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doesn’t work…. having issues

Hey Frisco, can you describe what’s happening?

Our docs can usually solve common problems that our customers are having: http://docs.pagebuildersandwich.com/collection/73-faqs

looks really nice!! Can you add your own elements?

Thanks! Nope you cannot add your own elements, but there will be an update in the future to allow groups of elements to be saved for re-use :)

very nice work :) wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you EricProchnow! :D

Great looking page builder! I would like to purchase a premium license to include in our next build. Is this an option?

Hello ValiantMarketing! Thanks for your interest in Page Builder Sandwich.

Regarding your inquiry about packaging PBS together with products such as themes, this needs a special arrangement with the team. Please send us a message via our plugin page: https://codecanyon.net/user/pbsandwich and let us know what you have in mind. :)

Excellent job bro =)

Thank you!! And Happy Holidays! :)

wow, this is a great plugin. Can i have a whitelabel version?

Hi there! Currently, we don’t have a white labeled version just yet. Since our work is focused on the BIG updates happening on January 14, this is our current focus, and we’ll most likely tackle white labeling after.

But if you wish to make a special arrangement with the team about this matter, you can also send us a mail here: https://codecanyon.net/user/pbsandwich

Have a nice day! :)

hello sir nice plugin This plugin will work on any wordpress theme ?/ and how many themes the plugin will support

Hi there! Generally, PBS should work with any free or commercial theme. If you wish to try it out before you buy, please have a look at our free version in the WordPress repository: https://wordpress.org/plugins/page-builder-sandwich/

after click the sandwich, the element not appear. Does it need fast internet connection?

my place using a slow internet connection (but stable enough for any other builder)

hi there,

I already your license, also activate it in dashboard. But still have upgrade section

whats the different between upgrade version & this version?

hi there,

I already your license, also activate it in dashboard. But still have upgrade section

whats the different between upgrade version & this version?

Upgrade section? Please file a ticket. PBS purchased here should never give you lite option. Also, if you used the lite version prior to buying the premium version, you have to uninstall the lite version first.

Is it still GPL or the split license?

As with WordPress stuff, PBS is GPL.

I though when you put it on Envato, its now under the Envato license or you specifically have to choose the GPL license, in which case it will state by the price that it is 100% GPL licensed.

Hey! I really like your page builder from the live preview. I need to try it, because its WordPress. Can I do a refund when I have issues with it?

Hi there! Refunds are only handled by CodeCanyon. On the otherhand, you can also try our lite version if you wish to try it in your own WordPress environment. :D

Here is a link to our ‘lite’ version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/page-builder-sandwich/

Confirm the following for me – Buying the premium version here on Codecanyon means that it isn’t 100% GPL but instead an Envato “Regular (Split) License” ( since you didn’t choose that option ) and it’s currently 10% more here during January than if purchased at your own site due to your birthday promotion?

If true, it would seem that the best thing to do would be get the 100% GPL version for less offered by your site rather than the split licensed version sold here for more. Why was the choice made at submission to avoid the 100% GPL option?

Matt Mullenweg – https://ma.tt/2015/07/licenses-going-dutch/

Anyhow, Happy 1st Birthday! :-)

Did you simply miss this comment or are you avoiding answering it?

Hello! Apologies, it took me a while since I have to clarify this to our developers so I can provide an accurate answer. To answer your question: Both from Code Canyon and Site are 100% GPL. But the difference of prices is because of Envato’s additional fees. :)

Thank you for your time and reply! In that time though I also received a reply back from Envato Support. They clarified it officially and more accurately. The license chosen for this item is in fact NOT 100% GPL but instead their Regular (Split) license as I suspected. There is a 100% GPL badge near the price to denote such items and help customers choose which this item also lacks.

What matters is the license included by Envato in the customer supplied download. The only version that comes with a 100% GPL license in the actual download is provided from your private site outside CodeCanyon. In case anyone else asks in the future, you can now correctly inform them this CodeCanyon item is not 100% GPL rather than continue with your prior answer.

I have really no experience with wordpress. Can you explain me how that all works?

Hello there! WordPress in a nutshell, allows you to publish content without writing html and codes. Same with the design, though some programming stuff will be essential.

wordpress.org should give you an idea how it all ties together. :)

Hi Guys, I really appreciate your work! Kindly please let me know if there is possibility to use Sandwich Page Builder out of Wordpress. I mean to build clean html websites :)

Thanks, gklinek.

Currently, PBS is made for WordPress only. But if there’s significant demand, we might study on how to make that work. :)

Thanks! For me is the reason to choose page builder. I don’t use WP, but I need great page builder.

By the way, maybe you plan to create image creator, like i.e. Canva?

Best, gklinek.

Thank you for the idea. Similar feature will be available for PBS as soon as we manage to implement customizing font styles.

But as an independent plugin, we don’t exactly make a standalone plugins without WordPress yet. :P

Have a nice day!!