Discussion on WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

Discussion on WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

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Hi, I purchased this plugin from you today and tested it on a test site but now I can’t get it to work on my site. I realized late that it could probably be because of the license. Is it possible to fix this problem?

This is my license:


Hi, What do you mean that you cannot get it work? Could you provide a more detailed description of the issue? How is this related to the license?

I installed it on the test site and it works properly. So I tried to install it on my site. The installation succeeded and I activated the plugin. But in the products, the function it should have is not activated, which is to make some variations unavailable. In short, it is as if the plugin is not even activated. That’s why I linked to the license, maybe it activated on the test site and on my site it doesn’t work. I even tried uninstalling the plugin on the test site but nothing.

the plugin hasn’t any licensing system. If it was working on the staging site and in the production not, try eventually to perform a clean installation (just delete the plugin and reinstall).

Make also sure there are no 3rd party plugins interfering: try disabling all of them to see if you still experience the issue.

Hi I am considering the stock alert plugin. Just a question, is it possible to set different recipients of the alert on individual products along with the different threshold for the stock alert.

yes, via the Stock values confiugartor menu, you can set a specific stock value for the product you need. Each “stock rule” can have its own recipients:

Before any purchase, however, please use the demo site to recreate the scenario you need in order to be sure the software actually works as you need and expect.


myege Purchased

This is a great plugin, but recently I found a small problem. If you use the plugin to modify the inventory quantity, the out-of-stock label on the original product icon will be lost. You must reconfigure the inventory storage through the original woocommerce inventory system before it can be displayed.

Yes, it could be because if the product is under the custom stock level, the plugin replaces the original text with its custom texts (that you can configure via the texts menu).

By default, the WooCommerce “out of stock” message doesn’t contain any icon. It could be that your theme is customizing that text:

Hello, we generated tickets three times but you declined each time. Could you please accept our refund request? This plugin does not work with our functionality, hence it is useless to us. Please refund us.

The Envato refund policy won’t grant a refund because the plugin doesn’t “work with our functionality”. The plugin has a demo site where its features can be tested before purchasing. It also has a description page where its features are reported. Once purchased, the Envato refund policy won’t grant a refund because the software hasn’t features or capabilities that never claimed to have. Otherwise, any user could use such argumentation to get money back and continue using the software for free.


Its possible to disable the “%s in stock” so its only display “In Stock”?

I can only provide support for the plugin. I cannot provide a customization service for scenarios in which the plugin is disabled.

Hello, I dont think you understood what i said… With the PLUGIN ENABLE i cant hide the quantity of products in stock… I dont want customers to see the quantity of a products i have in stock. I just want: “IN STOCK” text.

To hide that for products for which you set a custom level, just use the option I’ve reported in the previous comment.

Hi, I need a plugin to do this… In each product that has 2 items in stock, to display in product page “low availability”, i dont want to show how many are in stock for example 2, just a message for low availability.

Can i use your plugin for that?? Thanks

If you set a custom stock level for that product, you can set a custom text to be displayed. In your case, it will be the “low availability” text.

The text can be set via the Text menu:

Before, however, any purchase, please use the demo site to recreate your scenario so you can be sure the software actually works as you need and expect.

Hello, please see my website.

If a particular variant runs out of stock, can I receive a notification by email?

Please see the screenshot.

Hello, To ask for support you need using an account with a valid purchase and support licenses associated with it.

I understand, but I need to know one thing, according to the description, the notification is made after placing an order, but if the stock is updated through an external program (without placing an order), is the notification also sent?

The notifications are sent when a product hits eventually the custom stock level. If the External program is updating the stock level triggering the actions that usually WooCommerce triggers when modifying the stock, the plugin will be able to be aware of it, and then it will send the notification. If that method custom modified the stock, the plugin won’t send anything.


max274 Purchased

Hi, Can you make a custom addition for extra payment.Please contact

I’m sorry I do not offer any customization service.


max274 Purchased

HI. I need to add in the ” Items list” page extra raw tho shows a Warning level. Thanks

Thank you for your suggestion. For now such feature in not planned, I’ll however do my best for a future release.


