Out Of Stock Subscription Extension

Out Of Stock Subscription Extension

After you install and configure Elsner’s Out Of Stock Subscription Extension, you will be able to see the out of stock subscription box in product detail page for those products which are out of stock. One can subscribe for those products & when those products come in-stock then subscribers will get mail. This extension will work for simple as well as configurable products.


It is highly recommended to backup your server files and database before installing this module No responsibility can be taken for any adverse effects it may cause. It is also recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own testing.

• Extract the zip file to a local folder
• Copy the full folder /app/code/ to your /app/code/
• Copy the full folder /app/etc/ to your /app/etc/
• Copy folder /app/design/ to your /app/design
• Copy folder /app/locale to your /app/locale
• Delete cache from admin panel or delete that from file system /var/cache

After placing the files, please follow the instructions given below :-

Go to admin panel System -> Configuration, find Out Of Stock Subscription under XJ tab.

1) Enable Module? – Yes/No

2) Domain Type – Production/Development – Here you need to select the appropriate option for which you are using this extension.

3) License Key – For Production option you select above, you will need to enter License Key for Production and same for Development. This is necessary to enter otherwise this extension will not work.

4) Email Template – Select from the drop down as you need. Default we have provided is – Default Template from Locale

When anyone subscribes for any outofstock product from product detail page in frontend then in admin panel the entries can be seen in subscribers page by clicking Subscribers menu in admin panel. You can search & delete those subscriptions. Now when that product comes in-stock or being in-stock due to the order related to that product is canceled then all subscribers of that product will get mail & the entries of those subscribers will be deleted from subscribers page in admin.

How to completely disable this module?

In worst case scenario if you want to completely disable this module then open this file app/etc/modules/XJ_Outofstocksubscription.xml & find <active>true</active> & replace true with false like this <active>false</active>

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