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cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you very much!!! :)

I want a new WordPress theme for the dental hospital. My website this dis klinigi ankara. What theme would you advise me ?

Hello selmaozdemirhaber,
I’m not a designer and I don’t offer any service like that and so I cannot advice you anything.
Furthermore, comment system is only to ask question about the plugin.

Check also presentation on designrazzi: WooCommerce Plugins

Thank you very much :)

Is there a option to set a threshold per product which over-rides the category threshold? Surely not all products in any category have same threshold limits. It differs from product to product.

yes you should deactive the native woocommerce email notifications for low stock level notifications. For what concerns the email sent by the plugin, there was an issue in the old version that could prevent email sending. It has been fixed in this new version.
For what concerns email example: Email example

In this new version I’ve also implemented the “Emails recipient(s)” list specific for each rule and the “Rule name” that is reported in the notification email.

The plugin shows inaccurate results for the rules created. Its not working as intended. Can someone look into?

Yes I’ve replied via email. The login data are wrong.

Is there a way to exclude the parent product and only show stock levels of the product variations? For example I have a t-shirt with size Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. I would like to know the stock quantities of each of the sizes and exclude parent t-shirt product.

Being able to exclude products by ID would be handy.


yes the plugin already does that. You have to disable the stock managment at the level of the parent product and enable it for every variation you have.
In this way the plugin will manage variation instead of the parent product.

Hi there,

Is it compatible for WP 4.5 ?


yes it is compatible with latest WordPress 4.5 version :)

I was required me to updated my data Wordpress data base through the backend of the site. Now the Out of Stock! Manager plugin is not able to pull up my stock information. Do you have a suggestion on how it may be fixed?

Thank you, Matthew

It sounds strange. Which plugin version are you running? Can you try updating to the latest 1.7 version? Which wordpress and woocommerce version are you running? Would be possible have a backend access to do some analysis? If so, send me login data via private message (to send a private message, click on my name and then use the low-right box).

Hi, The plugin hangs on:

Computing data, please wait… if I filter by: All manageable stock items

Can you please help me, thanks

I still haven’t heard anything from you!

Can you verify you spam folder or provide me another email address? However I’ve published the nrew plugin versione on codecanyon. Download it from there and try if it fixes your issue.

Ok, I’ve answered to the email you have provided. Please check also the spam folder. Let me know.

Hi, can we have support for custom taxonomies as well? For example: Category is a built-in woocommerce taxonomy. But most installations have more taxonomies like Brands, Vendors etc. It would be nice if customers can choose the taxonomies instead of just “Category”.

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ll try to see if it will be implementable for a future release. I’ll let you know in case of news!

any news please?

no, any new news

Hey There – is there a Way to handle Variable Products (Variants) eg. Size L (Stock Notice 500) // Size XL (Stock Notice 10)

That is a must have for us.

For now is not possible assign custom threshold values to single variations. It can be done only for “master” product. This feature is on the works, but I cannot give you any ETA. I’ll let you know by replying here in case of news.

good news, I’ve just released the 2.5 version that now allows you to set thersholds even for variations.
It will be avaiable to download tomorrow (CodeCanyon approval system takes awhile to approve new updates). However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) I can send you the update via email.

I hope you will enjoy! :)

THX i´ll wait for tomorrow otherwise i send you an email

Can you reply to mails I have sent?

As reported in the previous comment, the plugin never had support for that 3rd plugin and IT NEVER WILL HAVE. Furthermore support service DOESN’T INCLUDE CUSTOMIZATION SERVICE. This mean that support service is only to report bugs, issue and ask for information. Furthermore “provide help to setup” doesn’t mean that the plugin has to be customized according your needs.
So stop asking for this customization, the plugin will not be redesigned to grand support for that 3rd party.

This plugin is not getting good sales. And I can assure it will not because normal woocommerce stores don’t need such plugin because normal woocommerce stores are not that big. On the other hand, this is something which will help my case. If you can keep the differences aside and for once support the wp-lister plugin which sells more than usual plugins, it would be a nice thing. It does not call of major re-designing. Just minor tweaking. I will even pay you if needed. Lets be little professional? Mail me.

I’m the developer so I think I know if the plugin needs a major redesign or a simple tweak. The fact you think it works in a way it doesn’t mean that i really work in that way.

As I said the plugin will never had the support for wp-listener.

Hi, just bought the plugin, installed it and test it. I got it to work for the stock control and to show up on the list of low stock, but the email alert it does not seem to be working. Thanks in advance.

it may happen that out of stock notification emails can be marked as spam. Plese check you spam folder.

Furthermore can you share with some screens the out of stock configuration you are using? Can you try to reproduce it on the demo site?
user: demo
pass: demo

I’ve done some test there to and it is working. Do some tests there using your configuration (or something similar), replace the email recipient with your email (check also the spam folder) and report me if it is working.


