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Hello I’m interested in purchasing but how good is the search function? can I might have around hundred entry with 20fields each, how would search handle it? is there an easy/advance search?

Hello there. I’ve just purchased the plugin and it seams to work properly. I wanted to ask if you are planning to add an image field or if there is an option to do that independently?

Client images will help ALOT! And, in my example, companies are facilities for short time rental, so I must have few images attached.

Thanks for your reply.

Question#2, – is it possible to publish the list (or parts of it) via a short code, or is it just for the admin-page?

Question#3, – when seeing the table of contacts/companies, how can i sort the list by one of the fields?

Question#4 – is it possible to import .csv?

Thanks in advance! Y.

Also interested but looks like the author isn’t replying???

Is there an advance search function?

hello looking good as a crm but can you provide a demo instead of screens

hi kpowley thats a good plugin great job i would be intrsted in this if you have a room for the front end input form (contact us where the leads can sign in ) also if we have the option for email templates where customer care can be ensured i-e by sending them emails through these templates (using tickets for first, last name etc

Anyone know how do you edit the company/contact after creating it?

Pre purchase question – Any support for this plugin? No response to any questions on here doesn’t look good!

Hey, Pre-purchase question ,I want to build a site that manage runs group. Every trainer can mange his own runners . 1- add personal details about the runner 2-track the payments 3-training schedule Can I do it with this plugin ? pls advice, thx

Hi kpowley, I have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to set user roles on who can view, add and edit these notes?

how can i edit an contact or cmpany?

answer please

is this plugin supported?



Do you plann to add new field types? – I’m interesting in files and pictures upload and also show them in Companies / Contacts view

AFTER SALES QUESTION: Hello i’m running the latest version of wordpress having issues with the plugin. When i add contact it say succes but when i click list it don’t show. Any idea what is up.. Thanks in advance Tommy

Hi! I have some pre-sales questions here.

I have a client who is in food franchising business. So the website is not for general customers, this is exclusive for the franchisees of his business. He wants a CRM that can handle the following:

1. Can check/add/edit profiles of all his franchisees. Where he can send emails for news and updates, send a birthday message or a greetings during holidays.

2. The franchisees can order stocks like paper cups, crew uniforms and make an online payment and then they can process the orders just like a regular woocommerce shopping cart.

3. The website owner can monitor all the activities, from orders to payment inside the admin panel and can send report or comments if there is a violation in the part of the franchisee.

4. And one of the most important part is that, he wants to put a renewal date for the franchised outlet and the CRM plugin will send an automatic reminder (at least a month before) to the franchisee that they need to settle the amount due – something like a billing software.

5. Any notifications, account due, etc., will notify the owner thru email.

6. If a franchisee has a multiple outlets in different locations, is there a custom fields that can indicate there the different addresses of the outlets and their contract date and expirations?

7. Last login feature – where he can monitor who among his staff is the last one to logged in from the admin panel and made changes to it.

8. Google Map for the franchisees address or store address.

I just want to ask if your plugin can handle all these features including the password protected website? Or do I need to get a separate plugin for the password protection?

Do you offer a money back guarantee here in codecanyon in case the plugin didn’t worked or my client rejected it?

Thanks and best regards!