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This is an excellent plugin. I really love it. But I have a problem.

I use this plugin to show ajax response messages to users. And it works like a charm. But sometimes plugin just stops working after spending some time at the same page. There are no javascript errors or warnings. No clue about the problem. Ajax calls are successfully handled but popups does not show up all of a sudden until a successful refresh. Any idea what is wrong?!?

Is there a way to stack the notifications horizontally instead of vertically?

I’m trying to get the notifications to load all on one line and as the line of notifications exceed the width of the page the notifications push each other off of the page one at a time and then be able to “scroll” through the list as the mouse hovers over the left or right edge of the line of notifications.

Love the script, works perfect for what I need it for.

Does anybody here can help me to run it on my wordpress website? I want to run Timeout notification on all my pages.

I know I should add the script on header.php, but it didn’t work.


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There is some small problem with the downloaded version. The animation of the first object doesn’t work on Safari, but goes fine on Chrome. The online demo version works on both browsers.

I have a question about the notification. Can this be used to implment tweets from twitter or RSS for news alerts?

Can you add an animation for notifications that time out? Seems a little out of place when its such a beautiful animation in for them to just dissapear. Floating out right would be good, fadeout also good.

it will be nice to have the possibility to set notifications position via javascript, something like

$.notification ( { position: 'bottom left', } );

Just bought one. It looks great.

However, the notification becomes almost invisible when you’re browsing lower part of the page. (i.e. bottom parts that requires scrolling)

Could you possibly fix this?

EDIT : Nevermind,

Changing #notifications CSS { position: absolute } to fixed it.

Sorry but your documentation is rather poor, you cant call it comprehensive – you are using ENTYPO but withou any character map and your CSS is without any comments…

Don’t buy. There is no support from the author after repeated emails, for a simple question. The documentation does not explain how to implement the notifications when you don’t just want to pop the notification after pressing a button, and the author keeps ignoring my emails. No comment in the code, it’s kind of crazy to see this on CodeCanyon…

Really wish I could pay back the two bucks I earned from your purchase. Can’t help you with your specific JS questions either. Thanks for the 1-star review though.

Truth is, you never answered my emails, even to let me know you didn’t have an answer to my problem. And by the way, this is not a specific issue, there is no comments on your code, and I’m only willing to pop the notifications without pressing on a simple link…

Aloha! i’m trying change the position absolute to position fixed in #notifications id but when i scroll down the notification background disappears. I’m a safari user. do you know what’s the problem?


Hello! This is an excellent plugin. But I have a question about how to modify the javascript code so the new notification to be added up not down. Sorry for my English :) !


Does this work with jQuery 1.8.3?

Hey man, First of all thanks for your amazing work on this plugin.

I’m trying to set the z-index for the #notifications to appear on top of my Twitter Bootstrap Modal but with no success.

Any Idea?

Is it possible to reverse the order of messages?. Now new popups accumulate one below the other, would be good to build up one above the other

In main.css: #notifications {

/add this/ position:fixed; bottom:5px; right:5px; }

and in notification.js change “notification.prependTo(con)” to “notification.appendTo(con)”

To have the line separator change in the .css this -> .notification.more { border-top: 1px solid #c1c1c1; -webkit-box-shadow: white 0px 1px 0px; -moz-box-shadow: white 0px 1px 0px; box-shadow: white 0px 1px 0px; }

Any to make the notifications responsive…?

I can’t implement the code…help ?

I can call him at PHP as a normal alert as in this example?

<? php print ”<script> alert (‘My name is $ msg’) </ script> ’; ?>

Please let us know when you have a working demo.