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Nice app, good luck with sales!

Thank you for checking it.

Can users exchange collected points with the clothes for Panda? :) or any upgrades with points or its just running?

Thank you for your interest in our game.

This is not possible for now, it; endless running and jumping game. Later on is in plan to add Power Up, and some other stuff…

Can I edit the configurations with notepad? To show my adds?

You can edit it with notepad, but best solution is to edit it in Eclipse engine.

example in google play?

This particular Ap we still did not publish on Google Play Store, but we will publish in upcoming days.

You have .apl file of game to download, install and try it on your device.

!!! Great Purchase !!! Everything perfect following a few simple steps that are also very well explained.

Good luck with sales!

Thank you so much for nice word of our work. We really appreciate it.
Because of people like you we will continue to build more games.

If you gonna need any additional support for game, let us now and we will make sure to help you.

Good luck with game.

you send an email!!

We have reply to you.

only support android L? what about jelly bean and kitkat?

It support most of Android version.
The point is that you make it available to work on newer Android version, and automatically the will work on most of Android version

When you make this game on Android 5.0 or 5.1 it will work from 2.3.3 and up.

startapp integration?

No StartApp in not integrated in code.
Only AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ads.

Good App, Android Studio edit help

Thank you,
We have start to update our Android App also with Android Studio version and already submit some of them.

Can you contact us threw our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1 or leave us mail to contact you for Android Studio version if code.

barikan25@gmail.com and skype:arikan.berkan

We already send you mail.

Hi i have Sheep 2D can you check for me in photo

Sorry but we do not understand your statement here.

can i reskin this app with eclipse??is there documentation inside??

You can edit all necessary change in Eclipse Engine. All documentation is in download folder.

hi your game does not import on android studio it’s requires gradle i need help and can you please provide the android studio files

It can be imported to Android Studio, we will give you instruction how to import. Give us some time to prepare file for you.

is it endless game or levels game !!

Hi, it’s Endless Runner Game.

Hey. This is a great app. Where can I change the picture?

In Photoshop when you change all images, ( in PSD files atlas_ID101 and atlas_ID200 ) save them in original PNG file. You do not need to chaste anything in .plist files.

??. Thank you very, very match! Have a nice day and Happy New Year. This is a great app. Thanks for work!

You welcome. All the best for your App Business.

Hi I got these errors when I ran the android project, can you please help me :

Error(249, 55) java: cannot find symbol symbol: method ceil(float) location: class.android.util.FloatMath

Error(323, 70) java: cannot find symbol symbol: method ceil(float) location: class.android.util.FloatMath

Error(371, 52) java: cannot find symbol symbol: method ceil(float) location: class.android.util.FloatMath

Hi there,
You trying to make game with SDK 6.0 or above.

Just delete Float from FloatMath and everything will be working fine.

hiii i am new to andriod i cant change the item as you mentioned can u please help me

Best solution for you is to made al change on Eclipse Engine and then when you have finished with all change just import into Android Studio and compile to .apk file.
For importing into Android Studio please follow documentation.
If you still will have some problems let us now contraction us thought our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

i have sent you a mail plz revert back

Already Reply

android studio not working. send me the guideline or send me the android studio project neither i will forced to give 1 star.

Hi there,
Here are steps for Importing Into Android Studio https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ith23knr6vxqnth/AADyFu5AmQnhkbcis7v_8OGfa?dl=0

Keep Android SDK lower then 6.0
Use Android Studio 1.3, if you using 2.0 you will face some issue in code.

Hi. Can you integrate iap and how much does it cost? Write to me please ledokol73@gmail.com

Already replied.

hi, for any graphic is use .png file right?

Hi there
All graphic in game is .PNG file, atlas image multiple images in one big image.

hi sir i wanna bye the code but there’is no apk file to try

Please you can download Demo .apk file from Main Page now.

thank u bro i will try

You welcome.

Is it for Android Studio ?

Game is primarily made for Eclipse but it can be imported into Android Studio.
Made all change first in Eclipse and after import into Android Studio for compiling to .apk file.