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This could be very useful!

very useful, excelent job…

Thanks guys :)

It works, but one little bug and a question:

1. If I am uploading one image to the WP Mediathek: the plugin reproducing autonolous two thumbs the data base? Or is it a function causes by thimbthumb which will be used in my theme? These thumbs are only visible in the owit plugin.

2. this little bug: if you are uploading a file to myows there is an option for images to reduce the upload to remommended size. If we are using the owit plugin this function is out of order. The preview is ok in the overview of all uploaded images. But not in the licence view. Larger images will be seen in the whole size and swapping by the myows website. Do you want an screenshot?

By the way a very usuful plugin.

Just a note to say that we are open to working closely with sitebase to improve the Owit plugin and address any suggestions you may have.

How very unfortunate to see that this highly useful plugin appears to get very little notice. Anyone who puts original content on the web should be safeguarding their work with this if they use Wordpress and Myows!!!

I hope this one doesn’t die a slow death and sees some love in the very near future…...........

Thanks for the heads up :)

i dont actually understand what this plug in does? Maybe you should think of actually re-writing a description because at the moment I and many others im sure have no idea andi do not know what wyows is. Just appears to be a file uploader to me???

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