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Hello, can i use offline payment, ex: bank transfer

Hi. Nope.

Hi…can I use any Paypal account? or I need a PayPal Business?....

You can use regular PayPal account.

Hey there! Love the plugin! =)

Quick question… I’ve noticed that for whatever reason, customers aren’t receiving the autodownload, would you happen to know what may be causing this?

Thanks so much!

So, the problem is not in the plugin. Seems your have problem with email sending. Please notice, plugins never send e-mails by themselves. They delegate this function to WordPress installation by using wp_mail() function. So, the WordPress is responsible for e-mail sending. If you don’t receive e-mails, it means that WordPress can’t send them. Why it may happen and what to do?

By default WordPress uses php mail() function. Probably your hosting provider blocks this function. Please contact their support and ask if they do that.

Some hosting providers don’t allow to send e-mails when sender e-mail address doesn’t belong to the same domain (where website installed) or doesn’t exists. So, please go to plugin’s Settings page and make sure that Sender E-mail address exists and belongs to domain, where website installed.

Also you can configure wp_mail() function to use any 3rd party SMTP server by using free plugins, that adjust wp_mail(): https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=wp_mail

Wow, thank you soooo much for this explanation! I’m going to give this a try now and then send you an update. Happy New Year!

Hi ! Thanks for this plugin. I bought it twice, the first time was loooong time ago But this time, for my new website, it doesn’t appear in my language ! What should I do to translate it ? :) Thanks ! K.

Plugin is translation ready. You can translate it as usual plugin. Create files paiddownloads-xx_XX.po, and paiddownloads-xx_XX.mo (xx_XX – your locale, for example fr_FR) and put them into folder “languages”. http://betterwp.net/wordpress-tips/create-pot-file-using-poedit/

OK, works perfect for me so far. Just one request > Where do I change the hint “By clicking the button below, I agree with the Terms & Conditions” in german language. I can change in the settings lots of adjustments but I can’t see where to change this phrase. Thx

Hi. Either translate plugin to German (plugin is translation ready, so just google how plugins are translated), or find this text in php-file and replace it.

jepp found it in php file. 1st I try to translate language file which did not affected. THX anyway


Can I sell two or more items in one page?

Like, list of items…?


Hi. You can put as many purchase buttons as you wish.

Hi, This application accepte credit/debit cards like visa ?

Thanks you. But I need credit/debit cards and paypal paymant


I have Purchased Paid Downloads Pro Plugin.

Paid Download Section > Files Section Not Working.

Please fix it ASAP.

Thank You!

Please check mail for Logins…..after Updates Please send back

Thanks. What exactly doesn’t work? I logged in – everything works.


shizobg Purchased

Hello, the plugin stop to send the download link and stop register the new transactions, what to do?

Provide access to WP dashboard and URL where I can see payment button.


shizobg Purchased

I will send this information to your Author Contact Form

Is it possible to add the integrated pagseguro to the plugin?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature and I don’t have such plans,

PRE-SALE QUESTION: I have files that are free downloads for trial not just paid. But I want users to login or create an account first. Afterwards, I want your system to immediately and automatically gives them the free download file. Can your plugin do this? If not, how much this added feature cost?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Has this had any recent updates? Is it running?

Everything works. Just try it. ;-)

I dont see the stripe gate.

There is no Strip gate in this plugin.