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Good day, I have a question with this plugin can I show the report section to normal users so they can see the statistics of their woocomerce purchases?

Is this in the frontend or in wp-admin? This plugin was originally created with the frontend in mind, but you can reverse the features so you can use them in wp-admin.

However, it applies to Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types and not to menus in wp-admin.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi! Is this possible to set the same page visible for admin and guest simultaneously? For example, there is a custom login page which should be visible to guests for the purpose of logging in and admin for the purpose of editing design. Is that possible?

You can’t both make it restricted and not restricted at the same time. That is not going to work :)

Yes, I understand that. What I’m asking about is whether there is an option to hide the page for some chosen roles only and not make it hidden by default for the Guest. Let’s assume there are 3 roles: Admin, Customer, Guest. Is there a way to hide the page for Customer only? The baseline is that the page is visible to anyone except Customer

What defines a customer? When a user comes to your website the user is not logged in and thus WordPress can not determine the user role. You can choose to do NO control – this means that the page is unrestricted anyone can view it. Or you can choose allow specific user roles to view the page, post or custom post type. Or you can choose to block specific user roles. You can choose both options or all three for that sake.

You can restrict access to a page, post or custom post type and still make it show up in your menu – then when users click on it – and they do not have the required user role they will be redirected to the page of your choice or to the default login.

If you want to hide the page for customers – then you need block the customers user role (if this is a user role). I hope this makes sense.

We also have this plugin Blocks by User Role for WordPress which you can use to show or hide content based on user roles. This is done by a placeholder block where you set the filters. You can choose between many different options.

Hi, I need give to loggedin users that upgrade or downgrade their user roles. (become a host page or something like this) There is a plugin can do it? or its simple code ready for to do this? can you help me to figure it out?

This plugin is for allowing access or restricting access to pages, posts, custom post types based on the visitors user role. Are you referring to the frontend or wp-admin?

We also have but this is purely for the frontend.

Any new updates to the plugin?

No.. what are you looking for? The plugin works and the plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We use the plugin ourselves on all the projects we work on. If you experience any issue please feel free to contact us.

Hi, I Would like to know few more about this plugin if i understand correctly this plugin is based on user roles having access to pages or posts and more…. What is the different with any other user roles plugin?

However I am interested to know if this plugin has the following functionality Users only sees their own pages | Posts | Media | Category| Limit users how many pages or posts or Categories their can create.


Any other user role plugin? Not sure what you mean. Our plugin makes it possible to ALLOW or RESTRICT access to Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types based on the visitors user role. You can also reverse the plugin so that it works inside wp-admin.

WordPress has the capabilities that makes it possible to avoid users editing or deleting others posts and pages.

We have another plugin that makes it possible to restrict which categories, terms that users can post to. Also remove the option to create additional terms.

Our plugin makes it possible to ALLOW or RESTRICT access to pages, posts and custom post types. If you do not have the required User Role you will be denied access – and redirected to login or to a custom page.

You can also reverse the plugin features so that it works in wp-admin (but then it doesn’t work in the frontend).

We have a plugin called Post Categories by User Role which makes it possible to restrict which categories and terms the user can post to.

PUR used to work on the theme’s native Custom post types and actually restrict access to specified User Roles, now all it does it restrict the “post content” of the post yet the rest of the Post are accessible to everyone, what gives??

Are you referring to restricting access to the Taxonomy? Or the individual posts in your custom post type? I believe that there are no problems with restricting access to individual posts in a custom post type.

hi! I would like to know how to give a role the right to modify only one page without the others being visible to him. I can’t find how to do that… Thank you!

If you use Pages by User Role you will need to use the feature that allows you to reverse the features of the plugin – so that it works in wp-admin. You can allow access or restrict access to a page, but it will be visible and editable to other users with the same user role.

Hi, please let me know if this plugin can do the following? Id like to restrict the editing of pages to only the person who created it and only the person who created it can see it on the backend. Thanks in advance for your reply.

The Pages by User Role for WordPress makes it possible to allow or restrict access to Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types. However, it does not tweak the capabilities of the user. WordPress has a capability edit_others_posts – which if removed (or unchecked) will not allow any user role to edit other users’ posts or pages etc. So you are looking for a Role and Capability Manager.

Pages by User Role will simply hide all pages that are only visible to e.g. Editors to any other user role.

Our White Label Branding for WordPress has a built-in Role and Capability Manager.

This gives you an idea of how it works when you tweak the capabilities of user roles

I hope this makes sense.