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Hello, just purchased your plugin, great work. My question is how can i modify the code so it will Activate Paid Article functionality automatically (always checked) for all posts including customer posts (created by other plugins )

thank you

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, it is necessary to modify the plugin and it is not quick modification, so I can’t explain you by several sentences. Sorry.

hi there, I have a few question for this plugin before i buy it.

1. Is there any option where customer can pay offline and web will give (email) them the access link manually?

2. what is the limit days we can insert for ‘access link lifetime’?

3. what version is this plugin now?

4. is the plugin affected if we upgrade the version of wordpress?

5. for Regular Licence, can i install the plugin in more than one subdomain? i want to install the same plugin for the same website but with different subdomain (to train 5 of my customer’s staff to manage their web, everyone will try to use their own subdomain web)

Hi. Thanks for interesting in the plugin.

1. There is no such option, but you can generate access link manually (through admin panel) and send it manually.

2. No limit.

3. Version 1.28

4. It works with any WP starting with version 3.0.

5. Please read this article: http://codecanyon.net/licenses/regular_extended

Thanks, Ivan

1. yes that’s what i mean. we can generate access link. that’s good enough.

5. they not mention anything about installing plugin in subdomain. please answer it either i can install it on different wordpress on the subdomain (just for demo to my customer) or not. that’s all.

“The main thing you cannot do is offer the item up for resale either on its own or as part of a project. So you can use the item in a free game, but not in a game that is on sale. You can use the item in a website, but not in a web template that you sell.”


so i can install in different subdomain for demo right? i want to use the Regular license for the main domain. the subdomain is just for demo to my customer’s staff. so i CAN still install the same script in subdomain just for demo and not for sell (since i already use the license for the main domain)? Am i able to do so? :)

p/s: website in subdomain is just a replicate of the main domain. this is just for testing to my customer. please reply ASAP . thanks~

Unfortunately, I’m not strong in this question. I think it’s better to contact Envato Support: http://support.envato.com/

it’s your app, and you are the one who create it. so i think you should know well how your app working. i have to ensure about this since I’m going to pay for it.

Will this plugin work if I embed a video in the paid only area of the article?

Yes. It will work.

I sell sports information (handicapper) I just bought the plugin, Just wondering if it’s got or if you could tell me how to use a shopping cart.

Some clientes will want to by 3 or 4 Pick/articles, with going through the check out just once..

Thanks It’s my first Wordpress site.

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, there is no shopping cart feature.

Very nice plugin! Well done!

Hi. Please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong.

Now it’s a pleasure for me to write something else here. The support from ichurakov is just great. Even on a weekend he helped me with my issue, that was caused by my Cache plugin. I tested now this plugin for a while and must say: IT’s GREAT! Works very very nice! Thank you ichurakov! 5 Stars from me.

Hi. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

Hi ichurakov !

I’m currently testing on localhost, and the “PayPal sandbox mode” doesn’t create access links. Is it normal? I mean, the links are only created when actual payments are made, or, its a bug?

PS.: Working on WP 3.8.1

Thanks in advance !

PS 2.: Access links manually added are working, which suggests that there are no conflicts with the template.

PS 3.: Still under “PayPal sandbox mode”, after the transaction is completed, no email is sent to the customer.

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin and for letting me know about sandbox issue. PayPal Sandbox is not always stable. I’ll remove this option in next update. Live PayPal works properly.

Hi, is there a spanish translations and if not hoy can I translate it?

Thanks in advanced !

Hi. I don’t have spansh translation. You need translate it by yourself. http://betterwp.net/wordpress-tips/create-pot-file-using-poedit/

ok thanks !! I have another question … I need that clients pay articles with a credit card, is that possible or have you got any plugin to that?

This plugin accept payments through PayPal only. As I know for some type of accounts PayPal allow accept payments directly from credit cards.


I just purchase the Paid Articles plugin and I would like to set up the Buy Now button to Standard HTML-button, but the button does not show on the paid article page unless I choose the other options.

I use the Buy Now button to Standard HTML-button Paid Downloads and it works, the button pulls my theme button css.

How can I fix this.

Thank you in advance.


Would you kindly check my custom work request over here: http://codecanyon.net/item/paid-downloads-pro/2081656/comments I used other account when purchase the Paid Downloads Pro.

Please let me know if you would consider the above, it does not matter if will take some time as I can see that you are really bussy with the support for the actual plugins, etc.



I’m currently working to implement requested feature. Almost done. ;-) Update will be available in several hours.


Now this plugin is work on WP version3.9? thanks you.

Yep. My demo website is driven by WP3.9.

can u add Admin pay to users per every post ??

Unfortunately, currently I don’t have such plans.

Hello, just purchased your plugin, great work. My question is how can i Set Return URL for Each Post ? ( redirected to this URL after successfull payments). I see 1 “Return URL” at setting panel.

Thank you

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, there is no such option.

2nd question : How I can “Activate Paid Article functionality” for every post in my website without sitting one by one post ? I planing to use your plugin to create ebook store and i want just insert <!-paidarticles_more-> to paid area.

thank you

Unfortunately, there is no such feature too.

Hello, I have several questions: Does the plugin also works for custom post types? Does the plugin work for categories and custom taxonomy? Is it possible to display the metabox just for editors?

thank you, Horia

Hi. Unfortunately, there are no such features.

Hi. Great plugin so far. For those having trouble with Sandbox, it can be hard to get a completed, successful transaction. What helped was to play with the profile / settings for sandbox buyer and seller to ensure that Payment Review and Negative Testing are ‘OFF’.

My question is in relation to the description on PayPal for the purchase that reads “Paid Article Access”. We would like to change this for our purposes. How can we do that please?

Thank you, Martin

Hi Martin. Thanks for your solution. Regarding wording: unfortunately, the only way to change it is to edit source code. Please find relevant phrase in php-file and replace it by yours.

I have some question about “Extended License”. If I buy plugin with Extended License that mean … 1. I can use this plugin for multiple website ? ( I’m owner of all) 2. I can install this plugin for my customer website, (multiple customer but only one website per customer for plugin install )

For Same Understand Please answer me with Yes or No Word for each question.

Thank you

1. No. 2. No.

thank you

Hi, is it possible to deactivate the pay button for logged in users?

Is it possible to insert a conditional tag in the plugin?

Or can you tell me where I can deactivate the shortcode insert function in paid-articles.php?

There are no such features.

Hi. PPQ: Recurring payments in PayPal is only available with PayPal Pro, I am told. – Which is not available in Denmark. Can I somehow handle the recurrent payment through WooCommerce or so, so that PayPal does not “recognize it” as recurrent? If you know what I mean?

Also, the desired payment will be like “50 USD sign up, and then 5USD a month”. Can your plug-in handle that?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature and I don’t have plans to implement it.

Hi, I just had a customer who claimed that he didn’t receive email after the purchase, i asked him to check the spam folder, but i was told that nothing was found, one thing that he was different from other customer was that he was using international email. which was xxx@web.de does this plugin not allow to send confirmation email to domain that doesn’t end with .com?


Atrahasis Purchased

Oh.. you are right,, that was a dumb question,lol well, if there is anybody who claim that they didn;t receive a confirmation mail. i guess, i just have to deal with those kind of people, By the way, it is really amazing plugin, it is just perfect for my needs and really appreciate for creating this! Thank you!! and thank you for your support! :)

BTW. If you discover that some link is used incorrectly, just remove it from the list. In this case it won’t work anymore and everyone who have access using this link, lose it.


Atrahasis Purchased

ok, gotcha! will remove it from the list as soon as it expires, Thank you!