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Please make a new function : allow upload document (digital file) and after paid, visitor can download :)

Does this plugin support WPML plugin? Users have to purchase different languages of same article (English or Dutch)?

Unfortunately, no.

One of my client purchased this plugin. The problem is that, when I enabled sandbox while test, after payment it sent Failed e-mail body email. There is no access link in the mail. It says we have difficulties regarding processing transaction. On paypal it shows payment successful.


Try live mode. Also, for any support assistance, please contact me through account that you used to purchase the plugin.

Besides the US$, which ones are accepted?

Hi. You can use any currency supported by PayPal.

Hi, is there anyway i can make the buy button responsive?

Sorry, never mind, i think it’s my theme not making it responsive,, i think i ll have to find a way to fix my theme, but i really do appreciate for your reply, Thank you! :)

Hi, i recently changed the price from setting, however change doesn’t apply on the site, i have deleted every cached,(including expired cache) to see if changes get applied,but still didn’t work, i really don’t know what to do to apply the changes, can you please help? just for the last time,? thank you in advance,

Hi. Please extend support period and provide access to wp dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong there.

BTW. You can’t use caching on the page with paid article, because caching plugins can not cache 2 versions of the same page: for regular users and for users who already paid. So you must exclude this page from caching.

Can this use for pages? And, if the user pay using debit/credit card on paypal is it they will also get the email for access link?

No. User get special link. Once he visited this link, the page become visible for him.

So how the site admin will create the page and protect it from public view? Is it same like content locker?

Please read Installation paragraph.

Hello, I have a presale question, First we need your plugin only for some articles on our website, maybe one or two articles per week!

But, we use nginx server with nginx cache, so when publish a new post or updated a post, nginx cache purge that post, category, archive and homepage!

So in this case will work your plugin with nginx cache?

If no, its possible that we must send the user who already paid for that article a “special link” through email, so this special link must linked with the same content but different URL with full article, for this we need to publish 2 articles, one with paypal button who is paid article and another with different URL same content but with full content who is only for those who already paid for that article?

*That full article won’t accessed with all visitors, this full article is only for this who already paid, this full article will be private!

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to cache two versions of the same page.