Paid Content Packages Subscriptions

Paid Content Packages Subscriptions

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Paid Content Packages WordPress Plugin allows you to bundle different pages, posts, categories, post types, taxonomies and post tags in multiple packages and sell them via PayPal subscriptions with multiple billing cycles.

This plugin comes with in-build Discount Coupons management, Affiliate Program and Various Reports to boost your sales.

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Is your website content for sale? Do you want to bundle multiple pages, categories, post types, taxonomies or even tags in different packages and sell membership subscriptions? Do you want to promote your content with affiliate program and offer discount coupons?

If Yes, this is the plugin for you, which includes, paid content packages, discount coupons, in-build affiliate program and various reports to run and manage your paid content membership site easily.

Here’s a list of all features that comes with this plugin:

  1. Multiple Content Packages
    With this plugin you can create different paid content packages and include certain pages, categories, post types, taxonomies or even post tags in the packages and sell the bundle as a PayPal subscription membership plan. Your clients can subscribe to multiple membership plans and get access to all the content you have listed under these packages.

  2. Various Billing Cycles
    You can choose to sell your paid content package subscription with various billing cycles, such as One Time Payment for lifetime membership, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly billing. You can choose if the subscription stays active till your clients cancel it from PayPal website or they subscribe again after the billing cycle is over.

  3. Trial Period for Packages
    You can also choose to enable or disable a FREE or PAID trial period for each package. Once the trial is over users can continue with the paid subscription by paying for the paid package subscription. System will run a check on daily basis via WordPress Cron Job and revoke access for users when their subscription or trial period is over.

  4. Restrict trial sign-ups per IP address
    You can choose to disable or enable multiple trial sign-ups based on IP address. If disabled, user will not be able to sign-up for trial account from same IP address.

  5. In-built Discount Coupons Management
    This plugin comes with a built-in discount coupon system which allows you to enable discount coupons for each package for a certain time and promote your content.

  6. In-built Affiliate Program
    This plugin comes with an in-built affiliate program which you can enable with a simple shortcode on any page for your website. Your website visitors or paid members can join the affiliate program and use their affiliate link (generated via shortcode) to send traffic to your website and keep track of their performance and commissions earned from the front-end. You can choose if your affiliates get commissions once per sale or every month till the client subscription is active. You can set a schedule for commissions payout and pay your affiliates via PayPal or Wire Transfer (

  7. Easy Woocommerce Integration
    Simply enable Woocommerce support under plugin settings and select the paid content package while creating and editing a product. This plugin takes care of everything else and you do not have to configure anything at all other than just selecting the Package while creating or editing a product. Once the order is complete, Users will have full access to paid content for the purchased package.
    Click here to learn more about this feature.

  8. Custom Email Reminders
    This plugin sends email reminders to users two days before and two days after a user subscripiton is scheduled to expire. You can customize and personalize the email subject and email message with available variables.

  9. Customer’s billing History
    This plugin comes with a shortcode to display customer billing/payment history on any page.

  10. Various Reports to keep track
    With this plugin you can keep a track of your sales, referrals and payouts by various reports, such as, Sales by month/year, Sales by packages, Sales by Users, Sales by Country, Referrals and Referring Traffic reports.

  11. Backend Subscription Management
    You can easily add or remove user’s subscription for a package from plugin settings page. This can be helpful when you promote your content by offering a free subscription or in case of refunds, you want to remove access to the content for certain users.

  12. Quick and Easy Setup
    You can configure all required pages with various shortcodes and a sample package by just one click and then modify the content for each page as per your business model requirements.

  13. Restricted Content Messages
    You can choose to display a custom message via WYSIWYG editor to users who have not paid for the subscription package and tries to browse paid content.

  14. Paid Content Preview
    You can choose a number of characters of the paid content to be displayed before the restricted message is displayed instead of the paid content.

  15. Custom email messages
    You can customize email headers such as from name, from email address and email messages with various variables to include user’s display name and package name with link they have purchased.

  16. Send emails or newsletters to paid members
    You can send emails and newsletters to paid members based on the package they have purchased. You can also test the email by sending it to yourself first to avoid any mistakes.

