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Have you an online demo? Thanks!


Hi Mick, HTML and CSS so that can not be copied easily, I’ve made no demo. But you can look at the buttons on the video preview.


I understand, but you must find a solution if you wish to increase the sales.

It is preferable for a purchaser to check compatibility with the browsers!



That is correct. I will set in the future for all browsers a screenshot as a preview.

so does this thing do the auto scrolling or is this just a style for one? Im sorry, i am confused?

Hi pharill,

this is a page scrolling button styling set with scrolling script include (jQuery). So you can scroll to the top or bottom of the page :)

hi, can it easy config the scrolling page height? like 3/4 height of the screen? and the scrolling speed? thanks

hi raymondcf,

yes, you can easily change the scroll-speed of the adjustment of a value. But to setup the scroll height, which requires an extra adjustment in the code.

Currently you can set the distance in pixels, if you scroll from bottom to top.

Setup here: .animate({ scrollTop: 0 }

If you are a distance at the bottom of the page (scroll from top to the bottom) will have, then you have to adjust the code so:

From: $(’.slide-bottom-fade’).click(function () { $(‘body,html’).animate({ scrollTop: $(document).height() – $(window).height() }, 500); return false;});

To: $(’.slide-bottom-fade’).click(function () { $(‘body,html’).animate({ scrollTop: $(document).height() – $(window).height() – 120 }, 500); return false;});

Very nice but does the example include code to have the placement to be say bottom right when the page is scrolled? That would be a great addition for those looking for implementation code.


this package contains a documentation. Here you can see how you can adjust the position of the scrolling-menu. Using the classnames topleft, topright, bottomleft or bottomright.

Hello, I’m new to the online business. Please help me. I have a style document in my website already, but you give me another one. Can I change the document name? Thanks, Rayner

I love your scroll button. I chose the black one, but I can’t see the white arrow for up and down inside the buttons. My button is all black. How can I add the white arrow? Thank you, Rayner

The arrow is normally displayed. Maybe, you have the same classname in your standard css file, and this overwrite the classname of the scrollpage css? If you don’t find out the problem, you can send me your page url.

Yes, my url is: Thank you

Your filepath is

But the image doesn’t exist at this source. Please change to the right filepath in the css file.

.stop-1 {
background-image: url("icons/scroll-top.gif");
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: center center;

How can i deactivate the script for mobile devices? Because it looks not good on smartphones etc.

hey, you can disable the scrollmenu via css file.

add this for your mobile device css:

.scrollmenu {display:none}

Good luck with sales