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Wow !!! :shocked: This is cool. Is there a Drupal 6 release for Palette ? Thing is I don’t work with Drupal 7, but I have a few themes that might be great to integrate with this module.

Great work! :inlove:

Hi hsalazar:

Thanks for your comment! You’re the “ICE BREAKER ” :D

Palette is currently only supported on Drupal 7. On a few weeks I’ll release a D6 version, but most important thing is that Color Module is very poor on Drupal 6. So far, the one included on D7 version is much more powerfull, so it allows Palette Starterkits be much more flexible.



Thanks for your answer. I understand that, there is a lot of limitation issues with Drupal 6. I will move to D7 for my next project.

Again, great job!!!


smart idea. i love to play with Theme Colors. keep up the good work!

Thanks for your comment totoee12!!!

I am interested in this module, as I am a theme developer and usually spend a long time putting my palette together and tweaking backgrounds and sidebars. Before I purchase I am interested in a little bit more of the guts though…

This is a module for Drupal 7- how does it hook into my CSS? Will it be supported for Drupal 8? Does it work with Omega subtheming? Can I modify this module to support my own CSS tags or do I have to code my CSS according to your modules guidelines? Does it add JS to every page?

Feel free to shoot me an email with some documentation and/or explanation if you prefer that to posting here: chris@thedilldesign.com

Hi there Chris

Thanks for asking!

Palette is a setup ready to go of Color module. It is only supported by Drupal 7, not 8. It works fine with Omega. You can modify it to MATCH your CSS tags as it is the intention, add the colors.css to our theme. It doesn’t add any JS. It is only a CSS file with your colors and they’re applied only when those CSS tags are present.

You can find a detailed info on how to use and INSTALL Palette here. http://demos.doublemthemes.com/palette/documentation



Will Palette work with the Bootstrap 3 theme? (The Bootstrap theme uses LESS and does not work with the color module)

Hi Scottop: Sorry for the delay on the response :( No, it won’t work.