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What is Overgray, in just a few words

Overgray is a jQuery plugin that allows you to apply various grayscale effects on images when user hovers over them with cursor.


  • compatibility with IE10
  • compatibility with Opera

Where do we think it can be used?

We actually used this script to:

  • give a website subtle dynamics
  • make certain page look more modern
  • moderate pages that are oversaturated with colors
  • remove user focus from less important (but large) image elements
  • and so on…

Surely you already have a few ideas where to use it yourself as well?

A complete list of features

  • Extremely easy to implement
  • Compatible with almost all major browsers
  • Compatible with popular jQuery plugins

  • Can work from color to grayscale or vica-versa!
  • Uncompleted transitions behave as they should
  • Unlimited elements per page
  • Hover over an element, apply grayscale to a child (or even children) within
  • Applicable even on some other HTML elements

  • 11 transitions to choose from
  • Combine ON and OFF transitions
  • Define a custom duration
  • Can use jQuery easing plugin
  • Has useful callbacks

It won’t break the page even on 10-year old browsers, it will just gracefully refuse to work.



Overgray - 1 fade


Overgray - 2 slideFromTop

Overgray - 3 slideFromBottom

Overgray - 4 slideFromLeft

Overgray - 5 slideFromRight


Overgray - 6 fromCenter

Overgray - 7 toCenter

Centered bars

Overgray - 8 fromCenterVertical

Overgray - 9 toCenterVertical

Overgray - 10 fromCenterHorizontal

Overgray - 11 toCenterHorizontal

Compatibility with various jQuery plugins

Overgray is not built to replace any popular jQuery plugins. Instead it works seamlessly with them, creating a more powerful user experience.
Below is list of plugins that we personally tested the compatibility with:

  • various widgets from jQueryUI library
  • Fancybox (both older and new version)
  • jCarousel
  • YouTube player
  • and much more we just haven’t tested yet…


We have also prepared an online demo page with code snippets, where you can see how easy it is to implement the Overgray.

Want to know more?

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