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hi there. Me again. My game is working fine except in Chrome. In Chrome the event to start a game ‘Press arrow keys’ does nothing and you cannot start the game. any ideas ?


they should work

hi. I could not find that exact js syntax but found this

if( navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf(‘chrome’) > -1 || navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf(‘firefox’) > -1 )

how should I edit this to disable gamepad/joypad usage ?

thanks again


hello joe,

yes, this statement checks if the browser in use is firefox or chrome, if so, it enables gamepad support if you substitute the statement with something like


that means ‘if one is not equal one’, you will disable gamepad support for both browser because the condition will be never true


also, sorry – can i set the game config so it allows just 1 life per game – not 3 ?


it would be a nice idea having this parameter in prefs file. In the meanwhile open the file js/game.js and find then change 2 to 0


Presales doubt:

Is the Chrome bug fixed?

Thanks in advance :)

just uploading the fix, it will be available tomorrow I believe

Perfect thanks! So I will purchase it :)

can we reskin it using eclipse !!!

hello, you can reskin it by using any text editor and any bitmap editor software (Photoshop, Krita, Gimp, etc…)


Nice game. I have a question. How can I change the power up pills by using a different image for each of them?

Thanks, Alex

Thank you! If I’ve understood what you mean, well, it’s not that easy, you have to modify the game code to support that feature.
For example, you could add a property to the pill class where the property sets the image of each power-up then from the Tiled editor you can fill the property field with the desired value.

Hi how can i adjust the game in the landscape? = null; // true = portrait false = landscape Thank you

inside data/prefs.json file there are GAME_WIDTH and GAME_HEIGHT parameters. With those first two parameters, you can set the game resolution. If you set a width greater than the height, the engine will switch to landscape mode, otherwise, if the width is smaller than height, it will switch to the portrait mode. Naturally, you need game levels supporting this new game size. Inside data/map you can fin an example level named landscape_level_1

thank you it worked, but we can make the game field bigger? the intro is ok but the game is small Thanks

I’m not really sure if I got the meaning of your question. You can get a bigger level by designing your own level using Tiled editor. You can have bigger sprites by setting TILES_WIDTH and TILES_HEIGHT to 64 in prefs.json file, you have anyway to design up dedicated new levels. A demo level with 64 pixel sprites is available in map folder ad is named scroll_level_big.

Hi, I would like to customize the Pac Maker, Can you contact me?

Thank you

hello, we can’t see your email so we can’t contact you. Can you contact us directly by using the form in on our profile?


my Contact

John Walter garcia


I will get in touch with you by email

Can we have

1 – different illustrations for each enemy along with different power settings? or at least different illustration of enemy per level?

2 – Can we have different powerups with different power values?

sorry, what you ask is not included into the game at the moment.

Does it violate Bandai Namco’s right to use the PacMan Game?

game mechanics can’t be copyrightable, Namco released Pacman game in 1980 but there were maze video games yet years before, for example, Head on was released in 1979.
Game characters, music, backgrounds are far from those featured in Namco game, for example, the main character in our game is a square with round edges while Pacman is a circle and so on.
That said, Pac Maker is intended as a template for building your own maze game. If you take a look at this two games:
you will see they are very different from Pacman game, but, both are made by using Pac Maker as “engine”.

Hi, the game does’t start on Safari ios!!!

First time it starts, but if i reload the page the game crash until i clear the browser cache (tested on safari ios)

last iOS upgrade must have introduced a bug, we are investigating


First of all, great work! So, I have been trying to change some art, right now the GUI from the home menu looks extremely blurry (background and the cover image), been trying to change drawImage parameter without luck. How can I improve image quality?


you can email me the info by using my profile page

If I change the value of the resolution, the map looks super tiny and also after a while, the game crashed with an error about the tiles. Tried to change the tiles value that also creates a crash. :(

tiles_width and tiles_height may assume the values of 32 or 64. The default value is 32 and the most of the levels that come with the game are designed for such resolution. If you need to change the tiles resolution you also need to design new levels for that resolution by using the Tiled editor. You can find an example of a level that uses 64×64 tiles inside the folder data/map, it’s named scroll_level_big.json


I’ve followed the instructions for adding a new level but when I go to click on the level to select it in the game it’s not responding.

