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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Its really good game! I played it many times. Good luck with sales ! :)

Thank you very much!

Yep! It seems like you you found a secret passage on level 2: it’s a bug. Just fixed it. Thank you!

Nice work with this game ! Scores are deleting each 24H on the game trophy (not on the server). I’m making a 3 month contest with my friends (private and free, just for fun). How can I make scores staying in the game (without erasing) more than a day ? Did I miss something ? Thanks !

Killer support ! Thanks ! I’ve got the same backdoor problem than pentiumjohn, but on both sides of the block (level 2)

I’ve uploaded the fix, you can wait that CodeCanyon approves the upgrade (I believe it will be available tomorrow) or edit the level file your own by opening it with Tiled: it’s matter of change two tiles in Path layer.

Hi, if you are satisfied with the game, please rate it! thanks :-) Alessandra

Hi ,

I would like to ask if I can change the white dots that the character eats with some other thing ( another icons) :)

Can I change the blocks ( the entire layout also ) ?


sure, the intent of this software was exactly this: offer a base on which you can develop your own game version. White dots, like all other graphic elements, are stored into a png file, so you may change the image so the white dots will change into the game too. You may design your own levels by using a free map editor named Tiled

Hello, I have a question, how much it would cost if I want that each time that pacman meets with a ghost it would give him a question to safe itself if it is right but it would die if it is wrong, and to be able to get any fruit as cherry it’s need to answer a question, if not it would not be able to pick it up?

Hi lita12

Please, can you contact us privately trough our profile page?




we just did buy your game, a few minutes ago.

In the docs you wrote:

Open js/config.js with your favorite text editor.

We haven’t that file… It’s sounds bad…

May u help us?

Thank you

Hello, we are watching the offline docs… and it says “config.js” may u send us the updated docs? Thank you

online docs are now updated, contact us privately so we can send you the file

oh man, the mistake you are referring to is in” how to deploy” page while I’m was watching to the “how to customize page”. Sorry, that page is wrong, I’ll correct it in the afternoon.


I made some changes in portrait_level_1.tmx file and exported as JSON object. Now the JSON is missing tileproperties and encoding was enabled. I set the Layer Format to CSV, but how do I get tileproperties in JSON object. and please assist me what are the steps needs to do while exporting the TMX to JSON?

Thanks, Ramana

Hi Ramana, you should keep layer format to Base64(not compressed). As for the tileproperties I fear I haven’t understood your question. Could you send me your TMX project so I can see if there is something wrong? Lamberto

Hello. I just purchased pac-maker, and I was hoping you could help me customize it. I don’t want to leave the details in the public comments, but if you can get back to me with an email address, I’ll send you the details. Thanks!

Hello, you can contact us privately here on our profile by using the form at the lower right of the page or just email us at

Hello, I need to customize the pills by putting a different image for each of them. Can I do this?If yes what should I do? Thanks

I see you are based in italy, if you contact us privatelly we can talk italian :-)


Hello, you can contact us privately here on our profile here on our profile by using the form at the lower right of the page or just email us at



yoyo49 Purchased

Hello dear,

Hope all is well.

Kindly note we customized the game and it has some errors.

Appreciate your help on this.

The link is

Best regards,

you got this error because there are some incompatibilities with the files exported from latest versions of Tiled.

For getting rid of it you must:

  • import external tilest(s) inside the map
  • set Tile Layer Format to CSV
  • set the argument of properties (powerup_velocity and velocity) as string

If I purchase this item with regular licence;

Can I modify this item and use on my own multiple commercial websites for free to play. Can I use my each website name and use or replace other locutions(terms) in this item. Can I use commercial graphical items in game which are belong to my websites?

you are allowed to modify the game in the way you need.
you need one license for each website
if you don’t charge final user for playing, regular license is enought.
here the link to the Envato regular license:

best Regards

Where can I find guide on ad placement? When I use ingame ads it is placed directly over the screen so that you can’t see the bottom of the game. If I select after death or inbetween levels i don’t get a close button with the default ad enabled.

as stated in documentation if you decide of activating the in game banner you should leave enough space for it when you design levels. Alternatively you can make the game screen a bit less taller for example 440 instead of 480, the level will scroll a bit during the game.
As for the close button you found a bug, a new version is uploading right now, you will receive an update from Codecanyon shortly

It is to create an equal playing this one in html5?

