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Possible to have the page/post public, but voting be for members only?

The oVoGallery looks great – just one question: Does the gallery have to exist in full width? I’d like to use it in a page’s main content area – and keep the sidebar active:


sidebar | oVoGallery



It does not need to be on a full width template page. It can be used on any page with a sidebar etc. -Nolan

Thanks! Seems to be just what I need.

I have problems with this plugin. When I activate, the Feature Post Widget on Genesis Framework is desactivated. What may I do?

I am not following you. Please send me an email to and I will help you. -Nolan

Dear Nolan

I can’t get the voting plugin to work – have followed theisntructions – is there also away to display the post category in the grid?

There is no option for displaying category, sorry. If you still cannot get the voting functionality to work send me an email and I may be able to assist you. -Nolan

also an documentation on refolio – if the voting is builtin i’ll buy

There is no voting feature in Refolio. Thanks, -Nolan

Great plugin. The gallery displays well. However, I am trying to display a ‘true’ masonry effect for the gallery. It seems, all my images are of the same height and width. The images I uploaded have different heights and widths. So, in the gallery display, portions of the images are being cropped out. I need to display the entire image in the gallery. (Needs to look like Pinterest)

I have tried several different shortcodes and I am not getting the effect I want and the documentation doesn’t say anything about displaying images with different heights. Can you help me with the correct shortcode? Thanks

Thank you for the quick reply nuvutheme. So the shortcode is: [ovogallery set_height=”true” thumb_height=”” ]

Will this plugin work with VelocityPage or Beaver Builder

If you can add shortcodes and html in these builders it should work. -Nolan

I dont get why it does not show the featured images on the front panel,

Any ideias?

Code that im using here: [ovogallery type=”post” category_name=”press release” posts_per_page=”10” max_pages=”10” order_by=”date” order=”DESC” post_votes=”true” dynamic_sizes=”true” active_size=”small” small_width=”200” medium_width=”300” large_width=”400” show_gallery=”true” post_author=’false’ title_length=’28’]

It is a conflict with some theme styling. Add the following to the end of the plugins css/style.css file:
.ovothumb {
    opacity: 1 !important;

Hi Nolan, I sent you an email, I have a problem and that same problem is your demo as well. If you open a few of the small images to enlarge them, sometime it gives you a blank frame of the image and sometime all the links of the pages becomes disabled.

This is very urgent, appreciate quick help. Thanks

Hi. Is it possible to set a “post by user” filter? Thank you

Yes this can be done but a line of php is needs to be added to the main php file to achieve this. Please send me an email to and I will assist. Thanks, -Nolan

Hello, I am implementing the gallery in this url and not displayed. It seems that it is about to load and then hides, we see there some css style display: none, opacity:0, height:0px, making that the Gallery does not appear. what I’m doing wrong?

Your js composer plugin is loading isotope 2.0 and the oVoGallery plugin is not compatible with this version of isotope as stated on the plugin product page. You can submit a refund request to codecanyon and I will gladly approve the refund. Thanks, -Nolan

My featured images do not show up in my gallery. I don’t see a code for Featured Images in the list. What am I doing wrong?

I responded to your email. I will have to see the page to check for errors. -Nolan

Hi Quick Question before I buy: does this allow pagination where I can link and it will automatically open on a category?

Not sure what you mean.

I’m planning an upgrade of the theme used on one of my sites. The theme uses Visual Composer which does not seem to work with this plugin. Do you have plans to upgrade this plugin?

I have tried many times to upgrade it to work with Isotope 2.0 and have not been successful and since VC using Isotope 2.0 it is not compatible. At this time I am not currently working on anymore upgrade attempts. Sorry. -Nolan

Ok, it’s a pity but thanks for your answer.

Realy a beautiful plugin. Unfortunately doesn’t works with Divi Theme by eleganth themes :(

They must be using isotope v2.