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Nice work. Bookmarked.

It is easy to adapt to ajax? is easy to adapt to sqlite?

Excellent, simple and easy. I suggest future update with ajax, sqlite and search field. Thanks

I’ll take under consideration your suggestions for Ajax and sqlite and I will answer as soon as possible


A little later than I wanted, I did an update. Now paging class, besides the method with refresh the page, it has ajax method. Information on this site are not yet changed, but in the file to download there is a complete manual, also can be found here http://www.websource.ro/pagination/ajax/docs/. Also, a demo can be found here http://www.websource.ro/pagination/ajax/demo.php

have a nice day :)

How about a screenshot of the output.

Few questions too… does it include css style sheets? and does it break up long strings of pages?

For example instead of:

Does it output:

... [7] ... 10[12]


at the bottom of the item details page you will find 2 links to online demo instead of screen shots

you have a css file for navigation system.

this class can split in pages only rows, not a string by some number of words or chars

Hi, i just bought the script and i am testing it…where can i specify my own table name? so i can also change the rows that i want to be displayed? this seems to be already set up for ajax_pagination table but i cant seem to find a way to adjust it to my existing table?

hi, you have all the details here http://www.websource.ro/pagination/ajax/docs/ – in the section “How to use it?” the table name is the first attribute set when you declare the class $pg = new pagination(“table_name”, “id>‘1’”.....

“ajax_pagination” is the name of the mysql table, it has nothing to do with ajax, is just a name :)

Thank you very much. Awesome CLASS …. 100% Recommended!!! And the support after the purchase is A1! – FIVE STARS !

hi, I alredy bought this class and when I download it just come 1 file, the folder with js,css and sql is missing. Can you tell where can I download all the files?

hi, on my last update i put in the archive, by mistake, only the modified file not all of them. :D I sent you by email all the files, also i sent them to codecanyon in order to be available for download

I look in to the screenshots and there are the files (css, js, php) I download it already 3 times and is the same file, only 1 and the name is 7_code.php and is not the class! Please I paid alredy, I just want all the files you said will be included it!

you have the answer in the other message :) sorry again, my mistake

heh I purchased this and I have to say that i have no idea where to start, please help me since this is important to me.

is there a guide on what or where to look and how to apply it?

Hi, here you will find some help http://www.websource.ro/pagination/ajax/docs/ if you can not make it work write to me by email and i’ll help you

have a nice day

Hi, I bought your class and it’s really good, i gave you all 5 stars.

Now one question, because I’m new to ajax. Is there a way to save the state: I will explain better: After I changed page by clicking a number and the page reloaded the new content I want the customer to be able to look at product details. So he will choose a product click it an will be redirected to the product page. When he wants to go back to the product-list, the page loads the content of page one.

Solutions: safe state in cookie passing page number through the pages (product detail and back link) in both cases I need the current page, but I don’t know how to get it while it is passed via ajax.

Can You please help me.

Thank You very much Flavio


you can save the cookie with javascript. in the file util/js.js, inside the function get_content, after the first “{”, put

document.cookie = “page_number=”+goto_page;

“page_number” is the name of the cookie. you cand read it by php like this <?php if(isset($_COOKIE[‘page_number’])) { print $_COOKIE[‘page_number’]; } else { print “Not set ”; } ?>

here is the demo http://www.websource.ro/pagination/ajax/demo.php click a page number and then refresh the browser. the cookie is set with javascript and read with php

Hi Just downloaded this file and believe your instructions are better and clearer than a previous one I bought last night.

I have connected to my db and got this error. I have not made any changes to any ot the other files except the config.php file any ideas. This is a link to the page. http://www.acts2.tv/pagination/demo2.php

Also when I load my images, I want each thumbnail to call a video page. Can you assist in adding hyperlinks to the images.

thanks in advance

hi, on the demo page you gave me there is no error.

if you want to add a link to a video page when you click the image you must modify the template file and add the image inside an tag and complete the href attribute. also, if you wish to use a popup layer in order to play the video without refresh the page you must use a image/video gallery plugin

the template file you have to modify is in the page_tpl folder. in the demo there are 2 template files, but you can create your own.

if you have more questions please write to my email for a faster answer.

Thanks for the reply, yes the error came up before I changed the table name in demo.php.

I bought a script hours before yours and the instructions were not clear at all, having spent all day Friday. I created my tables got this one working in two hours.

Thank you

Can I use it for simplexml pagination??

no, sorry. the class will split only content from a mysql table