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Hello! Pre-purchase question? Is that loading Cloud animation easy to change?

Thank you

The cloud is just a gif-image that you can indeed replace. The file can be found in the /css/clouds folder.

Hola, tengo instalado el pluging en www.fotomatonzaragoza.com y tengo varios problemas. 1- Las fotos se cargan lentas y pequeñas 2- En el teléfono móvil no funciona bien ¿Me podría ayudar? ¿Me podría decir como solucionarlo? Gracias

Hi there! Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can look into your issue?

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Hi, Can I use this plug to do the same but with local folder on the site server?

No, it only supports Dropbox. However, a local version of the plugin is still under development!

Hi! Pre-purchase question: Can we add notes or comments to images? Thanks

Not yet. Currently, it is simply not possible to store tags/descriptions via the Dropbox API. The Google Drive version of this plugin however, allows you to add descriptions to images. Perhaps that is something that can be useful for you?


vahns Purchased

Hi it’s a pre sales question I have on my dropbox several directories My target is to open an account on my wordpress website In this account I would like to associate it to a special directory So my subscriber wordpress will be able to see the contents of his directory dropbox In its wordpress page Do you think your plugin can do it? thank

Yes that is perfectly possible with the plugin with the function called ‘User Folders’. With this functionality, you can link your WordPress Users to a folder on your Dropbox. I hope this answers your question. If you have any questions left, just let me know!


vahns Purchased

;) Thank you


We add breach and attacks on our website 2 minutes after the installation of the plugin.

Just after i had to rush Secupress plugin and i ran an antivirus scan:

wp-content/plugins/out-of-the-box/includes/dropbox-sdk/Dropbox/Curl.php Malware possiblement présent wp-content/plugins/out-of-the-box/includes/dropbox-sdk/Dropbox/WebAuth.php Malware possiblement présent wp-content/plugins/out-of-the-box/includes/jquery-file-upload/server/UploadHandler.php Malware possiblement présent wp-content/plugins/out-of-the-box/includes/phpThumb/phpThumb.php Malware possiblement présent wp-content/plugins/out-of-the-box/includes/phpThumb/phpthumb.class.php Malware possiblement présent wp-content/plugins/out-of-the-box/includes/phpThumb/phpthumb.functions.php Malware possiblement présent

Some other pages has been attacked shortly after. We had to uninstall the plugin. Can you check what’s wrong with it please?

I am sorry to hear that you are being attacked. I just run the same security check on the plugin file distributed via Envato without any problems. Where did you download the plugin from? Plugins downloaded from somewhere else can cause harm as most of them indeed contain malware.

Right here on envato, i have the Purchased tag ^^ anyway i trust you, but i really hope there is no breach or fail in the code that make us vulnerable. Can you double check the code (even if you did Secupress like us) to be sure? i really need your plugin

I double checked it, and everything is fine. If you want me to take a look at your files, just send me the wp-content/plugins/out-of-the-box/includes/dropbox-sdk/Dropbox/Curl.php file via a support ticket and I will check that as well.

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Hello Floris, I am a happy user of this plugin for months now. Thanks for that! Unfortunately when I open a page with the shortcode, the plugin won’t load or show. The jdisabled function is active so maybe a conflict with javascript? Any advice? Thanks!

I guess that there is indeed a javascript error on your site that is preventing the plugin from being initiated. Could you perhaps create a support ticket so I can take closer look at your issue?

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Author no longer supports the plugin. When trying to email for help or understanding nothing is sent back.

Buy a subscription to CloudWok instead, they support their product promptly.

I definitely support the plugin, so could you let me know your support ticket number? I will happily try to help you out!

Floris the email is from April 28th. You STILL HAVEN’T RESPONDED After trying to contact you several times for help and getting no response I moved on to CloudWok. You’re a great guy and I wanted to stay with your platform but your inability to communicate effectively or just respond forced my hand. I need something that will work at all times and have someone there to support the plugin if necessary.

I subscribed in June to CloudWok and continued trying to get a hold of you and then finally gave up.

I just thought people should know before purchasing your plugin.

Hmm strange, the last email conversation I have from you is ticket number #2179, where I asked for FTP credentials. However, the ticket was automatically closed around a month later when no reply was received.

So I am sorry if you didn’t received the support you were looking for, but I just didn’t know that there was still any issue open. Just for your information: I receive 10+ support requests every day and it is simply impossible to keep track of all pending tickets.

Nevertheless, if I still can help you, please create a new support ticket and I will look in to your issue as soon as possible.

Heya, we’re having major issues with the plugin – in the settings screen it randomly will say “Error executing HTTP request: Could not resolve host: api.dropbox.com” and not allow anyone to use the files on the site. Any thoughts? Thanks!

This ‘Couldn’t resolve host api.dropbox.com’ error is a network issue between your server and one of the Dropbox endpoints. It sounds like that your server has trouble with communication with the Dropbox server. It isn’t related to the code in this plugin, so try to get in touch with your hosting provider to see if they can help you resolve the issue!

