PAN Advanced PHP File Manager

PAN Advanced PHP File Manager

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Full Features


  • Bootstrap 4 Supported
  • Responsive
  • SCSS supports for change theme
  • Multilanguage (12 language included)
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited files
  • Timezone support
  • Batch file name replacement
  • Category sets for galleries
  • File relationships between categories
  • Overwrite / Rename options
  • Debug mode & inline helper feature
  • Allowed file(s) restrictions
  • Colored file icons
  • Customizale mime types for each files
  • Maximum upload limits
  • Maximum image width/height setting
  • Resizable image option when uploaded image larger that limits
  • Classic / Isotope thumbnail layouts
  • File type convertions for JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, MP3
  • Remote uploads from another servers
  • Link creation tool for batch uploads like 001.jpg,002.jpg,003.jpg
  • Proxy feature for remote uploads
  • ZIPPED file uploads
  • Folder file synchronization for unlinked files
  • Dropdown uploads
  • File and Category ratings
  • File tags extra informations for each files
  • Favorite tags feature
  • Favorite files and categories
  • Random file and category lists
  • Auto page loader on page scrolls for categories
  • Download and file link copy feature
  • Category merge
  • File sorting feature by Added, File Date, Name, Size, MD5, ImageHex, Raiting
  • Customizable listing count
  • Bulk file remove, move, delete and zip feature
  • Category move and cover image feature
  • File listing filters (e.g: show only images, videos, docs etc)
  • Counted set categories (e.g: 001,002,003)
  • File and category search
    • Search by word
    • Search by dates
    • Search by categories
    • Search by rating
    • Search by filesize
    • Search by filetype
    • Find duplicate files by MD5 / ImageHex


  • Multiple / dropdown uploads
  • Zipped file uploads
  • FTP uploads
  • Remote uploads
  • Instagram Photo Crawler


  • Multiple thumbnail creation
  • Uploaded image width / height controls
  • Image file conversions to other types
  • Resize / Crop / Rotate images
  • Image filters (11 effect included)
  • Imagick support
  • Watermark
  • Selectable watermark position


  • FFMpeg support
  • Short video thumbnail creation
  • Manual video frame uploads
  • base64 type video frame captures
  • FFMpeg type video frame captures
  • Selectable image thumbnail transitions
  • Customize video thumbnail duration / size
  • Codec selecteion (just 1 codec included x264)
  • Video bitrate / FPS options
  • Audio channel / bitrate options
  • FFMpeg Timeout / thread options
  • Customizable FFMpeg commands
  • Auto MP4 conversion for videos


  • Audio splitter
  • MP3 Meta tag editor
  • Audio conversion to MP3
  • Audio bitrate and channel settings


  • Colored file icons
  • PDF file previews
  • TXT, DOC, XLS, HTML to PDF coversion
  • Create / Extract Zip files



  • PHP 7+
  • Mysqli support
  • GD extension
  • fopen extension
  • fileinfo extension
  • Writable folders
  • Customizable script execute time and max_post limits
  • Curl extension


  • Imagick
  • FFMpeg
  • FFProbe
  • shell_exec
  • ZIPArchive extension

Tested On

  • PHP 7.0
  • PHP 7.2
  • PHP 7.4
  • PHP 8.0


  • Membership system is not available (Please contact if you want to customization)
  • If you want to use FFMpeg, your server must be powerful. The CPU usage for conversion and clip creation is quite high.
  • Instagram connections can sometimes cause your account to be locked. This is an issue with Instagram. After verifying, you can continue the process.
  • There may be incompatibility of some plugins depending on the server. FFMpeg and Imagick versions may use different commands depending on the server. Don’t forget to communicate when you have problems.

Optional functions required image effects and video features. If these functions is not available on your server, you cannot use full features of PAN.

Change Log

** Version v.2.1 - 01.03.2021
-- 2.0 to 2.1 migration feature added
-- Instagram photo crawler added
-- Audio file splitter added (FFMpeg required)
-- Mp3 meta tag editor added (FFMpeg required)
-- Zip file extract feature added
-- Tag system changed
-- Favorite tags feature added
-- Favorite files / categories feature added
-- Random file / category list feature added
-- Auto page loader on page scrolls for categories
-- Category name can now be seen in the page title
-- Copy link options are added
-- Download buttons added
-- Select all option added
-- Fast video thumbnail option added (FFMpeg required)
-- Video duration updater option added (FFMpeg required)
-- Category merge feature added
-- Category size display enable/disable option added
-- Fast removing button added
-- Duplicate file search feature added
-- Duplicate file control feature added (MD5 and ImageHex)
-- Some text sizes changed for wrapping issues
-- Quick settings feature added
-- Category cover image manager changed
-- Advanced search form added on main search box area
-- New stats added on dashboard
-- Some PHP 7.4 issues fixed
-- Languages, and documentation updated.
** Version v.2.0 - 28.12.2019
-- Upgraded to Bootstrap 4
-- FFMpeg and Imagick features added
-- Direct / FTP / ZIP and Remote Upload feature added
-- Multiple Thumbnail creation feature added
-- Video short clips / frame capturing feature added
-- Bulk file moving, removing and rename features added
-- Unlimited categories
-- Unlimited mime-types
-- File and category searching
-- Multi language feature added
-- File type conversion feature added
-- Video and audio player
-- Photo filters
-- Image crop / resize and rotate system changed
-- PDF preview feature added
-- Cron task file added for clear cache
-- Dark / Light theme feature added
-- Classic / Isotope grid layout feature added
** Version v.1.0
-- Stable Version