I just installed the Out of Stock! Manager. I am having issues with it displaying the custom out of stock message. If I allow back orders it always says available on back order and if I don’t allow it displays nothing. I feel like I am missing something simple here. Please advise.

Thanks, Gene

Hello Gene, I’m sorry, unfortunately I do not fully understand your scenario. Could you please use the following site to recreate it: (user: demo, pass: demo) and report to me a step by step guide on how to experience it? Thank you for your collaboration.

Hi, I need to manage different stocks for a single product under current and coming soon. Showing to customers current stock and coming soon stock & date and they could place an order.

If the quantity they need is available, they should buy from the current stock and otherwise from what will come in the future.

Please let me know if you could help me.


I’m sorry, the plugin hasn’t such a feature.

Can you search for all low stocks (Not out of stocks) for Woo Commerce, using your plugin?

My developers comments:

“in admin we can filter the product list by its stock, but there is no option to filter it by low stock quantity”

Kind Regards,

Andrew Edwards

I’m sorry, the plugin hasn’t such a feature

I installed and configured the plugin to my site i.e. It shows the out of stock message on the product listing page. which is good. I want the message to be displayed on the individual product page like this way

Please let me know how to show message like this in Red.


the message can be customized via the Text menu: and it will be displayed whenever the product goes out of stock.

Hello, Yesterday I payed for and downloaded this plugin but unfortunately it is not what I thought it would be. I need a plugin for notifying customers when the article is back on stock. Since I will not be using it is it possible to get a refund? I allready deleted the plugin from my WP..

Thank you and best regards, Kim

I’m sorry the Envato refund policy won’t grand a refund for such a scenario. The plugin has a demo site where its features can be fully tested before any purchase. Once done, no refund is granted because the plugin is not offering a feature that never claimed to have. Otherwise, any user could use such argumentation to get money back and continue using the software for free.

hi, just to be sure: is this the same plugin as previously by Lagudi Domenico? Thank you!

yes the plugin is always the same.

Hi Vanquish,

We are currently using your plugin to send low level of stock in some particular products individually to our emails. However, the notification email shows whatever it is in the plugin PHP code. the text is as in below:

Order #208087 has been placed and following items are running out of stock:
[Low stock] Perfect Storm 800g: #42473 THE PERFECT STORM – FILM WAX 176.4oz- quantity left: 21

so the p and be tags are displayed in the email. Could you please indicate how I can fix it?

thank you for reporting. Please update to the latest 4.7 version I’ve just released, it will address the issue!

Hi! I’m looking at purchasing WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager, but I can’t find it when I search WordPress for new plugins. Do I need to purchase it directly off your site? And is it compatible with WordPress Version 5.9.2? Thank you!

You can purchase it via CodeCanyon. Yes, it is compatible with latest version of Wc and wp!

Hi, After I purchased and installed, I set the “Default level” as 20. At this time, products with stock less than 20 can be listed in “ltem list”.

Enable notification emails → Yes, Email notification default recipient(s) → myemail then, press “update” button.

BUT I didn’t receive any e-mail.

My mail plugin uses “WP Mail SMTP” and can send mail normally after testing.

Question: 1. How do I receive notification emails? 2. When will the plugin send the notification emails?

After I test the order, the plugin can already send the email. Everything is fine. Thank you for your support.

I think you can write the trigger time in the document.

Glad to hear that and thank you for your suggestion!

At last but not least, I would ask you to help me: If you enjoyed my efforts to assist you and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars…It would help me with sales, I would reeeeally appreciate it! :)
(to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate your purchases. You can also leave the rating through the plugin description page: )

Have a great day!

I am willing and have written the comments, thank you.

Hello bro, I would like to get some help. I tested on your plugin that you share and set the threshold but I do not receive emails regarding low stock. any advice please?

please make sure the email was not in the spam folder.

If the product is out of stock, does the plugin allow you to add text telling customer when it will be back in stock. This needs to work on a grouped product

also, I’m not able to use the demo link

Please retry now, it now works. It just had an additional “https://www.”

The plugin only allows you to set a general text when the products hit the “low sto value”:


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