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What in the end?))

There is end of the story then you can replay the whole levels from the beginning.

I thought that they would meet and kiss)

Yeap something like that :) Play and see…

Beauty and simplicity with fun. Great!

Thank you :)

Awesome game! With a license I can publish this as an iOS app correct?

Oh hey – I was looking at your google play games and really like Fshape. Any chance you want to license that out to me too? :) I have some ideas for games based off that that I think could do well on iOS

That’s okay. About Fshape, actually the games on google play does not belong to me. A friend of mine, that owns the account, let me share and sell Panda Love in CodeCanyon. So, you can have a contact with him then ask anything you wonder. Hope this helps, thanks for purchasing :)

sweet, thanks!

very nice! I loved!

Thanks (:

It’s not a Panda! It’s a Lemming! :bigsmile: ;)

Very good game!

It’s a joke… Apparently, You don’t know the (very good) Classic PC game “Lemmings”. In this game the characters advance stupidly and changes direction when they bump against a wall.

Oh okay I got it :D I know that game, by the way. Panda Love is simpler and prettier I think :)

you are right ;)

Nicely done, I like it GLWS. :)

Thank you!

Nice game! :)

Thank you for purchasing :)

At leven 12 I just disappears ! Otherwise it is brillant !

Thanks for informing me, I wlll take care of it :)


is it possible to purchase this game and put some new level and offer it for free in the Google Play Market?

what do i need to edit this game? construct2? and what do i need to convert it to android?

why do i need to buy the extended version if the game will be for FREE? it says that only if the enduser will pay for the product i have to buy the extended version!

If you are not planning to make money on the game, you can buy the regular licence. Besides you better consult Envato for this issue.

Hi I will like to purchase, i just wondering if the game comes with the Psd files to edit the art and why in the demo the Panda desapears in level 12?

Good Game!

Hey, Thank you!

Sorry there isn’t psd files. But it is pixel art and really low resolution so you can still edit the images easily. About the 12 level. I checked the game and can’t find the glitch it may cause by device or browser. I will check it again and try other devices. You can send me mail about this issue> Please let me know which device and browser you are using to preview the game.

im using Mac with Firefox browser. So Yes! the problem was the browser, everything with the game is Great!!

i can edit the art from the regular license? and what difference between the regular license and the extended?

Sorry for so many question! Thanks

I’m happy to hear that, thanks for checking! :)

Of course you can edit whatever you want about the graphics. The issue is that if you want to make money on the game or not. I mean if you want to resell it (on your own website etc.) or earn some money by adding some ads, you should pay for extended licence. Else, it’s okay to buy regular for making some changes.

Hope that helps, if it’s not you can search that in Envato.

Absolutely no problems and if you have more to ask, please don’t hesitate to mail me:

By the way, I thank you!

is there any documentation on how to add more levels, game is great, however i will love to add at least twice the ammount of stages. <3 cheers.

You can easily add more levels with Construct 2. All related tutorials that you will need are on their website : I think they can help a lot. Thanks for your interest!

Hi there, The description days +20 levels, but the game ends at level 19, is it meant to? Cheers, thanks

It’s okay. The last level (20) is the final scene. Thanks for purchasing!

Ok thank you. Also do you have separated pngs of the background?

Yes all objects that you see have separated sprites.

Hey there, I really love this game! How much of design (not physics) is editable?

Are you using sprites? Or separate images for each background.

Basically I am thinking of changing the Panda to my own character and making each of the 19 level represent a different location with unique design for the backgrounds and obstacles. Is this possible? Or all of the backgrounds generated from the same image?




Firstly, thanks for your interest! You can change all of the graphics that you see. I have used sprites, so you can easily change them.

If you open the cap.x file with Construct 2, you can see how easy to change the sprites.

Hope this help.

Bests, Merve

Another pre-sales question, Is there an easy way to slow the game down or make it a smidge easier? Thinking about using it to customize and send to clients as a part of a campaign (when people complete it we make a donation to a charity on their behalf) but we need to make it a little simpler. People are giving up at level 5.

Thanks again!

Yes, of course you can change whatever you want. You can easily slow down the speed of the panda or anything else.

You should just download Construct2 and open the cap.x file, then change the speed behaviour of panda. If any problem occurs, you can check tutorials on or ask me:

Thank you!

Thank you. Buying now

You’re welcome!

Hi Can you add a level selection screen ?

Please send me a detailed mail so we can talk about it:

I was mentioning a new screen when clicking “Continue” a level selection screen to display 1,2,3 to 20 levels. So user can select any level and play again.

Of couse you can add that section with Construct2 if you want to. Do you want me to do this? That’s why I wanted you to mail me.


Love the game!! I was wondering is it possible to change the image assets without using Construct 2 ? Is it as simple as replacing the image files ?



Thank you! Yes you can just change the images with the same names in the images file, but you may need some changes or arrangements so I recommend you to use C2. It is also simple. You will just open the .capx with C2 and change the sprites then export the file again.

For any questions:

can you share the apk files of all your games for android version. I want to test before purchasing all of them.

There is no apk files for all of my games, but you can try Panda Run. All games are the same size, so you can imagine how they look like more or less. Google Play link :


can this games edit using c2 free edition?

Yes, of course!

Hi there! I love the game! I am editing it but I want every single level to have a unique background. Right now levels 1-19 all share the same background. I have Construct2 but have never used it before, are you able to set a file up so I can replace each background easily? Brand new to Construct2.


Figured this out, thank you =)

Still trying to figure out how to edit the opening scene though sinice it is not setup as a level. Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for purchasing! Please send me a mail and let me help when I am available.

Just emailed you – thank you!