Discussion on Out of Stock product management Prestashop Module

Discussion on Out of Stock product management Prestashop Module

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Hi ! I just bought your plugin and it is installed easily on PS in multishop. But I have a question : what happens for products in pre-order (they can be bought with stock = 0). Thanks

Hello, it treats any stock with 0 as out of stock, it does not take into account the preorder, ideally, preorder items should have that option active but should also have stock

Hello, I bought it and installed it on multishop. But it seems not to be compatible with the module hiboutik (online inventory management and accounting software with a module allowing the synchronization of stocks on Prestashop). With debug activated, there is an error about Duplicate entry ‘à-2’ for key ‘PRIMARY’. When your module is disabled, the sync works fine. If you don’t provide support, is it possible to be refunded ? Thanks a lot

hello, conflicts between modules happen, however that does not mean our module is broken, we do not provide refunds because of incompatibility with other modules, however, we are here to help and try fixing the issue, please send an email to with FTP and backoffice credentials and how we can replicate the error and we will do our best to fix the incompatibility.

Pre-Sale question. I need to change the inventory status of “all” products in “out of stock” status to “In backorder” status. Your plugin can do that automatically? When a product reach/pass to 0 units in stock, change it’s inventory status to ” in backorder”?

Thanks in advance.

no, when the stock reaches 0, it can disable it not change inventory status to backorder.

in dont work any solution?

Hello, can you please tell us what exactly does not work?

the plugin does not disable the producer when it reaches 0 and does not change the default combination

please send ftp and backoffice credentials to, it should work correctly on

have a problem, if i like deleted multiple items whit the module activated get error, i need desactivate the module for delete items

Hello, i am sorry to hear that you qre having problems, also sorry for the long wait time, please send ftp and backoffice credentials to


The module just doesn’t work. Products are still displayed after being bought on a PS (single products with a single combination)

Can you please either give a fix or refund?

Hello, of course we will refund, but this affects only product that are order after the module was installed, are you certain this is not in your case? Please share ftp and backoffice credentials to and we will check it.

Yes i’m sure, i did several tests and read previous comments. I purchased myself a product after installing the module just to be sure, and it’s still displayed and out of stock. And no, i won’t give backoffice and ftp access, for pretty obvious security and privacy reasons, as well as GDPR compliance.

Maybe you can reproduce this on a fresh install of the latest PS version and fix it, idk. I’d rather have it working than refunded.


Hello, GDPR compliance has nothing to do with our current situation if I cannot access orders and other customer information, i need an account with access to products and this module. And for FTP i need access only in that module, nothing else. I would not put up a module that is not tested, so testing on a fresh installation is pointless. As for the refund, i still need to confirm it is not working before i will approve a refund, and also i would like to help you solve the issue instead of refunding, but i need your help for that.

Have a problem, the change combination if out of stock dont work, in the last prestashop version

Hello,only future updated products are affected,can you try updating any Product, modifications are not neccesary

Hi. You bought the module but I still see out of stock products. my version of prestashop is 1.7.6

Hello, we have logged in, and from what we saw the module works correctly, can you confirm this is the case?

work thit the last version?

Hello, please send FTP and backoffice credentials to and with a step by step guide how to reproduce the error.

Hi, in dont work D:

Hello, please give us details about the issue what part does not work, send FTP and backoffice credentials to and how we can reproduce the issue.


I just bought and installed the module. I setup ON on the 3 functions BUT IT DOESN’T WORK. My produducts without stock are still visible on my website !!!

Hello, i am sorry but we cannot refund because of that, and codecanyon rules prevent us from selling or encouraging any way that the official way.

regarding your other issue, you may have a caching solution that had a delay. the disable of the product should be done at the quantity change hook.

OK thank you for you quick answer. You know what ? I will buy the other module also :-)

Hi, does the module hide the product when an attribute is not available? For example, I filter on shoe size 43 but it is not in stock, then don’t show.

No, it does not do that.

Hi there,

Sorry to bother you, I just bought and downloaded your module but for some reason I don’t understand when I go to the module manager page of my back-office, click on “upload a module”, select the file and try to install the module it shows an error saying the format of the file is not correct. Could it possible that the downloaded file is damaged somehow?

We have prestashop

7b330866-1336-4be8-8d01-40d55df9ab15 – 27 Mar 2020 REGULAR LICENSE

Thanks a lot for your help. I’m sure it’s something unimportant

Hello, thank you for purchasing the module, things on code canyon work a little different, you must unzip that archive, in it you will find a folder with the module and documentation, you cannot upload the directly downloaded zip file.

Pre-Sale Question. Hi, demo site admin panel dont’t working. I try to change product ID 1 -> combinations.

Can you fix it?

Hello, thank you for pointing this out. It was a permission issue, please try now.

Thank You so much! Your module is very simple and effective. Good job, I buy it !

We are very happy to hear that! Let us know if you encounter any problems.


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