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Hi there, loved and bought the game, i just finished editing and reskinin, thing is that when i’m testing it for android, my character sometimes when jump, fall through the stage… decided to try the game without any edition ( yours) and happens the same thing, would appreciate some support on this, Thanks

Thanks for purchasing! This is probably about sprites’ collision polygons. Please send me a mail then we can talk about it: Kinds

A wonderful game, one of the best I have ever seen on codecanyon.

Very easy to adapt and change (without any additional software)

See my English Civil War version (ok, it’s Prince Rupert’s Monkey!) at:

Thank you so much for your kind comments :)

I’m glad you’ve figured out. Looking great!


Do I need the Extended License for upload it to Google Play?

Thanks for your interest! If you are planning to share it free, I think regular one would be enough.

However, I think you better check Envato Help Center.

hi there, i just bought the game, can you teach me how to put the Ads in ? thanks!

hello how do I change the music??


hi do you have email? I want to ask you some question Thanks!

Hi again, you can see how to change and add sounds here:

You can always mail me for any questions:

hello, if I buy this game can you give tutorial how to pause before start the stage?

Hi, thanks for your interest! Sure, I can help you to edit the capx file. Please mail me:

Hi there, the game (also the demo) is broken in safari (desktop & iOS). How 2 fix this?

Demo looks fine with my Ipad (Safari). Please check your mail so I can help. Thanks!

This is a great game and very easy to adapt. Congratulations…. I share with you my customized version of this game in HD images.

Hey! Thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad it worked for you! I really liked the design btw, good luck!

Hi is it possible you can adjust this project for local storage?

I don’t make custom changes for the games on market. Please search Scirra forum so you can find someone to help. Thanks!

hi there, we have some pre-sales queries, look forward to hearing from you! :-)

1) Can this game be run side-by-side with other HTML5 games within the same app? 2) Are any modifications required to ensure #1 above is made compatible? 3) Is it possible to adjust the sound volume within the game itself? 4) Is the game playable without data connection (ie. self-contained)?


Hi, I have purchased this game, but its dimensions on construct is very small. so if i want to create a game that is not inpixel art it is giving me problem.when the image assets resize down they become pixelated. is there a solution for it or easier way to make the dimensions 1280×720? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your purchase! You can try to change ‘Point’ with ‘Linear’ on Sampling settings. Please check the image below and send me a mail if you need: