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Does the create shortcode not work on mobile devices? I’m using an iPad and that button does nothing after selecting options for my gallery?

I am not aware of any issues with the Shortcode Builder and mobile devices, but I will gladly take a closer look at the issue you are encountering. Could you perhaps create a support ticket for this?

- Floris

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Hi… Can you select which dropbox folders to show/make available?

The plugin will link to your complete Dropbox account, but you can select for each shortcode which folder should be used a starting folder. The users will not be able to navigate outside that folder. E.g. the folder shown in the File Browser demo is actually one of the subfolders on the Dropbox account.

I hope this answers your question!

- Floris

Hi there.

The plugin was purchased by my client – if you need the license number, I will be happy to provide.

I connected my Dropbox and added the shortcode to a page, but no folders are showing on the page. Can you help? I’m not sure what I did wrong or what I’m missing.

Please help.


Hi there!

My apologies for the late response but due to my holiday I wasn’t able to respond earlier.

If you are still encountering problems with the plugin, could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can take a closer look at it?

- Floris

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Hello there!

I am currently on vacation until 7th of April 2019, which means that it can take a little bit longer to receive the support you are looking for. My apologies for the inconvenience, but I will definitely follow up as soon as possible. If you have a question in the mean time, please take a look below.

- Floris

  • Take a look at previous comments
    Did you search this comment section of the plugin on CodeCanyon? Perhaps your question has already been answered.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    The Help Center contains answers to questions that customers helped earlier on.
  • Did you update the plugin to the latest version?
    Make sure that you are using the latest version of the plugin. For instructions on how to update the plugin, just take a look in this FAQ article
  • I am still having issues with your plugin!
    I am sorry for that! Please Create Support Ticket and enter all the requested information. I will look into your issue as soon as I am back!
  • When can I expect an answer?
    I will be back the 7th of April 2019, and will respond to your comment/ticket within 1 – 2 days.

PRESALE QUESTION – Hi, I’m just about to purchase this but my most important question : Does it support tagging when hosting images in dropbox. So display tags above as filters for example for easy search on website. Cheers

Hi there!

My apologies for the late response but due to my holiday I wasn’t able to respond earlier.

Unfortunately, the Out-of-the-Box plugin isn’t able to filter by tags as the Dropbox API doesn’t support tags meta data.

- Floris

Dear Floris, i have a PRESALE QUESTION. We’d like to use your Plugin as a way out WooCommerce Customers upload large files to our Dropbox. When using Plugins like GravityForms, we are bound to our servers upload limit. Does your Plugin directly upload to Dropbox or does the Upload go trough our server first?

Thank you, Sebastian

Hallo Sebastian!

My apologies for the late response but due to my holiday I wasn’t able to respond earlier.

The Dropbox version indeed allows direct upload for files < 300MB. Direct uploads for larger files isn’t yet supported by Dropbox.

If it is an option for you to use a different cloud service, the Google Drive version or the Onedrive/Sharepoint version of the plugin does support direct upload for all files.

I hope this answers your question!

- Floris

Hi, I saw some older comments regarding this and was wondering if there has been an update; I would like to be able to give different users access to specific folders based on roles. So for instance if 1 folder contains folders A, B, C, and D, one user can see all of it, but another user can only see A and D but not the others. Is this possible?

Thanks for your question! In the Dropbox version of the plugin this is only possible by using multiple Shortcodes. You basically create a shortcode for each User Role and hide the specific folders in the configuration of this shortcode.

I hope this answers your question. If not, just let me know!

- Floris

Do you have to go into the plugin and refresh the file list when you upload new videos? It doesn’t seem to update when I add new videos.

The plugin has a cache of around 15-30 minutes to increase the loading performance and reduce the number of API calls required. To force the plugin to check for new updates immediately you can indeed press the refresh button in the File Browser.

I hope this answers your question!

- Floris

Perfect! Typical customer, just too impatient. :)

Thanks for the updates…Keep up the great work!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi Author, i want to use it to share Dropbox with customers. So do they need to login to use it? I want it to be on the font-end of site. Anyone can uploadd or only those who enter the email address? If possilbe, can you show me a site using this plugin. Thanks

Hi Floris, i have one question before i buy it. when the customers uploads, those files are only located in Dropbox or it will also be uploaded to my hosting. After they exiting my site, if they want to review the files ‘ve uploaded before. Is it available?

Thank for your support - An V. -

The files will only be uploaded to Dropbox and will not be stored on your hosting. I am not sure if I understand the second question, but if needed you can give each users their ‘own’ folder on your Dropbox where they can review and (with the right permissions) manage their uploaded files.

- Floris

Hi Floris, i just bought it, if i need help form you, i will contact you later :D Thank you

Hi Floris, hope you doing well! I don’t know what is going on but when out of the box is activated and when just 1 user try to load page with only few photos “Entry Processes, Physical Memory Usage, I/O Usage” went to the sky at 100%.

Sorry to hear that you are having issues! Feel free to create a support ticket about this problem and I will happily look into it!

- Floris

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Hello, i have a presale question. Im building a website with 2 different pages that should hold 2 different folders with pdf files. Is this plugin the correct way to go? I have a membership site where on page will show documentation for our services wich will be uploaded to one folder on dropbox and then the other page will show release notes for said services in pdf formar from another folder in dropbox. Is this possible to do? Thank you for any answer, kind regards.

I sent a ticket with an attached picture, hope it gives you a better idea of what im trying to achieve.