Thanks for the response / guidance – we figured it would have something to do with the hosts DNS server etc. We’ll hit them up and see what the problem is. Thanks again.

I have used your plugin for almost a year now and it has been wonderful. I am running into an issue however where my client needs to upload larger files. The max file size at the bottom of the uploader window says 64MB. I have adjusted the file size limits in my php.ini file, but that 64MB limit has not increased. Can you advise?

The plugin will just take the maximum that is possible on your server, so I think that there perhaps another setting which is still restricting the upload size.Have you both adjusted the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize setting? If that is the case, there are other possibilities to increase the upload limit. Please take a look in the FAQ article about this: How do I increase the upload limit.

If those suggestions don’t help you, I guess you have to talk to your webhost. Perhaps they are restricting the max upload size?

Thanks for the response. I’ll check those today and let you know what I find.

Pre sales question. Is it possible to have audio list ? Does the audio player supports play list ?

Absolutely! The plugin will automatically create a playlist for all the audio files in a folder. For an example, please take a look at the Audio Player Demo Page


Pre-purchase question.

Will this plugin be updated to support the V2 Dropbox API? V1 is due to be deprecated on 28th June 2017.


Thank you.

Of course! I am currently working on a rebuild of the plugin which will use V2 of the Dropbox API. I will make sure that this plugin is released at least 2 months before V1 will stop working so you will have some time to update the plugin on your site.

Please keep in mind that it is possible that some of the server requirements will change with the release of the new version. E.g. PHP version 5.4 or 5.5 will probably be mandatory to run the new plugin.

I will also soon add a warning notification to the current plugin that will mention this issue and will contain a short roadmap of how the transition will take place.

I hope that this answers your question. If you have any questions left, just let me know!

when I tried to insert / embed / link from the Drop box, it says ” can’t receive file list ”. I could not use any of the features from your plugin ever since I bought. I’m kind of frustrated. I’ve have the latest version wordpress is also latest version. and my theme also up-to-dated. Help…

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with the plugin. I will gladly take a look at your issue. Could you create a support ticket so I can help you out? If you already created a support ticket, just post your ticket number and I will directly look into it!

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I just replied to your ticket #3233. I hope that the issue will be solved by making the cache files writable!

Thanks Floris de Leeuw it works.


Is there any way to allow users upload private files too? I’m building an attorney website an I need a private area attorney-client with this behavior.

Thank you so much in advance!

Yes, you can use the so called User Folder feature of the plugin to create a client area. With this function enabled, each user will get its own private folder on your Dropbox.

Hi, I can’t get it to work on mobile, it just displays the loading icon for about a minute that a sad cloud image :(. any way i can change this? Thanks

Don’t worry i got it, was being thick!

No problem. If you have any questions left, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll be happy to help with anything further!


Remes Purchased

Hey, does this work with woocommerce so that customers could have their own private mini Dropbox on their My Account page. They can upload stuff and I can upload stuff for them?

Sure, you can just add the Out-of-the-Box shortcode with the User Folder feature enabled on the ‘My Account’ page!

Are having issues previewing files? Read this:

16 Mar 2017: It seems that Dropbox, without acknowledging its users, has disabled embedding of files for some reason. The issues only affects Chrome and Safari when you are preview files.

I discovered this issue a couple of hours ago and I am currently looking for a solution. I already have contacted Dropbox about this in the hope that they can give some more information. I will keep you updated!

Best regards, Floris

6PM GMT Update: According to the Dropbox engineers this issue should now be fixed! If you are still having issues, just let me know! I will keep a close eye on this.


Remes Purchased

Plugin is configured to show files, but when click on an image file, it says ”failed to load image”. This is happening on a mobile Chrome browser, and the files are smaller in size. <200kB. On a WIFI connection, and no speed issues.

How do I fix this?

I am not sure what is causing your issue. Could you perhaps create a support ticket and I will look at it as soon as possible!

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rasada Purchased

Hi I have 2 copies of Out of the Box and the one is giving an error with this latest update (Update Failed: Plugin update failed.) both have accepted the purchase code and seem much the same to me – any ideas?

Could you try to update the plugin via http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/update-core.php instead of via the Plugin Dashboard? Check the box before the plugin and select Update in the dropdown box. If that doesn’t work, just download the plugin manually via the link that is listed in this FAQ article.

If you still are having trouble with updating the plugin, just let me know and I will happily take a look at your issue!


rasada Purchased

Thank you – the first option worked

Perfect! Thanks for letting me know!

Hello I would like to embeded video and audio files from my dropbox. While embed function can support only document file. and shortcode function I have to choose whole folder. My requirement is to choose individual file to embed to my page.

Your advice would be appreciated.

If you want to show an individual file, create a Shortcode of Out-of-the-Box with the Video/Audio mode, select the folder where the files is in and use the Exclusions tab to only show the file you need. To do so, enter the name of your file to filter for in the Show only these files and folders field.

Thanks for quick respond ,I got error message when trying to play media. Please see figure below.


Have you selected a format in the Shortcode Generator on the Media Files tab? If yes, please create a support ticket and I will look into this issue as soon as possible!

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