a module etc. that can implement it? Also, how much is it when you request development of modules?


Unfortunately, I don’t have this type of module and I won’t be available for this type of customization for the moment, sorry.

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Hello I would like to have your to install localhost with XAMPP thank you for your help


No particular method for XAMPP on localhost. This product provides an installation wizard:

1/ Unzip the archive locally in www
2/ Create an empty database
3/ Go to the local URL of your website
4/ Fill in the fields with your information and click on Install

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All time a get this error Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\xampp\htdocs\hotels\admin\setup.php on line 108


Do you have other errors from a PHP error logs for example?

You can also make a manual installation:

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Can we add different payment gateway for different hotels.


No, payment method is a global option and can’t be defined per hotel.

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Hi, do you offer free or paid installation? Can the calendar of each hotel be synchronized with airbnb or google calendar? Thanks!


I can install the script for $21 on your server.

No, it’s not possible to synchronize the calendar for the moment.

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Is there are module for payment by bank transfer with manual form confirmation, for indonesian need that feature.


No, sorry, this feature is not available.

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Can we have android app and IOS version of this ?


Sorry, an app is not planned for this item, unfortunately.

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Hello, you wrote to me that after the upgrade you will be able to add an apartment and not like the hotel and the room.


I didn’t tell that, I said to you:

You can add an appartment as a hotel and add this appartment as “a room in this hotel”.

It was a way to meet your needs. Then, in another comment you asked me when was the next update.

Best regards

Or do you mean “add a property from a registration form”?

Currency conversion not working

I try

allow_url_fopen=1 allow_url_fopen=on

tried in php.ini

Once it worksfine but now its not working I already share my ftpaccess with you. If you need it again i will.

Or tell me here ho fix it


Google Finance stopped its services a few days ago. It will be fixed in the next update these days.

Best regards

1.But in your demp its working. There is anyway to work currencies its urgent

2.How change the font family in menu in body of pges where is that?

1/ Send me an email, I will give you the update file.

2/ Add the CSS rules in /templates/default/css/custom.css

Best regards

Hi there,,

I’ve replaced the variable {DOCBASE} line 67 in the file /.htaccess with the sub folder. Since my installation is in a sub folder.

I’m using Ubuntu.

But whenever I try to access the home page it keep saying “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”

I need your help please.

The only difference between the demo and my version is that mine is in sub directory.

I did everything but no luck, your help is appreciated.

For some reason whenever I try to access the home page, I’m being redirected to booking-activities, and in booking-activities page the first condition is to check whether I have ‘book’ in the session, if not then I’m redirected to home page. That’s what causing the too many redirection error.

I don’t know why the main page is not selecting home.php file, it’s always selecting the last one which is booking-activities.php

I think there’s some error in index.php file, this variable $page[‘page_model’] is always having booking-activities as a value where it should it be ‘home’.

Please help

Can you send me your admin panel access please? I will check the module Pages.

Best regards

Hi can hotels post rooms availability and sell on the website?


Yes, they can add hotels, rooms, rates (so availability), activities… with the admin panel with their own access. But the registration form (first registration for a hotelier) will be available in the next update. And they can sell with PayPal account (next update also, already done but awaiting the release).

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Is there away you can add activities and make them bookable without booking an hotel room?. In other wards, i would like to be able to book an activity or tour without booking an hotel room

Secondly, as discounts is one of the things that attract customers, kindly also add the possibility to display discounts and with a limited period. That when you book between now and some date, you get 20% OFF.

Make it possible that each hotel can add discounts and for a certain period of time.

Once again, the script is good but add the possibility to choose if an activity is bookable without hotel room or bookable with hotel room

Lastly, you can also make the tour activities booking completely independent from hotel. is it possible such that both hotel and tour and travel bookings are in one home but when creating accounts partners or agents, you decide whether hotel or tour and travel company.

Let me hope am understood

Thank you Ronnie


Thank you for your comment and your feedback. You’re right all these features are useful. It’s planned but there is no deadline for the moment.

Best regards