Pacolor - Infinite Color Palette Generator and Random made with React

Pacolor - Infinite Color Palette Generator and Random made with React

Pacolor Application

Pacolor is a progressive web application, which generates color palettes, without getting tired, and infinitely

Pacolor is created mainly to make life easier for artists, designers, painters, and all those who are dedicated to the wonderful world of art

The wonderful thing about pacolor, is when you install the web as an application from the browser, that will work offline, even if you do not have internet, this will work successfully, on the computer and on the cell phones !

Pacolor - Infinite Color Palette Generator

Built With:

  • React
  • Create React App
  • Craco
  • Sass Colors
  • Typescript
  • React Router Dom
  • React Helmet
  • Svg icons
  • Pacifico typeface family by Google

Package Content:

  • Pacolor application Demo Project (script/package.json)

Built-in Applications

  • Likes System
  • Monetization System


  • Main
  • Likes
  • About
  • Help blocker

Configurable Template Layouts

  • Right Ads Container

Other Features

  • Skeleton Project
  • Code Splitting
  • Custom color management
  • Eslint, Prettier configuration based on Airbnb javascript style guide.


Pacolor supports all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).


  • The built-in applications are for demonstration purposes. They may or may not have full functionality.
  • Pacolor is a web application, it is designed to work as a standalone application. It is not a traditional website.


We are open to any kind of suggestions. If you have any feature ideas that you want to see in the future updates, please let us know. We will do our best to improve the theme based on your suggestions.


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