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Thanks for this tool aaran. Easy to install and use. 5 start rated!!!

Thanks so much… Let me know what i should do next.

Perfect!! As usual from you Aaran!!

I’ll save so much time !!!!!!! 5 stars too

Thank you so much for your support.. yet again, let me know what else i should make.. always looking for good ideas!

Excellent work!!! The Best Support and ideas, thanks Aaran!!

Thanks a bunch! I’m glad everyone is liking this script…

Converting a P12 to PEM is one command line of code in Terminal.

I have only seen it done with 4 lines but feel free to post what the 1 line command is..

this was just made to make it extra easy, no passwords… just upload and done.. also you dont need to remember that command line :)

how do i install this ?

there is no installation for this script, its just upload and go

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: openssl_pkcs12_read() in /homez.406/XXXXX/www/XXXXX/uploader.php on line 12

Didn’t work: 1 star rating until I get a refund.

what PHP version are you on? You need to have 5.2.2 or higher.

error:23076071:PKCS12 routines:PKCS12_parse:mac verify failure

Did you have a passphrase on that certificate? It does say in the documentation to not have a passphrase.

Hey! I finally can use this app, but have errors. i have PHP version 5.3.10

Warning: system() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/data/public_html/push2/uploader.php on line 22

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/lcleki/public_html/push2/uploader.php:22) in /home/data/public_html/push2/uploader.php on line 27

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/data/public_html/push2/uploader.php:22) in /home/data/public_html/push2/uploader.php on line 28

Warning: readfile(apns-dev.pem) [function.readfile]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/data/public_html/push2/uploader.php on line 29

Warning: unlink(apns-dev.pem) [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in /home/data/public_html/push2/uploader.php on line 30

Hope you can helpme ASAP !

regards! f.

I emailed you back.


When I try to upload the .12 he returns this message “This file already exists, use a diffrent key”, but the file does not exist. It seems that it can not validate the .12

Email me on aaran.mcguire@cl.vc and I will try help you.

The more than 10 days ask poir support the application and does not work until the time I did not receive support. I will contact support Evanto for reimbursement of the amount paid if you do not receive the support promised in 24 hours.

I’m sorry that you had issues but it was a 404 Bad Request, this does not mean the script is at fault, and I dont have to tools to debug such errors, I have had plenty other customers that have not had this issue, and they are using the exact same script. I would suggest contact your hosting provider.

As for Envato’s support, I have no control over that so thats not my fault it took over 24 hours, and as you have already downloaded the script I dont think you will get a refund and the script does not have any issues.

What happened to the push notifications script? It’s gone

does this script also add the pem password ? because on the wordpress plugin im using it asks for a password with the pem file.

does this script make a password with pem file ?