  17. Various Shortcodes for ease of use
    Most of this plugin’s functionality is based on shortcodes which you can use on any page or post to generate subscription links, process payments, process orders, affiliate dashboard for signup and reports etc. You can even choose to display or hide content based on user’s membership status or affiliate signup status.

  18. Various Widgets based on user membership status
    This plugin comes with various widgets such as:
    Members Only Content: This widget is only displayed to paid members of your website.
    Non Members Only Content: This widget is only displayed to logged in users who have not subscribed to any package yet.
    Affiliate Only Content: This widget is only displayed to logged in users who have signed up for the affiliate program.
    Non Affiliate Only Content: This widget is only displayed to logged in users who have NOT signed up for the affiliate program.

  19. Localisation and Translation Ready
    You can easily translate this plugin in your own language. Localisation includes all text in back end, front end and messages.

  20. Setup Assistant
    This plugin comes with our unique Setup Assistant which will help you with step by step instructions to set up this plugin on your website and provide links to documentation page for further reading.

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Upgrades & Change Log

Next version will be a complete re-build with our new and improved framework and additional features.

Version 1.5.7 ~ Oct 28, 2016

  • Tested and optimized for WordPress version 4.6.1.
  • Replaced depreciated functions with new ones.
  • Reduced database queries to optimize speed

Version 1.5.6 ~ Sept 01, 2015 | (via Envato & WordPress Upgrades)

  • Optimized code to work with WordPress 4.3
  • Fixed subscribe message display for single post/page or wherever applicable

Version 1.5.5 ~ July 16, 2015 (WordPress Upgrades)

  • Added filter options to User Overview Report

Version 1.5.4 ~ July 16, 2015 (WordPress Upgrades)

  • Added an option to add individual posts in packages
  • Added package expiry date in billing history shortcode
  • Integrate bbPress restrictions
  • Optimized custom post_types and custom taxonomies restrictions

Version 1.5.3 ~ Jun 05, 2015 (WordPress Upgrades)

  • Fixed billing history backend reports.
  • Optimized membership checking functions to reduce load times with lot of users.
  • Added an option to restrict multiple subscriptions by a single user.

Version 1.5.2 ~ Apr 30, 2105 | (WordPress Upgrades)

  • Upgraded TGM Plugin Activation class to the latest version to fix globally spread security issues.

Version 1.5.1 ~ Apr 24, 2015 (via WordPress Upgrades)

  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 4.2 (IMPORTANT)

Version 1.5.0 ~ Apr 21, 2015 (via WordPress Upgrades)

  • Added an option to choose if process order callback should run at initial stage or normally on process order page. Choosing initial should avoid any other plugins modifying WordPress default functionality to render content and shortcodes or any custom restrictions.
  • Fixed duplicate entries in user_packages table
  • Fixed next charge datetime for credit card gateways
  • Added an option to easily create translation files with loco-translate ( plugin. Some strings may not work which will be fixed in upcoming versions.

Version 1.4.9 ~ Apr 09, 2015 (via WordPress Upgrades)

  • Added an option to specify custom referral query string for affiliate links
  • Added an option to specify number of days the referral cookie should stay live for referral checks

Version 1.4.8 ~ Apr 04, 2015 (via WordPress Upgrades)

  • Fixed subscribe message option for if posts are called on a custom page
  • Framework upgrade with multiple enhancements

Version 1.4.7 ~ Mar 30, 2015 (via WordPress Upgrades)

  • Fixed admin interface issues with other plugins
  • Fixed empty array warnings on edit page screen if no page is selected

Version 1.4.6 ~ Mar 22, 2015 (via WordPress Upgrades)

  • Fixed subscribe link and process payment shortcode disabled logic to check package expired as per timezone
  • Added an option in paid member content shortcode to check if user has an active subscription to any of the premium packages
  • Optimized code to verify and update user package subscription status
  • Added an option to select any or specific package for paying/non_paying members content widget
  • Optimized trial sign up for both PayPal and Credit Card Gateways with notification if trial is restricted
  • Optimized billing_history shortcode to display better report and subscription status
  • Optimized code to minimize load for heavy operations
  • Optimized all backend reports for latest timezone changes
  • Added a new report for quick overview for all users on one page with instant search functionality

Version 1.4.5 ~ Mar 18, 2015 (via WordPress Upgrades)