Hello again, i just have one question this time, is it possible to change the color of the folders from the regular blue to something else? Kind regards

The folder thumbnails are part of an icon set. You can create your own icon set and change the e.g. the color of the thumbnails. You can set the location of your icon set you want to use via the main plugin settings page on the ‘Layout’ -> ‘Icons’ tab.

BTW, it might be possible that you have clear the cache of the plugin once you have set a different icon set. You can do this via the ‘Need Help?’ tab -> ‘Reset Cache’ button

- Floris


It’s not clear by the demo how many folders you can see at once. If in dropbox we have 20 high level folders, will we see 20 folders at once?


You can indeed see all the folders in the selected folder at once. If needed you can set the height of the File Browser container to limit the amount of folders which are directly visible.

- Floris

While viewing the video, press the right mouse button, The video is downloaded. Can you make it un-downloadable?

Not really. You can prevent the browser from showing this menu at all, but advanced users will always be able to stream/download the file. That’s because that’s what browsers were designed to do: Serve content. If you are interested in the required Javascript to disable the menu for the video files, just let me know.

BTW, the Video Player mode will already remove most of the download possibilities.

- Floris

Is there any way I can hide the “date” column in the List view?

Sure, you can just disable this in the configuration of the shortcode. In the Shortcode Builder, navigate to the Layout tab and look for the ‘Show last modified date’ setting. When you disable this, the date column will be hidden.

- Floris

Ignore this! I discovered I had to switch “ON” column names – then switch “OFF” Show date – then switch “OFF” column names again!


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I have to say that I love your plugin, so far it does exactly what I want :-) Now for some extra features : 1/ A mode when I can send email to a role rather than to users when a folder is updated (adding files, deleting files, etc.). 2/ A “delete a file or a folder” after a period of time. Of, if you want to avoid issues with clumsy users, a way to “hide” files and folders after a certain period of time. The idea is to only let users access to the last 12 months of files.Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate that.

What you are looking for is possible by just hooking into the filters/actions of the plugin itself.

  1. Adding User Roles to the Email Notifications: Code Example. This code allows you to add ‘administrator’ or ‘editor’ to the recipients list.
  2. Hiding files older than a certain age Code Example. This code will hide all files older than 1 year. Please note that you have to clear the cache of the plugin to see the changes.

Adding this code to the (child!) theme functions.php file will do the trick.

I hope that helps!

- Floris


AD75011 Purchased

Floris, I am speechless. Where can I add a sixth star to the 5 I already gave to your plugin? Thanks A LOT. Now I am going to test :-)

Hello! Pre-purchase inquiry.

1. I want users to be able to upload large files to my cloud (up to 2GB).

2. That the files arrive in separate folders. Example: If someone sends 5 photos and then another person sends 15 more, I do not want them all to arrive mixed.

3. Can the texts of the buttons be translated into Spanish?

4. Can an email arrive saying that new files were uploaded? Example: “Jonh Smith uploaded 10 files to your cloud” and a link to that folder.

5. Finally, seeing all these points, do you recommend the Plugin for Dropbox, Onedrive or Google Drive? I currently use Dropbox plus, but I can change. In the comparison, I see that Dropbox does not have “Thumbnail View”, “Direct Upload (bypassing server limits)” ... And I do not know which “Usage Limits” is better among those 3 clouds.

Thanks and sorry for so many questions, but I’m already buying 3 plugins that did not work for me.

Thanks for your questions! Let me try to answer them:

  1. You can upload files of 2GB to Dropbox via the plugin. However, Dropbox has restricted the direct upload size to 300MB, so larger files will need to pass your server. This means that you will need an upload limit of 2GB on your server in order to upload those large files. The Google Drive or OneDrive version of this plugin doesn’t have this limitation.
  2. Sure, you can give every user their own upload folder. If you use the Contact Form 7, Gravity Form or WooCommerce integration, you can even put the uploads in a folder named by the users self or in an specific ‘Order’ folder
  3. Yes, the plugin is translatable via e.g. Loco Translate. There is already a Spanish translation added in the plugin package which translates most of the important text.
  4. Yes, you can enable Email notifications with exactly that information. This also works with the Contact Form 7 and Gravity Form Email notifications
  5. Dropbox also has a Thumbnail View (Demo), but I would recommend the Google Drive or OneDrive version for your situation.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any questions remaining, just let me know!

- Floris

Thanks Floris for the quick answers. You just won a client.

I want to buy this wordpress plugin. But I have a question. You can limit access only to users to see from Dropbox with pictures?

I want to display an image in the startup image and when to click on it, redirect the user to the dropbox to see all the images. Access to the dropbox is for registered users only.

Thank you

Yes, you can hide Out-of-the-Box for users that are not logged into your website. To achieve what you are looking for, you probable need to embed a single Image with a link to a page with contains an Out-of-the-Box Gallery shortcode.

Please note that, the plugin itself doesn’t have any User Management Tools on-board which you can use to allow your users to register/login/redirect to access the content. However, the plugin integrates into the default WordPress User System, so you can use one of the many user management plugin available that are specifically dedicated to this functionality to build the login flow you need.

There are quite some User Management plugins out there, so it is hard to give a specific recommendation. For Premium plugins you could search on this platform, e.g. I recently used User Profiles Made Easy in one of my projects, but I am not sure if that fits your requirements. Of course, there are also free plugins available via user /

After you have installed a User Management plugin you use it to restrict user access to (e.g.) the portal page with the Out-of-the-Box shortcode so that only registered users can enter that page.

I hope that answers your question!

- Floris