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I’m still waiting on a response to support ticket #4175 from 10 days ago.

Please can you get back to me?


Thanks for your reminder and my apologies for the late response. For some reason, your ticket didn’t show up in my ticket queue anymore although it was still open. I just replied to your ticket and once again, sorry for the inconvenience!

hi, can this plugin sync/override a file in the media library with a new version of that file posted on dropbox?

i want to just have auto-syncing and replace media via my dropbox folder

The plugin doesn’t integrate into the WordPress Media Library itself, so it isn’t possible to replace those files via Out-of-the-Box yet.

Can the plugin be integrated with Contact Form 7? We need the visitors to fill up a form and upload a video file to our dropbox, but we also need to capture their info.


For now, the plugin only integrates in Gravity Forms and integration with Contact Form 7 is still on the To-Do list! However, as quite some customers are requesting this, I will try to implement it this month.

Hi! Thanks for a great plug-in. Is there a way to see which registered user uploaded a file(s) without each user having their own private folder? I want to have a generic photo uploads folder but then be able to sort the content by something like an “uploaded by” value.

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible. Dropbox only stores the user data of the account that has uploaded the content, so that will always be the account that is linked with the plugin.

What I can do for you, is to add the name/id of the WordPress User who uploaded the file to the file name. This allows you to sort by the default file name column. If that is something that would work for you, just create a support ticket and I will do my best to help you out.

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How do visitors share my pics on social media? Is this pissible or not since its connected to dropbox?

The plugin can insert shared links of your pics in your social media post which allows your visitors to download/view the images.


Is it possible for me to share files to a SPECIFIC user (with login), and not the user role.

The easiest way to achieve this is by using the Private Folders feature of Out-of-the-Box and to link each user to their own folder. This allows you to share files directly with specific users via this folder.


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I am using this plugin with Ultimate Member – is there a way for it to automatically create private folders for one user role from Ultimate Member, and not the others? I only need one group of users to be able to upload files in their own folder. Thanks.

That is not possible with the plugin itself, but I think that you can use a workaround. To do so, you will need a specific Out-of-the-Box shortcode with the upload + private folders feature enabled that is only visible for the Ultimate Member plugin. You will find the instructions to restrict content to specific roles with Ultimate Member over here. The shortcode will then look something like:

#Shortcode with Upload + Private Folders:
[um_show_content roles='YOUR SPECIFIC ROLE'][outofthebox mode="files" upload="1" userfolders="auto" .... ][/um_show_content]

#Shortcode for user with other user roles:
[um_show_content not='YOUR SPECIFIC ROLE'][outofthebox mode="files" dir="..." upload="0" ... ][/um_show_content]

Besides that you will need to disable the ‘Create all Private Folders on first visit’ setting on the main plugin settings page (tab Private Folders). Or you let it enabled, and just remove the folders you don’t need afterwards.

Could this be a workable solution for you?


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Thank you for the quick reply! That’s actually almost identical to what I already have. My question was more if it was possible to set the “automatically create private folders” to just one user role, so as not to have to do it manually. Would there be somewhere in the code that I could add something like this before it creates the private folders:
if ( $ultimatemember->user->get_role() == 'USER ROLE' )

I think that you could add that code, but you will lose this modification with every update of the plugin. If you really need it like this, just drop me a support ticket and I will try to give you the right instructions.

With the instructions in the last reply, the plugin will also automatically generate the automatic private folders specific for your User Role, but it will only do it when the user visits the page with Out-of-the-Box and not on forehand.

Hello, I just purchased the plugin, but I’m getting the error 400 so I Can authorize but also I can’t activate the plugin. I’m using the version 4.9 of wordpress

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that the plugin doesn’t work out-of-the-box for you. I am not sure what is causing your issue, so you could create a support ticket and provide me with a temporarily WP admin login? I will look into it immediately!

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Presale question 1. Is there any limit on upload file size or number of files? 2. I tried to figure out if we can use this plugin for our usecase.

Unregistered users order using Woocommerce and then upload files.
In Dropbox files are uploaded in a subfolder automatically created with WC order id.

We are doing it now with integrating Jotform but they have file limitation that causes issues occasionally.

Is it possible to do this with your plugin? Thank you.

  1. The plugin uses the max size limit set on your server. It looks at the PHP settings post_max_size & upload_max_filesize to determine this.The max upload size on Dropbox side is around 2GB. If you are planning to upload large files, I would recommend you the Google Drive version or the OneDrive version of the plugin, as those Cloud Services support direct uploads, bypassing your server limitation.
  2. The plugin cannot create folders with the WC Order ID yet, but that is something that can be added to the plugin if you need it.

    Thanks for your reply.

    What’s the process to get it done? How much will it cost? I assume this feature can be added to Google drive or OneDrive version if you want to purchase that plugin.

    As this is a feature I wanted to add any way, it is free of charge. Just create a support ticket and I will do my best to help you out! Perhaps you can let me know which plugin you would like to use, so I can first integrate it into that one.

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