  • Optimized package expiration function for global timezones and other server variables
  • Enabled single sign on per user, admins can choose to enable or disable this feature under Configuraiton >> General Configuraiton page
  • Updated Manage Subscriptions Screen for the user to show billing history and package information based on latest data
  • Added option to show or hide must subscribe message on only single post/page or all pages wherever applicable
  • Fixed user dropdown menu to display all users on Manage Subscription screen
  • Fixed PHP warning if no credit card gateway is selected
  • Changed date functions to format date based on WordPress General Settings setup
  • Added an option to include pages within a package while editing a page from the backend
  • Fixed framework to avoid backend UI issues with Woocommerce product attributes and variations

Version 1.4.4 ~ Mar 07, 2015 (via Envato Downloads)

  • Framework bootstrap integration fix
  • Added an option to reset purchase code to use on another site

Version 1.4.3 ~ Feb 24, 2015

  • Upgraded shortcode generator api
  • Fixed lifetime package PayPal IPN capture issue
  • Fixed omnipay issues for older versions of PHP on server

Version 1.4.2 ~ Feb 22, 2015

  • Added register button on process payment page for visitors
  • Optimised upgrades API and push notifications

Version 1.4.1 ~ Feb 17, 2015

  • Enabled purchase code verification for automatic upgrades
  • Upgraded framework to enhance the visuals
  • Integrated Omnipay API to enable Credit Card Payment Gateways
  • Optimized reports to show more details
  • Added an option to send emails and newsletters to trial members
  • Fixed restricted content for search results
  • Excluded pluign required pages from search results
  • Added a message on process payment page for user who are already subscribed to the package
  • Modified subscription link shortcode to disable the subscribe button if user is already subscribed to the package.
  • Added packages meta table to store more info about packages

Version 1.4.0 ~ Jan 21, 2015

  • Fixed tag based restrictions

Version 1.3.9 ~ Jan 09, 2015

  • Fixed CSS Issues
  • Fixed duplicate email on signup and payment received

Version 1.3.8 ~ Dec 30, 2014

  • Fixed TGM plugin install class conflict

Version 1.3.7 ~ Dec 27, 2014

  • Optimised affiliate program setup for themes with page builder
  • Added an option to enable debugging for quick support and fixes
  • Fixed some minor bugs reported by customers

Version 1.3.6 ~ Dec 06, 2014

  • Optimised wp_mail function for HTML emails
  • Optimised all paid content filter functions
  • Added more options to paid content and non paid content shortcodes
  • Removed feature to auto delete subscriptions upon expire, this will be displayed to admin as expired and they can choose to keep or remove the customer records.
  • Added an option to send email messages to users based on their purchased package

Version 1.3.5 ~ Nov 30, 2014

  • Fixed framework auto upgrade class to avoid conflict with other CSSJockey products

Version 1.3.4 ~ Nov 27, 2014

  • Upgraded framework for automatic upgrades via WordPress dashboard
  • Optimised paid and free content checking script to speed up the process
  • Fixed admin form to show all custom taxonomies

Version 1.3.3 ~ Oct 29, 2014

  • Added Check for Upgrades function under Home Icon on plugin settings page

Version 1.3.2 ~ Oct 24, 2014

  • Fixed subscription payments for recurring months
  • Added customer’s billing history under reports
  • Added cancel subscription shortcode
  • Fixed plugin setup callback order in core framework
  • Fixed shortcode form warning for no options
  • Fixed PHP Warning message if no pages are selected in a package
  • Changed incorrect package id message for subscription link displayed to admin with more details
  • Upgraded core framework to latest version

Version 1.3.1 ~ Aug 19, 2014

  • Applied quick fix for PayPal trial subscriptions.
  • Changed the version number format for future quick fix releases.

Version 1.0.3 ~ Aug 9, 2014

  • Fixed multiple content types restrictions issue
  • Fixed date field under Manage subscriptions page
  • Fixed blank date submission while adding gift subscription
  • Added new short code to show customer’s billing history
  • Fixed content preview for paid content to avoid any HTML breakpoints

Version 1.02 ~ Jul 30, 2014

  • Email reminders before and after subscription expiration.
  • Woocommerce Integration

Version 1.0.1

  • Initial Release