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Will this work with basically any theme?

Yes because you edit in view mode of the theme using the theme CSS itself, you get what you see, pixel perfect.

just note that responsive themes have found issues with this plugin

Cool idea! I just tested it in some browsers you might want to look at this agin. I can basically only get this to work in Chrome on Mac. Any other browser the “edit page” button doesn’t show!

Good luck with sales.

I have tested it to work with firefox chrome and ie 8 on win, will check and fix any issues with others too v soon. Thanks for the feedback !

after further testing, I found the bug comes only once with the demo, if you reload the page, it works fine afterwards, still let me know through pm if you find any other issue after purchasing. thanks

Will placing the same info in multiple areas of the site be a problem for SEO ?

Not at all, it’s generally more user friendly to Display useful info on more than one links. Repeat on same page can sometimes be bad though.

Bookmarked… Looking forward to seeing where this goes with updates etc. Would be good to enable text updating on the front end, and enable which corners to start the image cropping, would also be good to have image resizing rather than cropping only..

Great work.

Sure If I find enough sales after a couple of weeks, I plan to include placement of images and html through one click button, depends on actual user feedback as well.

To be honest i don’t really see this going well.. it might work with a personal site but I see my clients messing up their sites in no time if they would be able to use this :-P A somewhat more structured front-end editor would be nice

any idea how this works with responsive themes btw?

anyway.. cool idea.. i’m curious as how this will develop in the future..

with great power comes great trouble. Certainly this one is for the clients who are a bit more aggressive and want to run the show themselves.

yes, another question about responsive theme – what would it look like..?

For me, it’s ok to have it displays all the layers ordered one by one vertically.

So far, this is the 1st plugin that wowed me in months, my wife even asked – what are you looking at..:bigwink:

Responsive themes are not yet on full compatibility list. The part of the page designed with pagemaker will not resize.

i cant get it work :( i make the page but in edit page no gray space and cant do anything.

can you send me a link to your page or a screenshot using the email option .

I am gonna bookmark this, but I will only buy it if you make it where you can edit the text on the page, so click text, and edit. Notify me if you make it. – Brandon Gelfand

good idea, I will see if I can include something like that in the next version

when will this be updated for wp 3.5

I agree with Brashell….if this can double as a front end editor and is updated to the latest wp….then I would buy in a heartbeat.

Hi I bought this your creation, seems to be a nice utility does not work with WP 3.5, when the update? Help! :)

Hello I tried to instal the theme but it doesnt work.Could you explain me what i have to do? thanks a lot.

Hi, demo doesn’t work. You get an access denied error message.

Regards Jan