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Hi there, i am trying to use Default Redirect URL , i enter the full url and it does not work. Instead the visitor gets this message “You don’t have access to this page, contact the website administrator. ” What am i doing wrong here?? Thanks in advance

You will need to submit a ticket so we can review this. We have tested both Default Redirect URL, Restricting access to Post by taxonomy (category) and also the actual category page.

i just did ;) thanks

What is your ticket no ?

Same Here, the default redirect is not working. I did something wrong? Thanks

Thank you for buying the plugin. We are aware of the problem and we will have a solution ready soon. We are working on a number of other updates for restricting posts by term (multiple terms) etc.. Which need some testing. Once this is completed we will release the new version.

Meanwhile please use the redirect option in the Access Control box. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, I have a theme wordpress called Trendy Travel it has hotels reservation module and i wonder if this plugin could fit to do this , I need to make a custom registration form for hotels to register as hotel then when registration complete be able to access a custom post for hotels and add his hotels details then rooms which belongs to this hotel only not other hotels , advice me if it possible , thanks

I’m sorry, but I don’t think this has anything to do with our plugin at all. Pages by User Role will make it possible to ALLOW or RESTRICT access to Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Categories and Taxonomies based on the visitor’s user role.

And you can display different content to visitors based on the visitor’s user role.

isd this baby dead? It does not configure in your list of plug-ins in the support site? As I remembered it was one of your plug-ins which I could set to manage which widgets to be displayed to what user role… but after installing I dont see it. Am I messing it up with something else?

Sorry, but where do you get that screenshot from? I have no idea at all. I dont see such image…

Oh yes ok ofcourse, that is the page control. I am talking about the widget-areas .

Please go to the Item page on Codecanyon https://codecanyon.net/item/pages-by-user-role-for-wordpress/136020 click on the SCREENSHOTS button.


I need a plugin that restricts content in this case custom post type categories to certain user roles. It’s for a business listing site so I can’t have this content in the drop down field in the search section shown at all unless they have the right user role. Can this do it? thanks

Yes, that is what the plugin should be able to do. You can enable which Custom Post Types you want to use it for.

Hi, question pre-sale: is possible to add limited access for a specific number of words for the articles? Thank you.

Thank you for looking at the plugin. You can display different content to users based on the user role of the visitor


Hi! Pre-sale questions:

I have removed the standard Wordpress user roles using custom code and I am using the ‘User Role Editor’ to add new roles. I am also using a custom post type and added custom fields using the ‘Advanced custom fields PRO ’ plugin.

1. Does your plugin load the new roles I have added myself? 2. Does your plugin block only ‘the_content’ or also custom fields? Another plugin I tried only hid the basic Wordpress content of a post. 3. Are there shortcodes or php snippets we can use in our templates or php files to get or see the user roles that are allowed or restricted? Just in case I need to write my own logic or code to block some content.

I basically just need a plugin that will allow me to set some roles to a custom post type and that will allow me to fetch the data in my PHP files.


I’m sorry, but we do not provide programming help. There are some references on wordpress.org on how to insert shortcodes directly in the PHP code https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/do_shortcode/

I’m not asking you for programming help. It’s that I can’t find real documentation on this plugin to see if it will suit my needs. I assume that when you select the different user roles in a post, that these are saved somewhere in your database. I only want to know if I can query my posts based on the roles I have selected. (Using WP-query). I’m not looking for shortcodes.

I’m sorry if I come across as a annoying customer. It’s just that I have a feeling your plugin really suits my project and It’s bothering me that I can’t find the answers myself in your documentation.

We do not cater to programmers. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and make sure you have a valid license key and support subscription and I will ask our lead developer to review and see if we can provide some help.

Hello, I have used your plugin sucessfully on preventing pages and menus ( I buy your menu plugin as well) for a certain role. Now I want to do sth simple on my buddypress site, but I don’t know how to do and I have not seen options for this. I just want to hide menus an pages corresponding to buddypress (activity/groups/members/individual member profile…) How can I do this ? Best regards, Hervé

In reference to Archives in BuddyPress that is not supported by Pages by User Role.

Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Categories and Custom Taxonomies.

so not possible with to use it on buddypress like I require ?

