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Demos not working…image remains unchanged :(

Hi, the scrips is not working in IE10 and Opera. What browser are you using?

Support for IE10 and Opera added :)

Works in Chrome but not IE.

The script is not working in IE10 and Opera, as stated. It works in FF, Chrome and IE7-8-9. Which version of IE have you used?

Added support for IE10 and Opera :)

Is the compatibility with IE10 and Opera being worked on?

We are working on supporting the IE10. Unfortunately, the Opera bowser does not provide any possibility of grayscale filtering so we are not able to make this work in Opera.

The above script relies on an external server to provide a grayscale image. On the other hand, Overgray uses browser capabilities to generate the image locally. Unfortunatelly, Opera does not have these capabilities and IE10 invented (again) a new (very complicated) way of doing this. Once we make the patch for IE10, we might also include external-server fallback for Opera.

Hi, we have added support for IE10 and Opera, without a need for an external server or any other dependancy.

With this plugin is possible do this:

1 – Set all images as gray 2 – When hover it show the color 3 – If dinnamicaly add a class to the container show the image colored and if i remove show grey.


Your Plugin does not work on IE11, please fix it asap, it’s urgent. Thanks.

how can a jquery plugin support older browser but not newest browser? I mean it’s not logic, right?

We will fix this. I agree, there is nothing logic with IE :)

nothing logic with IE…I’m totally agree with it, I kinda of little bit hate it…

looks like whois reported this file as malicious on my server and blocked my port 80, I unpacked it and don’t see anything malicious, but just in case I’ll take it down – have any of you experienced the same issue?

Nice product