I’ve replaced level one with my custom level and updated the prefs.json

Could you help show me where I’m going wrong?

The game is at

Thanks Michael


Thanks for pointing out the hidden levels. That seems fine now and my images are all linked as far as I can see but again when I click on level one it doesn’t start. Could you check everything is linked up properly for me?

Once I have this first level sorted I should be ok to follow for the rest.

Thanks Michael

done, you simply put some houses tiles in the path layer by mistake.

Great, thanks for your help again. It’s much appreciated.

Hi, I noticed a comment on the support from someone else and we were wondering if this is something you could do for us?...

“Hi There. we want to use this game as part of an online promo – offering a prize for the highest score. we need to customize the Save score page and php so a user can enter their email address too. Is this possible ? thanks a lot”

We would like the same functionality to add email address as well as name. We re happy to pay for this functionality adding.

Thanks Michael

Hi, we are busy until 30th August, if you are not in hurry we can implement it after this date. If you are interested please contact us privately


I can’t get ahold of anyone that works at OfficinePixel. It’s been almost a week since our initial conversation. Can someone let me know what’s going on.


Hello, sorry, heavy flu jab take me into the bed and out of the office for the entire last week

hi there will it suppors to android or ios?

hello, the game runs on Android and iOS device, you can test it by yourself:

Can i use this game to facebook instant game?


scele Purchased

Hello. Great work! Two questions: - when player finish level, we don’t want to give him other choice than to continue to next level. Can this be done? - Can we make in such a way that player finish, for example, three levels and then game ends, with standard option to submit score or go to main menu

Thanks, Ivan

Hi Ivan,
you need to change the source code in both cases so you need to overwrite the js/game.js file with the js/src/game.js file.
point 1) go to line 3798 where you will find the lines: menu_home(this.w/2-70,this.h/2-20)),40); menu_restart(this.w/2,this.h/2-20)),40); menu_continue(this.w/2+70,this.h/2-20)),40);
and substitute with:
// menu_home(this.w/2-70,this.h/2-20)),40); // menu_restart(this.w/2,this.h/2-20)),40); menu_continue(this.w/2,this.h/2-20)),40);

point 2) go to line 3932 where you will find:
and substitute with:
if(>3){ me.state.change(me.state.GAMEOVER); }else{ me.state.change(me.state.PLAY); }

scele Purchased

Tnx a lot, work perfectly.


scele Purchased

Hello, three more questions :-) - I edited level in Tiled (version 1.2.4), but game won’t start after I uploaded .json file on server. Probably because structure of file is different, I noticed that, for example, setting for enemy behavior is different in new .json file than in your files. Maybe I should use older version of Tiled? - I want enemies behavior to be “chase” in order for game to be more difficult. But when our yellow hero eats up pill, enemies still chase him and he can eat them more easily. Is there any chance to have option for enemies to “runaway” when player eat red pill? - After player lost one life and level is reloaded, all dots (collectable objects) are reloaded also. Can you make to reload only not collected dots?


Hello, sorry, I’m wasn’t aware that Tiled changed JSON format, please use a version of Tiled Editor of a couple of years ago.
As for the “chase” behavior you are right, it would be better if enemies will run away when the player eats the pill, but a modification of this kind is far more than a couple of line of code, so, I will take in count for the next update of the game but isn’t possible at the moment.
The same is true for the dots, this is how the game was designed and make the option you requested is not trivial, nothing complicated but needs a bit of work in different parts of the game.

Hi, i want this but I want to add a 10 – 20-sec animation demo between every this som thing you can do for us?

yes we can