No, Pages by User Role does NOT work with BuddyPress Archive.

hello Thinking buying this plugin because i want to restrict access to woocommerce product to logged in user only, so behaviour i woudl like to achieve is user type product url > modal login shows up (https://codecanyon.net/item/white-label-login-for-wordpress/12248905) > user logged in> he is redirect to the product he originally tried to see let me know if it will be working

Yes, that should be possible with Pages by User Role. You can restrict access to product categories or individual products.

Hi there – I have a user role called “directors” who I want to restrict 2 pages to, a directory of “actor” users and their respective profiles. Allowing only “directors” to see these pages seem simple enough with this plugin; but, is there a way to allow the actual “actor” user themselves to view their own profile while prohibiting all other actor users?

Can this plugin do that? Like a “current user” + “actor” , would be what’s needed.

Can this plugin do that? Like a “current user” + “actor” , would be what’s needed.

If you look at the screenshots you can either ALLOW or RESTRICT access to pages, posts, custom post types, categories, and taxonomies.



I just assigned a page to be blocked on ALL user roles, but the plugin affect to the “non logged member” too. any solution?

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will review asap.

If you assign a user role to any page, post, custom post type or category NON logged in users should be blocked.

Oh dear, I’ll just stick with the older version. Thanks for the support

Ok, please notice that at some point we will no longer support older versions. It is important that we figure out what it is you can’t do that you could do before so we can address this.

If you want an NON logged in user not having access to a Post or Page, then you simply assign a user role that is needed to view this.


phkoech Purchased

I have restricted a page to only one user role, and now non logged users cannot access to this page because they are redirected to login form (instead of “No Access URL”). How to change that and allow non logged users to display this page ?

If you want to restrict NON logged in users to see a page then you can NOT have any restrictions on this page. If you require that users MUST have a specific user role to view a page then you can’t set restrictions as non-logged in users don’t have user roles. I hope this makes sense.


the restriction doesn’t seem to be working for media files. I’e set up a media folder and attached a file to it. in the plugin settings I’ve set the correct role permissions but I can still see the file (as a restricted role user). are there any extra steps/configurations I’m missing?

The plugin works for Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, and Categories. I believe that we clearly tell this in the description. It does not work for media flies.

I will add your request to the wish list and talk to our developers.


Your plugin is all most what i’m looking for since weeks!! I want to know if it’s possible to put the restriction to a specific user ?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Unfortunately this is per user role. It is not linked to a specific user.

Hello , How do i prevent access to category archive page, my issue is page is loaded saying there is no product, but it shouldn t be loaded at all when user not connected

What is the ticket no?


Thank you. We will take a look at it asap.

Hello I want user to be redirect to login page whenever trying to access any woocommerce archive page (shop, category) but instead it is showing me the page saying there is no product

No no… that must be a mistake! I know that the developers removed some three-year-old tickets, but I was informed that they by accident marked some for deletion after changing the order.

I talked to our lead developer about this I remember that he just wanted to get an example from you on how you would use this. The feature is broken and not working properly, but we haven’t had any other tickets about this. Most users use the Custom Post Type and Taxonomies.

Would you please provide information about this and I will talk to the lead developer again about this.

I have in my home page the list of product categories and what we want to achieve is as soon as a guest click on one of those category he should be invited to logged in or register and once done he will be redirect to the category archive page…

Maybe it is possible to modify the template and add a rules to force log-in and then redirect?

Did you submit this in a new ticket? I just forwarded this information to our lead developer.

Hi, great plugin, congratulations. I would like to know if there is the opportunity to grant access to a defined number of posts per level (i.e. level 1 – 10 posts/month, level 2 – 20 posts/month and so on). Thanks, Francesco

Thanks for the quick answer. This customization will have a cost?

We have never had this request from anyone and it isn’t really the purpose of this plugin. What you are looking for is a membership plugin. We do not plan on adding this feature to the plugin. I’m sorry, but we do not do custom solutions for individual customers. If a feature gets request by many customers we normally look into adding this, but this is so specific and sounds like you need a membership plugin.

Thanks for your support. Have a nice day, Francesco

Hey guys. I want to split my frontpage visitors up into two groups: Guests and logged in of a certain user role.

The guest see the frontpage v1.

Specific user role see frontpage v2.

Is this plugin capable of doing that?

You can easily allow or restrict access to specific pages, posts, custom post types, categories and custom taxonomies. When a visitor comes to your website they are not logged in and then they will see the page that does not have any restrictions when it comes to the user role. When the user login they will be able to see the pages that are allowed by their user role. Hope this makes sense.