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Good works! I’m finding for a addon like this for my php application but I’m using GGAnalytics still now :bigsmile: GLWS!

Hello phpnin Thanks for viewing it. yes sure I’ll provide a standalone script soon for your PHP application dont worry.

Glad to hear that, followed and wait for your next works!

yes of course :)

WOW! Awesome! I’m very much interested in this beautiful plugin. Can you please provide more screenshots and maybe even a video or admin username and pw so that we can take a look at the backend and all? :)

Hello kwilliamroman , Thanks for reviewing it, yes sure I’m going to provide you a demo admin so you can check functionality quick.

go here and login : username : maskcode password : maskcode

then at bottom you see area which i showed you in screenshot and visit this page (frontend) move scroll and close page then back to admin and see the stats.

Thank you

Looks good.

Looking at the screenshot, it’s only showing percentages. Can it also give the actual number of users who went to the page?

yes it can also.


1. the plugin has no settings page?

2. And I discovered, that for each of my pages the “status” is neither set to ON nor to OFF. Do I really need to edit each of my hundreds of pages, to set the status to ON??? Screenshot:

3. It would be helpful to have a general stats overview page, where to see all pages stats together.

Hello Colorit, Thanks for reviewing IT Yes this plugin will work without setting page and by-default its set as ON ,and I can provide you a updated plugin where you can see setting page as per your requirement

Thank you

Hi, just discovered a severe problem with your plugin:

your plugin causes an error with the famous Layer Slider plugin (, that I use on my pages.

The error message of the LayerSlider plugin is:

“One of your other plugins itself loads an extra copy of the jQuery library, which causes a Javascript conflict, so that LayerSlider WP can’t load your slides”.

As soon as I de-activate YOUR plugin, my LayerSlides work as fine as before I had installed your plugin.

Could you please solve this, so that we can use the LayerSlider plugin, that lots of people are using in their themes?

Hello Colorip, I’m checking it for you and update you soon.

Hello , just fixed it for you. now its working with layer slider

HI , firstly congratulations for this awesome plugin.

And this plugin can be totally translated?


Hi Maironpvh, Thank you, yes it can be totally translated.

Thank you

I want show just the number of user went to the page, i can set this?

yes of-course you can see it

The plugin breaks my site completely:

Using WP 3.9.1 multisite, plugin only active/enabled on currently one sub-blog, using the famous free HUEMAN theme

When I activate the plugin, then the two sidebars and custom sidebars of the theme are killed completely – I just don’t see them anymore :-(

Could you please fix this? Thanks.

anybody there?

14 days later nobody?

Hello , yes i need to check and will fix it for you

Hi, I’m not sure if your plugin will do what I need, but I thought to ask you anyway. I need to be able to assign DB table to track certain things from that table and display it on a graph format. Will your plugin do that?

hi Dave Thank you for sharing your requirement and yes of course it will work in my plugin. You can display stats on graph

Can you please direct me to a demo or images that shows this? Thanks.


manjast Purchased

Hello, I’m interesting in you plugin. I have a multi-author wordpress blog where users from front end can submit posts. Now I search a plugin, where the logged in user can display on the front end of website a lot of statistics of all their own posts as well as their own specified selected post. Is this plugin right for me? Thank you for your fast reply.

Hi manjast , Thank you for your message , yes it’s correct plugin for you . You are on right place. After buying if you face any problem . Please let me know. I would be happy to help you. Thank you


manjast Purchased

Hello MaskCode, perfekt … has your script also hits reports (pageviews) with ignoration of robots for posts?

Hi Manjastm Yes that script have robot report view so you can see how many false page views. You can have extra features as well. If you need more you can make a list and let me know. Thank you