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We would like to use this plug-in together with a WordPress based imageserver. Does this plug-in allow the pictures to be hosted within Dropbox while they can be viewed online?

Kind regards.

P.S.: Just a wild guess, dutch or flemish?

Thanks for your swift response and sorry for my late answer. Just one more question, I hope. Does this plug-in allow keywords to be attached to the images?

Just to clarify the question. I noticed there is a search tool in the Gallery mode. Does this work based on keywords attached to the images or just looks for the string in the filename?

It is not yet possible to add tags or keywords to images via the Dropbox API, so the plugin will indeed only look for filenames (and for index-able file the content as well).

Hi, would I be able to use this plugin to create a backend-only image gallery uploader/viewer that I can place in a meta box?

Something like this, but uses Dropbox storage instead of WP Media library

This is not possible by default, but perhaps you can use the WordPress do_shortcode() call to include an Out-of-the-Box shortcode inside the meta box?

That’s what I hoping for. Thank you!


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hello sir, i love your plugin as it works great on firefox and internet explorer. i have a problem getting it to work with chrome and opera. is there any known problem? would be great if you can help, i would also extend the support but maybe you can take a look at it in advance if the problem could be fixed or not? thanks

There is currently no issue known in Chrome or Opera. So feel free to create a support ticket and I will take a look at it (I will let you know if you need to extend the support package) !

Knowledge Base · Create Support Ticket


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well, shame on me, just checked again and everything works fine! sorry! but thanks for the generous offer to take a look! keep up the great work! thanks


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The plugin looks very close to what I need, but I have some questions before purchase.

1. If we set up users to have their own folders, can they then create and display galleries from their own uploads?

2. Can folder size be limited?

3. Can the contents of user folders be managed by the owning user?


  1. The User Folders feature currently only works on the Front-End of the website. This means the users will not be able to create their own new Gallery shortcodes. However, If you just want to give each User their own Gallery which they can manage (upload/rename/create folders/etc…), than that is perfectly possible with the plugin
  2. Yes, you can set the max size of the User Folder
  3. The content of the User Folders can be managed both by the linked user and the owner of the Dropbox

If you have any questions remaining, just let me know!


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No, that’s fantastic, thanks!


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Purchased now

Hi, I was searching for the dropbox plugin and came across this, it looks very promising but may i ask if this can do following.

1. i have a 13 GB media library on wordpress at the moment, will i be able to trasfer those pics and files to dropbox via this plugin.

2. wil it be automatic where i just give the path in wordpress media galler and dropbox folder and it will be synced automatically.


Hi Mohit,

Thanks for your questions. First of all: Out-of-the-Box is a standalone plugin and doesn’t yet integrate into the WordPress Media Library. So there is no option to transfer this data from the Media Library directly to Dropbox. However, as all the content of the Media Library is located in the /wp-content/uploads folder on your server, you could easily copy that folder to Dropbox if you want.

When you have linked the plugin to your Dropbox and created a Gallery for a specific folder on your Dropbox, the plugin will make sure that everything will keep in sync. Actually, as the plugin doesn’t copy files to your server, you will just directly see the contents on your Dropbox. Please keep in mind though, that the plugin has a cache of around 30 minutes to increase the performance, but you can always refresh the cache if needed by just pressing the refresh button.

I hope this answers your questions.


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Hi DeLeeuw, is that image upload linking directly to Dropbox being implemented in the current version as you have mentioned on your reply above to someone:

“The upload indeed doesn’t go straight to the Dropbox server but is temporarily stored on your server. It is unfortunately not yet possible to include a link to the file on Dropbox as this information isn’t received during the upload. I will find out of I can make a work around for this and will included it in the next version if I manage.”

This feature is much needed for us as our server is getting full and we would be more than happy if the images are directly saved and linked to Dropbox instead of saving in our server.

Please advise, we really appreciate for your time and effort if you could make this work.


Thanks buddy

Hi there! I am not completely sure if I understand your question as the comment you are referring to is actually about the Gravity Forms integration. So I will give you some general information, and just let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.

Direct upload isn’t yet supported by the Dropbox API, so Out-of-the-Box will indeed process the upload via your web server. However, this will mean that as soon as the upload is finished, the temporarily stored file is deleted immediately from your server. After the upload you can just embed your images on Dropbox directly via the plugin

Cheers, Floris


Just a few quick questions about user specific folders:

1) Can I setup my site before creating all contacts and then generate folders for these contacts after the users are created?

2) If I generate an ‘Upload Box’ shortcode that is to use user specific folders, can I create further contacts going forwards that will also be able to upload to their individual folders from this shortcode (i.e will I have to update the shortcode each time a user is added etc)?


  1. Sure! By default each User Folder is only created when the specific user visits the page, but you can change this on the plugin settings page. When you have set the setting ‘Create all User Folders on first visit’, all the Users Folders will be created the first time the shortcode is loaded.
  2. Sure! The plugin has two User Folder modes: (1) where you manually link your User to a specific folder on your Dropbox and (2) where the plugin automatically creates the User Folder for you. For (2) the plugin will automatically create a new User Folder for the shortcode when a new user is added to your WordPress website

I hope this answers your questions! If not, don’t hesitate to contact me again!

pre-buy question… On the admin side of this plugin… Are there statistics? Like how many plays and downloads for each song and etc…?

Thanks for your question! The plugin doesn’t list those statistics by it self, but you can hook it into Google Analytics. If you have a Google Analytics tracker on your website, the plugin can fire download/stream/etc events automatically so you can track those via the Analytics Dashboard!