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Hi – do you have more screenshots of the shortcode generator available?


If you create a support ticket I can send you some screenshots of the Shortcode Generator which you need to use to insert a Out-of-the-Box instance on your page or post. Also, if you are looking for a specific feature, just let me know!

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Hello DeLeeuw
I have Presales question
We are using gravity form to submit form and we need to store many files with large size so we decided to go wit Dropbox plus.
I had seen this one is the one of the best plugin to use with dropbox uploda but before purchase, I have few question as following.

1) We want to show only file upload element and didn’t want to show our dropbox folders to users so is it possible?

2) We want the files they submit that will directly upload to Dropbox and didn’t upload to our server first.

3) we want to set max file size limit to 2GB

Let me know if it’s possible.

Thanks for your questions! Let me try to answer all of them.

  1. The plugin doesn’t have a standalone uploader yet, but that is coming soon. In the mean time, you can use some settings of the plugin to hide files/folder and a few extra CSS rules will hide the complete File Browser for you
  2. That is not supported for this kind of plugins by the Dropbox API yet. The Google Drive version of the plugin, Use-your-Drive, has support for direct upload. But I am not sure if that is an option for you
  3. You can set the upload limit to whatever you want, as long as your server allows it. By default, the plugin will just use the upload limit of your server

Thanks for quick reply,
Does Google drive plugin is fully compatible with Gravity forms? Also let me ask my client if Google drive is ok for him if he say yes then we will go with it.

Also thanks for CSS tip for hiding the file explorer but I think you should include this option in next update to hide file explorer so people like me who wants to use only upload functionality they can easily go with it.

Thanks for the feedback. Use-your-Drive is also compatible with Gravity Forms.

PreSale question: I am running a photo editing business and wondering if this plugin can be integrated in to Woocommerce so that user can upload photo either on product page/cart or at check out? All user uploaded images are store on Dropbox and not on the server? thanks

The plugin itself doesn’t integrate with WooCommerce. However, perhaps you create the following Flow:

User enters product page -> Puts product in Cart -> Checkout (with login?) -> Redirect to Out-of-the-Box page (directly or via link in email).

The page with Out-of-the-Box will need a Out-of-the-Box shortcode that creates a folder on your Dropbox linked to the User. The user will only be able to see and upload files to this particular folder.

Would this be a solution for you?

I have some presales questions. Does this allow for two people to edit the same document at the same time without conflict? Is there a way to restrict who can upload what?... and is there a feature that would allow for an admin to have to approve an upload before it actually goes through? Also, I assume that this has version and edit history (who edited a document and when)... Can you make the edits to documents online, without having to download it? Lastly, when I tried to preview your plugin, and attempted to click on word documents, it is just a black… nothing… to confirm, if I had word documents on your platform, would I be able to preview it in the browser? Serious buyer… your response is appreciated.

I think that I have to disappoint you here. Most things you are asking are not possible with Out-of-the-Box. It isn’t possible to edit documents online, it doesn’t contain edit history and therefore it will also not be possible to edit the same document without conflict. Files will also be uploaded directly to Dropbox, so there isn’t a way to approve this. Previewing of Word Documents however should work, so if you still have issues with that, just let me know!

If you are looking for direct inline editing with multiple users, I would recommend you to use the Google Drive version instead. Google Docs can be edited online and will not have conflicts. For an example, just take a look at the Editable Schedule file on the Use-your-Drive demo page.

Hello… i can not re-auth the plugin, i have the notifiaction: Error executing HTTP request: Connection timed out after 10006 milliseconds i call my hoster, he can not help me , can you help me? nic

The connection timed out error is suggesting that your server isn’t able to connect to the Dropbox website. This isn’t caused by the plugin but by settings of your webhost, connection of your webhost or a problem on Dropbox side. You could wait a few hours and try it again.

If the issue still persists, I can perform a couple of tests on your server to figure out what could be the reason. In that case, please create a support ticket and provide me with a temporarily FTP login to the plugin folder and a temporarily WP admin login so I can safely debug the issue for you.

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Can each user have their own private folder, so only the owner and the admin can see the content? If the answer is yes, how it works? example: the admin need to create a page with certain shortcode to point to a dropbox folder, or via out of the box interfase the admin give credential to a user for that folder. Thank you.

That is indeed perfectly possible with the Out-of-the-Box plugin. You can create a page with the Out-of-the-Box Shortcode that has the User Folder feature enabled. This settings has two mode: automatic and manual. With the manual mode you need to link the users to their own folder manually. When you use the automatic mode, you can select the root folder of where the User Folders should be created, and the plugin will make sure that each user will get its own folder when needed.

I hope that answers your question. If something is still unclear, or you need help with creating the right shortcode, don’t hesitate to contact me again!