I checked the spam folder, there is nothing there. I also tried using same configuration on the demo site with same result (no email sent). I am using this email address (in case that makes any difference). I will tell what it is been my process: - I add a new threshold with the warning level at X. for a single product with all selected products activated, yes on the email notification and recipient: Update info. - I add X+2 stock for this product on the admin. - I buy 3 products with the admin user but on the fronten. - I check the out of stock manager and detects that the stock for product has change and now is X-1. - No email received…

I also tried variations using category selections instead, filling the email notification default recipient with also an email on the specific threshold; not punting email en threshold but yes on default. None of it work for the email alert, but it detects perfectly the stock changes. I also tried deactivating notifications on woocommerce config and activating it… After that I run out of idea for testing :(

Hope this is useful to figure it out. Awaiting for further instructions :)

It sounds very strange. I’ve just done using the rule you have configured on the demo site. I’ve:
  1. For Product 1 I’ve setted its sock value to 21
  2. For the custom stock rule I’ve setted as warning level at 20
  3. I’ve purchased 3x Product 1 and I got this email:
  4. I’ve also placed and order changing the stock notification email to yours, you should have received an email too
Could you try using another email address? Is that possible that your emails provider marks as spam those email not forwarding to you?

Getting error on “Items under custom stock values” page:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0(…)

I need some more clues to understand what’s wrong in your installation. Would be possible to have a backend access?
In this way I can analyze that page with my tools and try to figure out why in your installation you are getting that error.
if so, please send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box)

How about this plugin use cron function to send a complete list of products that show up in each rule to the specified email in that rule, every 24 hours?

For example: Rule 1 is applicable to products X Y Z, and after 24 hours low-stock threshold is applicable to product X and Z; then the plugin sends the mail to specified email in Rule 1 that will consist CSV file or Table list view containing products X and Z.

Likewise, if there are more rules, it works accordingly for them.

hi, kind of suggestion here: i’m probably buying this plugin, but i saw in demo that the low stock alert page, you need to pick one by one all products and add them to the correct threshold category. Isn’t that needlessly complicated? It would be much easier to have in product page stock settings tab, a simple field where you can directly input the desired alert number. This way, there is no need for double work (especially when there are many products) ;)

Yes, but in this case you should edit one by one every product and entering its custom stock lever.
Instead using the Stock values configurator you can do all in a single page (and if using categories, you can bulk assign a threshold to multiple products).

However in some cases actually your suggestion could be useful (like when creating products and if all products have different stock levels). I’ll try to include this feature in a future release! Thank you for contributing.

indeed in that case it’ll be useful. But also true is that i see better the value in the way you made it, after using it :) In an ideal world both possibilities would be available ;)

I can confirm this plugin will function with wp-lister when you call your functions on there hooks: wpla_after_create_order_with_nonexisting_items & wplister_after_create_order_with_nonexisting_items.

We tried early on with different hooks and they were wrong ones. Can you please listen this one time and help me out? Email me personally if needed OR tell me how I can do it myself.

As reported in several comments and private emails, the plugin has not been designed to have support for wp-listener and never it will have. As I’ve already said to you several times, even if you perceive it as a simple task, it is not because it requires that many plugin sub-components to be redesigned to have a proper support to wp-listener.

And again, support service doesn’t include plugin customization service to support 3rd party software, so stop asking.

would this work with woocommerce warehouses, ability to add stock to the different warehouses?

no the plugin hasn’t any particular support for warehouses plugin or its feature, so it is no possible to set stocks for different warehouses.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question, suppose I set the stock to 5 in stock (actual stock is for example 89), if I receive an order for 5 qty for that particular product then do I need to re set the stock value again?
And, is it possible to edit the display text “X in stock” to “Only X left in stock” something like that?

I think to not fully understand your question :) What do you exactly mean?
Yes if you purchase a 5 quantity of a product, the stock is reduced by WooCommerce by that quantity once the order is placed.
The plugin allows you to set custom low stock level for each product. This allows you to receive notification for different products when their stock lever is about the custom level you have configured for them.

For example: you set a custom warnin stock value of 84. You have a product that actually has a stock value io 88 and customer buys 5 quantity of that product. Once the order is placed you will receive an notification email about the fact that the configured product went under the custom stock level you setted.

For what concers the texts, yes it is now possible! :)
Under your suggestion I’ve just released the 3.0 version that adds a new Texts menu that allows you tu customize those texts! you can give a try into the demo site.

If you decide to buy and the plugin is still the 2.9 version, you have to wait 2 – 3 days until CodeCanyon publish the new version (its approval system takes awhile to publish new releases). However if yoy send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the new version!

Feature request

Can you please add expiration date alert for each product, i want to use it for a pharmacy

actually the plugin allows to manage custom stock values that are time indipendent. What do you exactly mean with expiration dates?