Hi, you could but pac-man name, logo and characters are copyrighted by Namco so it would be not so legal


I have deployed your game on Windows Server IIS with PHP and get a black scree loading instead of the game

Fixed the issue … IIS does not have the .json MIME type set from default and is required to be added.

right answer! :)


We are planning to use your game for a small microsite and on the description it said that runs on mobile. I just tested on a couple on android devices and is running with 2 or 1 Frames per second making the game not playable on android. Also we tested iphone 6 plus and runs around 10 FPS. We need this ro run as website game. Is there something we should know on how to make this run?

We appreciate your feedback

Thanks and regards


the Android panorama is very variegated, so, if you are using a low end device or an old device you can’t expect high performances.
We just tested last version of game ( ) on some Android devices we have right here, using default browsers, with good results.
Samsung Note 3 performs very well. it was an hi-end device but is a more than 3 years old machine
Samsung J5 runs fine, this is a one year old mid-range phone, here a video of the test:
HTC One Max runs fine, thi was hi-end phone but is quite old.
Take in count that performances may vary between the default browser and the one you can install form the play store, on the Samsung Note, for example, the default browrer perform better than the Google Chrome installed from the store.

As for apple devices, we can’t test it on iphone 6 right now but we have an iphone 6S that have the same cpu so I will expect same performances, here a video of the test:
On an old iPad2 tha game is not fast as on iphone 6s but animations runs smooth and is still playable.

Are you using last version of the game? can we take a look at your implementation?

Best regards


Hi Lamberto

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes indeed the updated version of game works perfectly even on 64 tile size which is a nice addition.


Hi There. we want to use this game as part of an online promo – offering a prize for the highest score. we need to customize the Save score page and php so a user can enter their email address too. Is this possible ? thanks a lot

Hi, game comes with sources so if you have the skills you can add this feature for sure, instead, if you wish we add this feature please contact us privatelly so we can give you a quotation. best Lamberto

Hi. thanks for the fast response. I have some skills but not a lot! I also have a tight deadline so paying someone to do it fast might be an option. Its all about how much…I will message you. cheers

Hi, can I run this game locally or pack it inside a mobile app? how can I do it?

you can run the game locally but browser may have security policy that prevent you doing so. For example, if you wish to run the game locally with Chrome you need to use the “-disable-web-security” parameter or better “-allow-file-access-from-files” when launching the browser.
You can pack the game into an executable for using it locally on a pc by using NodeJS:
or for mobile by using CocoonJS:

sto cercando di embeddarlo in una app che usa ionic, qualche suggerimento?

non conosco ionic per cui, perdonami, potrei dire delle sciocchezze, la prima cosa che proverei è di incorporare il gioco con un iframe. da quel poco che ho visto ionic è sostanzialmente un creatore di app basato su html+js, forse deriva da cordova? un iframe dovrebbe essere la strada più semplice ma dipende come il gioco deve interfagire con la app che lo contiene.


aliferis Purchased

hi there. I have purchased and installed the game on server for testing. I cannot get the performance on an iphone 4S to be good enough. Tried tweeking FPS and interpolation settings – no difference. Can you help ? thanks


aliferis Purchased

thanks very much for this. I have edited the js/src/games.js file but do not understand the last part of your instruction related to the js/game.js file ?

thanks again


aliferis Purchased

Its ok, I figured it out – src is the source files (uncompressed). I have made this work now so that you very much!