Panda Adventure - Construct 2 Game Template

Panda Adventure - Construct 2 Game Template

Just a simple on touch arcade game where you have to collect all the coins on the current level to reach the next one!


  • Optimized for all screen resolutions, that means no black bars!
  • Small size, since this is being built with CocoonJS compiler the apk file is very small compared to other services.
  • Super fast, the game runs at 60fps constantly.
  • Optimized Admob / Chartboost ads so you can earn money!
  • Amazing and beautiful 2D retro graphics
  • Great retro sounds
  • One touch controls
  • The game currently has 20 levels.
  • Easy to reskin using Construct 2

[What is included?]

  • Source Code (.capx file)
  • Game assets (graphics and sounds)
  • Premium Construct 2 plugins that has been used on the making of the game.
  • Fonts that were used on the game.
  • A guide on how to reskin the game.

[How to reskin]

  1. Change the app name and package name.
  2. Replace the icon, image files (optionally sound effects)
  3. Add your admob or chartboost IDs
  4. Thats all, just export the project compile it with CocoonJS and submit!
A pretty detailed guide on how to do this is included on the product files. If you still have any questions about this process just contact me and i will help you.

[Test the game]


[Documentation / Quick Start Guide]


[Framework & Compiler]

This game was built with Construct 2 engine. You can find all the info about this framework here:

After you export the game you will need to compile it (apk file). That is where CocoonJS comes into play. You can find all the info about the compiler here: