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Hi Dear,

I found this module very useful and i am trying to use it in my large project. i just tried to make a simple api that will fetch records in a table but i get error like this “Undefined variable: result” please suggest where i am wrong.


Hi, When I tried to set it up, I get the message {Oops} “Bad Database Configuration”. What is the reason and where to find for more info related to this error?

I bought the product and the support seems the worst among all products I bought from this marketplace. I tried every possible ways to get some replies from the seller, so far no responses.

Can I pay you to include SHA2 and SHA3 as encryption methods? I need to be NIST compliant.

i have tries token (MD5) based call on your demo page its shows’ no have permissions for this REQUEST’ for my request.

The tutorial does not work?

Trying to get this to actually work, is difficult, I can’t seem to get it setup even when it says the status is okay for all of it. I tried on both hostgator/xampp and a vps, with varying ranges of things. Did not work, it use to for me, just doesn’t seem to anymore. I hope this is updated .-.

Hello, the URL is not valid, can you please send example urls or predefined apis list?

Can it handle making api requests for multiple tables at once? Im using mysql and I have a db with multiple tables at times we need to call data from multiple tables. Also some tables have long blob how it handle those?

This is a wonderful API server. For those of you who need support on this or more API examples please don’t hesitate to reach me at theodis@megalithtechnologies.com. If your encryption variable is undefined you need an isset statement for it with plain as the default if not set. If your result is undefined verify your mysql query using the command line or phpmyadmin, if you need multiple tables use a join. to add other encrytion such as sha2 or sha3 see the plugins directory.