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Hi, let say I have eCommerce website, can I use this to make my web App?

Yes, You can use it. But, if you want to make it dynamic, then you need to use php or CMS

? Think, this is like webview. Am I right ?

Yes, you’re right

Could you please be more spesific with this app? Because i have a wordpress responsive website and i want to create an ANDROID app via webView class and iOS app via iOS webView class.

Actually i want a simple framework for each app beacause the website is responsive.

I am a Windows user so i can create the ANDROID app i need but i don’t have MAC machine to create- build the iOS app.

I hope you understand me. Thanks in advance

Thank you. You can use both. For tutorial you can visit http://www.idangero.us/framework7/#.VnMcAPl97IU

To be more clear, i already have a responsive website anfd i want to create iOS and Android apps which just show my responsive website.

There are few companies, they provide this type of support

Demo not working

Hi, we’re really sorry for this. Our server downtime running. Please give us 10 minutes.

Its working, did you check it?

i want to show list of movies timetable can you add remote data?

You can do it. But if you want to make it dynamic then you need to use any language.

I have pre sale question, I have a website in wordpress but built with visual composer so i want know if your app can fetch data from visual composer. thanks

Its a HTML template for android/ios apps. So its suitable for apps. We didn’t check it with wordpress.

What are the requirements for this system? we need to install something or can use directly??

Remember that its a Template/theme for Android /IOS app. But its not a App. You need to convert it to a app or you can use it for mobile website.

Excellent GLWS ;)

Thank You.