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Hi. I had to give this product a 5* review because it was so easy to install, easy to configure, and it actually works like it should. I’ve gone through nearly all the other preloaders on this site and this one is the clearly the best ! :) The other preloaders I purchased all ended up to be a waste of money because they did not work properly in one way or another. This one does the job to my satisfaction and is well worth the money:)

Thank you :)

when I use this in another jquery-fullpage.js, the .nav have some issue

Hi there. If you want assistance, you’ll need to provide much more info than that. Contact me through the form on my profile, I provide support via email.


Hi, purchased this plugin few months back but I encounter some issue right now, when I added an anchor and call that link it always goes to top of the page, is there any other way to anchor it to a container instead? Please do let me know. Cheers!

Hi there.

Shoot me a message through the form on my profile, I offer support via email. As you do that, please also explain what anchor you created and to what and why you’re linking it. I’m unclear right now as to what you did there and how linking to things involves the loading screen at all. Definitely include a live example if you can.


Actually it works now, Thanks! :)

Hello. The loder can not permit scroll down on iphones how can i fix it?

Hi there. Send me a message through the form on my profile (I offer support via email) with a link to your site. Impossible to assist otherwise.


FYI – Pageloader does not work properly in CNA of Apple devices or CNA of latest Android versions. It sometimes loads and sometimes does not or gets stuck in mid.

However mind you this is an issue of Apples implementation of CNA (Captive Network Assistent) – Many “fancy” things like these break completely when CNA is in play so not blaming you, just letting you know :)

Hello Rain,

I purchased your plugin yesterday to experiment with it and it seemed pretty straight forward. Now at work, I wanted to bring it in on our site at work and it worked, but it disabled the ability to scroll. How can I fix this?



I’ll respond to the email you sent, cheers.

UPDATE: He is prompt with his responses, and helpful.

Script works fine! Opacity would be a great advantage for the script.

Solved. Didn’t think. I just paced it in the CSS

moved it again. It’s much nicer (the fade in) without the opacity.

Glad you could figure it out, cheers :)

Nice work gud luck

Thank you for the free item this month, just to say that what its inside the zip is nothing, please review it!

Hi, thanks for the heads up. Looks like Envato may have put up a faulty file, I’ve sent them a message about it.

Rename the file that has no file extension and give it the zip extension, then you can unpack that to find PageLoader inside. Looks like someone just made a mistake when packaging it.


Hello! Thank you for a nice free item! Can you, please, advise how to install it to the WP site? Thank you.

Hi. This is not a WordPress plugin. If you’d like the WP version, then have a look at the first image on the item page which links to the WP version.


Nice Loader

Really great item, guys!

Greatly appreciated… Cheers!!! :)

t h a n k s !

T H A N K S! :)

Thanks for the free code

You’re welcome.

Does this work with shopify?

It’s a script that you apply anywhere, given you have the know-how. Cheers.

Perfect.. Big Thanks from Egypt. :-)

Really appreciate… Nice preloader with no performance effects. Good luck with sales